Realistic Doll Making Waves At University Park Pool

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Usually, the biggest concerns at a public swimming pool are children rough-housing, bathing suits that are too revealing or making sure swimmers don’t run along the sides.

But at the Holmes Aquatic Center in University Park came a different complaint: A doll.

Just ask Allan Peck. A Local DJ on radio station New Country 96.3 KSCS-FM said his daughter left her doll in the pool and the lifeguard quickly confronted his wife.

He said she told her, “I’ve been watching this thing float around, and it’s been creeping me out, and we’ve been getting complaints from people in the pool, so I removed it from the water,” Peck said. “Pretty much, she put a baby doll in time out.”

Peck said his wife laughed, but the lifeguard told her other parents found the doll offensive, and that if they brought it back to the pool, it had to have a swimsuit on.

“It’s a doll,” Peck said. “It’s a toy. It’s a baby doll.”

At first, the doll may look a little real. Its face wrinkles, it has defined fingers and toes; it even has a spine.

“It’s creepy,” Peck agrees. “I will definitely give you that.”

City manager Bob Livginston said he’s looking into the complaint, but it seems the 16-year-old lifeguard just tried to handle complaints from the parents.

The assistant park and recreation director Brent Jones said the lifeguard told him people complained that the doll looked too real – not that it was offensive.

Jones said they wanted it covered up to make it look more like a doll.

“We won’t bring this to the pool anymore,” Peck said. “I’m not going to put a swimsuit on it.”

They certainly don’t want to make any more waves.


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  1. Dan says:

    I don’t understand what is wrong with the parent of the girl that he can’t see why having a realistic looking doll float in the water is disturbing. You don’t have to have the image of anyone drowning at the pool, and you don’t want the lifeguard to be in the habit of not worrying about people that are face down in the water, or distracted by a doll.

    I am betting that this guy (the father of the girl) has to be pretty liberal to have such a lack of conscience.

    1. SPWalker says:

      Well said.

    2. Rocco says:

      A) This isn’t at all a display of a lack of conscience. The father in the story seems to have issues about his decisions being called into question. It’s a silly but common response, and doesn’t indicate any lack of a conscience whatsoever. And B) How is lack of a conscience indicative of liberalism in the first place? Isn’t that the philosophy of too MUCH conscience? (Political correctness, affirmative action, redistribution of wealth, etc.)

      1. Christopher says:

        No, the spin of liberalism or Liberalism with the capital “L” might have too much conscience, but the reality of liberalism is a condescension that allows one to believe that they should be empowered to run the lives of others. Which liberals spin as,”I care for you so I’m taking away x, y or z.”

      2. Rocco says:

        Whatever your impressions of Social Liberalism, my point was that the father in the story was displaying a common character flaw among HUMANS, not “liberals”. In actuality, we humans have many more similarities in desires and fears than we do differences. Government is something that was invented by HUMANS, and as such, there is no perfectly correct way to go about doing it. (at least until we discover a scientific way to measure happiness and fulfillment).

    3. ANIMALAURA says:

      I agree! Those parents need to let the little girl bring a blow-up doll to the pool next time! They can be bought at most porn shops too! That way, the little girl would have a toy and a flotation device all in one!

      1. Stephen Wade says:

        nice 🙂

    4. Wyrdless says:

      These evil miscreants are DESTROYING SOCIETY with their realistic rubber dolls.

      Clearly a lack of a lack of conscience is the cause. The parents should be beaten and the kids should be forced to attend religious education camps so they can be put straight again.

      How dare they bring a little rubber doll to a pool, can you imagine the audacity?

      1. Alejandro says:

        Wyrdo… You are an extrimist…

      2. C S says:

        Alejandro, assimilating into this country not only means learning the language, but understanding our humor. That comment by Wyrdless was something known as sarcasm/satire.

    5. TrueBeliever says:

      Agreed. Obvious liberal. We need to take back this country using common sense, the power of Jesus Christ, and our 2nd Amendment rights!!

      1. Jew Boy says:

        The power of Jesus Christ?! You had me with “common sense” then you lost me. By the way, I’m all pro gun (I have dozens), but to “take back this country using… our 2nd Amendment rights”? I hope the FBI has your IP address.

