Dallas County Wants Elderly To Beat The Heat

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – In neighborhoods across Dallas, the concern during the current string of 100+ degree days North Texas is the connection between elderly homeowners and their reluctance to run air conditioning units.

Five heat-connected deaths in Dallas County has raised the concern level for seniors.

Some like Cathey Juarez, a 70-year old resident of the Los Altos neighborhood of West Dallas say they use the AC for the bedroom, but not in other sections of the home.

Juarez says there’s only one reason why.  “The bill. The electric bill. I can’t put the central air on because it isn’t insulated. 2weeks in July a couple of years back, the bill was 300. I can not afford that..”

Dallas County Health Authorities are urging Dallas County families to use the home cooling systems they have, and worry about paying the utlity bill later.

“They should not be afraid to run their air conditioning during these extreme heat conditions because of high electric bill. There are ways to assist them,” says Dallas County Health Director Zachary Thompson.

The county has set up a heat hotline for people in need.  You can reach them any time at (214) 819-6001.


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  1. YRofTexas says:

    What of Collin, Grayson, Denton, Cook…and other counties? Are they not also willing to step up to the plate and help assist the elderly and disabled with their cooling needs?
    Hello, other counties????

  2. JIMTHEMAT says:

    Yes, run your AC and cool down. But don’t expect someone to help you pay your bills. The Electric Co won’t, Dallas Country can’t. It’s your bill, so quite crying, and pay the dame thing.

    1. YRofTexas says:

      Notice in my comment, I mentioned “ASSIST”…not PAY their electric. My hubby and I keep temp in apt at 84-86 degrees…and he is at home all day under fans. I do try to encourage him to run it at 3-4pm when the heat intensifies, but sometimes he falls asleep from the heat and forgets (he’s under a lot of meds because of his disability).
      We try to cool the apt when can, and try to keep our 711 sqft apt’s bills under $100/mo but it’s hard. I never paid that much in a month to cool my 2000 sqft home in the 1990’s, so its hard to fathom a tiny apt costing so much (ex spouse got the house).

      So, I don’t know what a “dame” has to do with your bills, but we pay our bills w/o any subsidies. No raise this year at work, so just doing the day-to-day thing. It just would be nice to help others who aren’t able to meet with their bills, don’t run their air, don’t eat right, don’t take their meds because of the added stress of the bills. Those folk we need to help.

      I’m currently helping out an old girlfriend, who is living on SSDI and living in hotels; to get her a condo to rent so that she has some stability in her life. Get her on the DART line; get her back in touch with her kids and to seeing doctors on a regular basis. This is how I am helping.

      What are you doing to help others?

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