      2. Jewy Jewstein says:

        The power of Christ compels you… to save like never before at Grapevine Dodge! LOL!

      3. George Cantstandya says:

        That reminds me of a funny saying I saw on a bumper sticker in Brooklyn. “Jesus saves – Jews invest wisely.”

      4. les says:

        how did god get involved with this ?????

      5. Kramer says:

        Les, you got me on that one. Ask TrueBeliever, the snake handling Pentecostal loon.

      6. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        As a Christian let me say this, TrueBeliever, you make us all look like morons. “the power of Christ and out 2nd Amendment Rights”?! Just what are you advocating here? The power of love or that of a firearm. And I’m not anti-gun, by any means. I am a lifelong NRA member, a veteran, and a gun owner. Using the 2nd Amend. card is a little like saying your plan is anarchism.
        So let me say this to you: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.” (Romans 13:1-2)..
        To Non-Christians: I am not throwing Scripture at you to “force it down your throat”. This passage was for TrueBeliever only.

      7. C Bauer says:

        Well said, Medic.

      8. Paul says:

        Maybe the lifeguard should have just pulled out an AK-47 and blown that sucker right out of the water!

    6. billyjoe says:

      “I am betting that this guy (the father of the girl) has to be pretty liberal to have such a lack of conscience.”

      And what am I to make of a person who makes sweeping generalizations about other people based on nothing but a kneejerk generalization? Oh, right…youre a numbskull.

      1. muhammedx says:

        Actually he is doing exactly what you are..making an assumption based on the facts as he saw them, or read them. numbskull.

    7. jess says:

      I don’t understand how this made drudge…or any news source.

    8. Jeff Sweeney says:

      Dan. You sir, are an idiot.
      What does liberalism have to do with anything about this article. Talk about close minded ignorance..

    9. John says:

      The doll may resemble a real baby, but it’s much smaller, the plastic doesn’t look like real skin, a lightweight plastic toy would float much differently than a real baby (it’d “bob” more than “float”), and a real baby wouldn’t stay unnaturally rigid.

      I am betting that the people who freaked out over this have to be pretty stupid to have such a lack of intelligence.

      Refusing to pander to the stupidity of fools does not constitute a lack of conscience.

  2. FW Forever says:

    This may seem stupid to those outside Dallas, but let me assure you, this sort of thing is commonplace. The pinheads who live in Dallas worry about things like plastic dolls in public pools instead of things that really matter, and, as we have just seen, news stories even cover such silliness. This is why Dallas has the problems it does – city government corruption, high crime, historical locales being razed, etc. Your city is a stagnant public toilet, ladies and gents. Be proud of your fetid metropolis. I’ll stay in my house in Mira Vista as I watch the smoke rise to the east.

    1. DWPittelli says:

      Have you ever heard of The Boy Who Cried ‘Wolf’?

      1. FW Forever says:

        Yes, dunce. It’s a fable by the Greek writer, Aesop. However, if the doll is confusing the lifeguard, perhaps a less myopic lifeguard is in order.

      2. Moustache Pete says:

        LOL. OWNED. You stronzo.

  3. Retired SOF guy says:

    The parents are dolts, and frankly I’m not convinced they didn’t make up the “offensive” part to try to shift focus from their bad decision to let their kid bring a realistic doll then leave it unattended. Weren’t these parents watching their kid themselves? How could they be so oblivious. So, in typical libtarb fashion they use the “affront situation” to get attention, then exaggerate it to try to make some snarky point and shift the focus from their failure. Give the lifeguard a raise.

    1. jess says:

      You must have a lot of time in during your retirement. Hardly think this article or situation requires more than a few words.

  4. Khandoor says:

    I’d put it in a car seat and park right out front of the pool….

    1. Stan says:


      1. BOB USMC says:

        Then walk by and kick it in!

    2. Dumbbutt says:

      And I would break out your car window, and claim I thought you left a child in there if questioned.

      1. BOB USMC says:

        What DB said. What kind of name is Khandoor? Just asking?

      2. LOL@U says:

        You’re supposedly a Marine and you don’t know where the name Khandoor may originate from? What, did you clean toilets at Camp Lejune?

      3. BOB USMC says:


        Not suposedly.
        I stupidly assumed it was a sir name. My appologies comrade. Go about your day. We’ve got your back. Go back to the Xbox hero, holding hands with your boyfriend or whatever your kind does.

        First parachute rigger, then PMI, that’s primary marksman insructor, next SAR, search and rescue and yes to the toilet cleaning. Every morning, every night at that wonderful playground known as Parris Island. All this as you were probably sitting home slapping little johnny behind the ears. You only get one little, but you know the truth. Don’t you sailor.

      4. LOL@U says:

        It’s SURNAME, genius.

      5. BOB USMC says:


        Never claimed to be one. Glad we have real Americans back home who can spellcheck. My world feel so much safer just knowing your out there. Lets chat one on one. SSGT Robert K. Bailey, MAG 13 Yuma Az. Notice no apostrphe in lets. I created some spellcheck chaos you can save the world from D-Bag

      6. LOL@U says:

        Where and when, sweetheart?

      7. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        Too bad I’m late. I’m with you Sgt. Bailey (aka BOB USMC)!

      8. Krav Maga Nut says:

        LOL@U: All soldiers have to clean toilets – even us Hebes in the IDF.

      9. BOB USMC says:

        lol@u is a troll.

        East gate security, leave me a date when I can expect you and I’ll leave the name lol@u with the guards. Unless you want to leave me a real SURNAME so they’ll know what to print on your headstone. I’ll even invite USArmycombatmedic along to patch you up after your first beatdown and get you ready for round 2.
        ps You forgot to correct me for that missing letter o in apostrophe. Even heroes like you miss one every now and again.

      10. says:

        Seriously guys, planning to meet and fight over comments in a story about a plastic doll? You need to lighten up a little, its not that big of a deal.

      11. Krav Maga Nut says:

        M²: It’s a military/alpha male thing. You wouldn’t understand. Go smoke your weed and watch MSNBC.

  5. antisus says:

    I live in Dallas and I totally agree with “FW Forever”. University Park residents certainly have nothing better to do than complain about a doll.

  6. SuzanneL says:

    This is not even a news story. Kids do lots of stupid things, and I don’t mean the lifeguard.

  7. Just My Thought says:

    Interesting, it says there are 12 comments but only 8 can be seen. I was reading the comments as the one I was reading was pulled. I guess it was a little to conservative as it related to our constitutional rights. So it goes that CBS is cencsoring it’s media as it always has. I wonder if everybody will get to see this comment, or is it too offensive?

    1. C Bauer says:

      “Pingbacks” are also counted as comments. That same comment count issue also confused me for a while.

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    2. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      They aren’t censoring the media, as our comments are not media. They are censoring in order to prevent a massive flare-up in the thread. When chaos erupts, they could get in trouble. Example: somebody making a legitimate death threat. They just have to be cautious. Annoying? Yeah, I think so too.. But it’s the world we live in now.

      1. C Bauer says:

        Comments do get blocked for a lot of words “they” deem offensive, but if there is a discrepancy in the comment count versus the actual comments you see, it’s because of the pingbacks that are counted as comments. Blocked comments don’t get recorded in the comment count tabulator.

  8. Dan says:

    If it is a FAKE doll, then why the heck should you care if it is floating in a pool?

  9. Eric says:

    Who cares that this happened?

  10. Joel Edge says:

    I’ve always thought those bolls were creepy looking.

  11. davo says:

    Just put the doll in a car seat and leave it in a parked car with all the windows rolled up in the Texas sun.

  12. Rose says:

    Absurd! Every one of the people here screaming Big Governmant will also be screaming murder if because of these dolls a real baby drowns due to mistaken identity. YOU have NO RIGHT to trick people. We have a little parable in this country called Boy who cried wolf READ IT! The boy was eaten and he got what was coming to him, but no mother should loose her baby because “waaaah I have a right to be stupid” You no have a FINITE right to liberty nowhere did the Founding Fathers mention liberty beyond all stupidity!

    1. Zeus says:

      Learn grammar and spelling, moron.

    2. Zeus says:

      Would it kill you to learn proper grammar and spelling?

      1. Zeus says:

        Oh, THERE’S my original comment!

    3. BOB USMC says:

      The boy who cried wolf and other stupid references.

      1. It is Greek – not this country unless you are in Greece, then I apologize for my error and your mustache.
      2. It’s a fable not a parrable.
      3. Check the US Constitution out. For your sake I hope there is a stupidity clause in there. It may save your argument.

    4. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      ” no mother should loose her baby..You no have a FINITE right to liberty nowhere did the Founding Fathers mention liberty beyond all stupidity!”

      ….Precisely… What she said….

    5. 2sister says:

      I understand what you are saying. The doll does real enough that someone could think it was a real baby drowning. I doubt, however, the parents or the little girl were trying to trick someone. She probably just took it with her, and then forgot about it or went off to do something else. It doesn’t say how old the little girl is, but I’m thinking she isn’t very old. I actually think that parents shouldn’t let kids take toys to a pool unless it’s a pool toy.

  13. ANIMALAURA says:

    I agree! Those parents need to let the little girl bring a blow-up doll to the pool next time! They can be bought at most porn shops too! That way, the little girl would have a toy and a flotation device all in one!

  14. Dave Shaffer says:

    You know, if something like this had happened when I was a kid, we’d be busting a gut over it…throwing across the pool, dropping it off the diving board, and such. Well, I reckon it just proves what I’ve known all along: this country has really…gotten…STUPID. Congrats, America. It’s stuff like this that makes the rest of the world think you’re all idiots.

    1. Scott says:

      And we would have asked you to stop or kick you out. There are plenty of toys to play with without distracting the lifeguards or other patrons with a floating realistic doll floating face down. Common sense. If the lifeguard keeps getting distracted by the doll appearing to drown, or the patrons complain about the doll (another distraction) it’s time to ask them to take it out. Safety. And yes I was a lifeguard in the States for 10 years (probably “when you were a kid”). I understand pool safety and distraction.

      1. BOB USMC says:

        Scott? Scott Hassslehoff? How you been buddy?

      2. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        If the parents complaining about the doll is a distraction, and you ask that all distractions remain outside the pool area, then where does that leave us? I’ll let you put that together…

      3. Scott says:

        There are distractions, and then there are distractions. The whole pool environment is distracting. Loud, crowded, pretty boys and girls. But when you get something that is a distraction, but also causing patrons to complain to you (additional distraction) you have to mitigate that.
        -just imagine-
        “I thought it was that doll again,” as the lifeguard explains NOT making a rescue.

  15. Retired Marine in Texas says:

    “Seeing what looks aomost exactly like an infant floating face down in a pool will cause problems, the guards will be quite distracted and could potentially miss a REAL victim need help.”

    “Weren’t these parents watching their kid themselves?”

    So which is it? Does ANYONE take personal responsibly anymore?

    So many of you want someone else to “take care of you” that now everyone thinks they know what is best for everyone else.

    I’m VERY glad I learned self reliance in the USMC. Most of you here are the reason this country is so messed up, “cause YOU know better”!!!

  16. Jerzey Boy says:

    Maybe get a second male doll and they can have a Gay Education Training Day. That way the poor lifeguard and other parents will not have a leg to stand on.
    Even better, get a black second doll, the options are endless, good God.

  17. Chad Sampson says:

    Since it is Texas shouldn’t the parents and child be thrown in jail to further feed the private prisons of your police state?

    1. Choad says:

      Is your name Choad? Your persona certainly is.

  18. Nico says:

    I can’t account for people’s taste, that’s for sure. What a creepy ugly doll! Next there will be a granny doll, complete with hunchback, age spots, dentures, plenty of wrinkles, bald spots and arthritic fingers and joints. Depends not included.

  19. Cat says:

    As a parent monitoring my kids in a busy public pool, I would have removed the doll myself and thrown the f*cking thing away if the parents ignored the lifeguards request. Who needs that distraction in a pool full of babies and young kids?

    1. bobo says:

      You’re an idiot. It’s CLEARLY FAKE. I’d have kicked YOU over the fence if you tried that.

      1. bobo shot dead says:

        Well bobo, you ape, I would put 5 rounds of hollow points in you if you did that. Best check that macho kick your butt mentality before it gets you killed, you chump.

      2. Yikes says:

        Lots of crackpots online today… I hope some IP addresses are being recorded.

      3. BOB USMC says:

        Hey Yikes. That’s what we need. More things recorded. DUH!

        Bobo shot dead. I bet I can drop you from a half mile before you get one of those hollow babies out of the barrel.

      4. Squid Boy says:

        Only a half mile, Bob? What kind of USMC sniper are you? I can take someone out at three clicks with a Barrett .50.

      5. USArmyCombatMedic says:

        @bobo shot dead: You would kill someone for a comment such as this: “I’d have kicked YOU over the fence if you tried that”? Really?!? That speaks volumes about you as a person, and more than likely about your kin as well. When BOB USMC comes after you, you better find a medic that cares about psychotic murderous thugs..

      6. BOB USMC says:

        Squid boy,

        First of all great name. Secondly, I’m no sniper. Thirdly, I never said I couldn’t hit from longer range I said I could hit from a half mile before bob could get his first round off. Finally, I applaud your marksmanship. Carry on.

      7. Squid Boy says:

        Thank you, Bob. I only hit stuff like that in practice. Hopefully it could happen when it really needs to be done. If that day ever comes.

  20. Aunt Bea says:

    This is news? This and the story about the doll in the pool? REALLY? Are we in DFW or MAYBERRY?!

    1. Aunt Bea says:

      Ooops. I thought I was commenting on the “cabin fever” story. Well, the comment can be applied to both.

  21. William says:

    I DON’T understand why this story is significant in ANY way….

  22. fugly doll says:

    That creepy doll looks like Voldemort in the King’s Cross scene of the latest Harry Potter movie. I bet the parents chose that thing for their kid. A little girl would never pick such a hideous doll.

    1. Mikey says:

      You watch Harry Potter?


      1. BOB USMC says:

        Sounds like he lives Harry potter.

  23. William says:

    SERIOUSLY…why does this story matter? So what if people complained about what appeared to be a floating baby corpse in their pool? It’s a relevant issue to complain about! WHY DOES THIS MATTER?!

  24. tramky says:

    I’m surprised that the lifeguard or someone else didn’t call the cops and demand that the people with the doll be arrested and thrown in jail for . . . . well, for nothing except to satisfy the monumental stupidity of those complaining about this. A DOLL! Give us a break!

    As for the lifeguard, having to sit there in the Texas summer sun is enoughll–but it still makes her look like an idiot. What did she say to the parents? “It creeps me out!”. Well, the lifeguard creeps me out!

  25. Otter says:

    Lifeguards are trained to watch dozens of people in the water at once. They accomplish this partly by pattern recognition: People vs objects, playing vs. flailing. When you put a realistic doll in the water, pattern recognition kicks in and the brain registers a drowned person. It can be very distracting, disturbing and can take attention away from the real live people lifeguards are entrusted to watch. I’m sure the objection was not over the naked doll, but it’s resemblance to a drowned infant. Since only the parents were interviewed this article is slanted. Give the 16 year old a raise, she was doing her job.

    1. BOB USMC says:

      Thank you DR OTTER HASSLEHOFF.

      If you ever held a position flipping burgers, please describe in detail how not to drop them so not to confused the counter help. We’re lost out here.

    2. 2sister says:

      Actually, Bob, Otter makes a valid point. It is very possible that someone could think the doll was a real child. The doll looks pretty real, at first glance. A lifeguard wouldn’t necessarily have time to decide if it was real or not. A lifeguard has to act in a hurry so that people don’t drown.

  26. MorganGray says:

    Having been a firefighter and lifeguard, I can certainly identify with the pool employees. Seeing what appears to be a drowned baby floating in the pool would be just a slight cause for concern, don’t you think?
    And what details are not included here? The article says complaints were made, how many, how frequent? Did pool employees address this politely once or twice and meet with resistance from the parents? Were the lifeguards aware that it was a toy at the outset?
    I can speak from experience, if I see what looks like a tiny little corpse floating in the pool, I’m gonna react (as Bob USMC suggests). When I find out it’s a toy, I’d suggest,rather strongly that such a toy is not appropriate for a public pool, and ask the parents to be responsible adults and remove it from the area, as a matter of public safety. If that fails, I’d probably order them to remove it, or remove themselves.
    I’d rather err on the side of caution and “greatest good of the greatest number” than risk having an infant drown on my watch.

  27. Phred says:

    Word to the wise: leave your sh** at home.

  28. Brent says:

    This is a sure sign of high unemployment when people have enough time to get worked up over a doll in a pool. Really? Give me a break. These are probably the same kind of people whose lives revolve around who will be voted off America Idol. And will actually seek counseling when their favorite gets the boot. I have a job which is a great protection against mediocrity and stupid distractions.

    1. Curmudgeon says:

      It’s not a sign of high unemployment. It’s sign of a typical Highland Park wife, junior-college educated at best, marrying money because she’s too stupid to earn her own, a ding-a-ling dame who thinks the world revolves around her. She’s probably also the type who chats on her cell, oblivious to the light turning green, or one who parks in handicapped spots. Just a guess.

      1. Curmudgeon says:

        “It’s sign of…” Oh, God, I just sounded like a Ukrainian immigrant just then. *sigh*

  29. nitrohazelton says:

    I don’t understand why this is newsworthy? Because some local disc-jockey had his feathers ruffled by a 16 year old lifeguard? C’mon…this is asinine.

    1. Ted Williams says:

      See “local disc jockey” for the answer to your question. He’s not even morning drive time. Afternoon drive time is OK, but he’s still a flyspeck on the map of Dallas radio. In other words: Napoleon Complex.

  30. Sam says:

    In other University Park breaking news, Mr. Johnston on Centenary was cited by a Highland Parkpolice SWAT team for grass that had not been mowed for over a week. Upon arrival, the crack team also noticed an expired inspection sticker.

    1. Squid Boy says:

      Were their Walther PPKs drawn from their Louis Vuitton holsters? LOL.

  31. Sniffit says:

    LOL @ all the racist anti-Obama comments here.

    Blaming this on Obama and liberals? Give me a break! You Texans are just scared of your own bigotry.

    1. C Bauer says:

      I just did a word search for this page. Guess what? Your comment is the ONLY ONE that mentions OBAMA. You are a GRADE-A MORON.

      1. Squid Boy says:

        Yep. Also, C Bauer, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of RACE, either. You’re right – what a moron.

        Sounds like someone is a race-baiting a$$clown, right, SNIFFIT?

    2. jess says:

      I love how being anti obama is racist.

      1. Clayton Bigsby says:

        Jess, you DO realize even suggesting THAT makes you a racist, right? 😉

      2. 2sister says:

        Clayton, it depends on why someone doesn’t approve of Obama or any other person, for that matter. It isn’t necessarily tied to racism.

      3. Clayton Bigsby says:

        I think that’s what I said in my own special way. It’s called sarcasm, 2sister. Get with the program.

      4. 2sister says:

        It isn’t always easy to tell is someone is being sarcastic in a written statement, and it wasn’t clear that your statement was sarcastic. Sometimes I can tell if someone is being sarcastic in a written statement, but some statements require tone of voice to convey sarcasm.

  32. Some idiot at the pool says:

    Those inflatable alligators creep me out too. I’m filing a formal complaint with the pool.

    1. Donald says:

      I’m afraid the floating ducks will cause a hunter to accidentally open fire at or near the pool. We need to ban those, too. Especially at public pools in Stuttgart, AR!

  33. MissKitty says:

    I have been a lifeguard and NEVER have I seen a newborn taken to the pool to swim…. IT IS JUST A DOLL!

  34. itcantgetyou says:

    People are so weak these days. A realistically rendered doll causes this much uproar? National news? I’m waiting for the lawsuits. Trauma.

    Oh – and apparently they knew it was a doll. They complained that the doll was “too real looking”. These are adults asking a lifeguard to do something about a doll that creeps them out. The doll scares them and they want it to go away. It’s icky and they hate it.

    Make sure you check for boom-booms before you let these heroes back in the pool.

    1. C Bauer says:

      This has made it to national news? Oh, Christ. More sh!t making Dallas look stupid.

      1. itcantgetyou says:


      2. C Bauer says:

        Nope. Sorry.

      3. itcantgetyou says:

        Good. That would have been spooky.

  35. FlushTheToilet says:

    Amazing. I just counted 89 posts and only two of them had anything to do with the actual content of the story. The lifeguard (and yeah, I was one for 7 years) didn’t seem to care to actually care that the doll was floating around in the pool. She only acted when other parents complained the doll had no bathing suit on.

    The story says nothing about the doll floating “face down” as so many posts refer to. This story, for those whose heads it went completely over, is about the apparent indecent exposure of a too-realistically detailed doll.


    It’s no wonder the country is in the state it’s in. Too many people paying attention to other than the actual issue of discussion.

    And that is the really sad part of this story. That it looks like only two people have sufficient reading comprehension to understand the writer’s obvious and expressed intent..

    1. C Bauer says:

      “I just counted 89 posts and only two of them had anything to do with the actual content of the story”.

      File under, “True Tales of OCD” and “Get A Life”.

      1. Krav Maga Nut says:

        LOL! That last bit got me thinking of that Shatner sketch on SNL where he yells at the Trekkies.

      2. FlushTheToilet says:

        Make that 90 posts.

  36. Stephen says:

    To Bob USMC:

    The doll was a distraction to the lifeguard. Nobody has a “right” to do anything they please in a public pool, including leading others, whether intentionally or inadvertently, to believe someone may be in distress.

    The lifeguard may have known it was a doll, but she could also have mistaken a real child floating face down in the water for the doll and done nothing, resulting in the death of a child.

    No rational person would intentionally float a realistic doll of an infant in a public pool unattended for the same reason they don’t scream that help is needed when it isn’t. It’s something called common sense which apparently you lack.

    Is it OK to bring a doll that simulates drowning by waving its arms and screaming for help as it slowly sinks? Is that OK to bring to the pool genius? Hell, it’s a free country becasue of guys like you, right? Anything goes!

    How realistic does the doll have to be for this to be a hazard? How much “freedom” should morons like these selfish parents have genius? Enlighen us?

    Please be specific in just where you would draw the line and how you would decide how realistic the doll needs to be in order for it to be banned from a public pool for safety reasons. We’re waiting to be enlightened.

    1. 2sister says:

      I agree with your point, but opinions can and should be expressed in a civil manner. Calling people names is not civil even if what they did or said was foolish.

  37. Scott says:

    Love reading all the comments from people who are obviously not lifeguards. If you were you would know why the creepy doll was “ejected” from the pool. And yes we eject a lot of people for doing dangerous and distracting things.
    See it only takes one mistake by a lifeguard for somebody to lose their life. It’s nice and easy for you all to get your panties in a bunch about the apparent frivolity of asking for the doll to be kept out of the pool but you are not responsible for the safety of each and every one of the 1000’s of kids who go through the pool each summer.
    Sorry. If it would have been a kid who drowned, or nearly, then you’d all be up in this guard’s grill about not paying attention, or “how could they not see that…”
    No, better safe than sorry. And for all you personal responsibility people,,, The guards have to be responsible when the parents aren’t. And the parents often aren’t.
    If you are a guard and don’t agree with me then there is a discussion there. If you aren’t then you might want to listen to people on this thread that are.

  38. Country Music Sucks says:


  39. Francis Kelly Jr says:

    This brings up a good point. Will we allow robots, or partial robots in the pool in the future?

  40. Ralph says:

    Ahhhh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha………YOU PEOPLE ARE NUT’S

    1. Noah Webster says:

      It’s NUTS, you illiterate drone. NUT’S is possessive.

      1. Mrs. Krabapple says:

        It’s OK, Noah. It’s probably a post by Ralph Wiggum.

  41. Paul says:

    Oh, I’m sure if it were a BOY doll w. his little willy & acorns hanging out it would have been “no problemo” .

    I never understood the double standard on the issue of nudity w. young kids — what does an undeveloped girl have to expose?

  42. P.B says:

    Only in University Park will someone make such a big issue about a freakin doll in the swimming pool. People, there are real life issues that you can be dealing with. Who cares!!!

    1. diversity says:

      I agree; however University Park is not the only city this could have happened

      1. Rich Twits says:

        Correct. It would have happened in Highland Park as well.

  43. Don Hirschberg says:

    Way back when I was a child no toys or floation devices were allowed in public pools. Before going into the deep end a life guard could requirre yoou to swim six widths to demonstate your ability to swim. There would be a wading pool, or “baby pool” outside the pool fence where mothers couold sit on benches and watch litle ones. Nearly everyone learned to swim.

  44. diversity says:

    I am wondering if this generated any CPS calls

  45. long dong says:

    stick that doll up your ass

Comments are closed.

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