Woman Killed After Car Hits Motorcycle In Grapevine

GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – A woman riding as a passenger on a motorcycle died Sunday when a Dodge Charger turned in front of it on State Highway 26 near Kimball Drive, colliding with the bike.

The accident happened at 11:58 a.m., Grapevine Police spokesman Todd Dearing said. The motorcycle was turning left onto Kimball from SH 26 when the collision happened, Dearing said.

The woman was flown to JPS Hospital, where she died. The driver, a man whose name and age was not released, was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital in “an unknown condition.”

The passengers in the car were taken to area hospitals. Their conditions weren’t immediately available. No one has been identified, and Dearing said he did not know if drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident.

He also did not know if the motorcycle driver and passenger were wearing helmets. Traffic was diverted through a nearby parking lot, causing afternoon delays.


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  1. Ted Odum says:

    This accident occured in plain sight of Baylor Regional Medical Center. I wonder why the victims were not taken there.

    1. 2sister says:

      Maybe they have a better trauma center at JPS. I think that is often the case with county hospitals. I know that’s true about Parkland. There could be any number of reasons.

      1. DDT says:

        2sister is correct. It’s the best trauma center in North Texas next to Parkland.

      2. 2sister says:

        DDT, I figured that was probably the case. Now when you come to treating things like cancer or a scheduled surgery, a hospital like Baylor would probably be a better choice.

    2. NiteNurse says:

      Just to let everyone know that not every hospital is eqiuped to handle trauma victims. You might have a traumatic accident or gun shot wound in front of a hospital but there might not be a doctor with the skills to handle that kind of injury there. Certain types of injuries require level one trauma centers.

  2. Gary says:

    I was there when this occurred. It was a tragic sight that shows that people still care for those in distress. One women performed cpr for nearly 6 minutes or more until the EMT arrived. She attempted to save the victims life and she is a hero. This is not mentioned here in this article, but I am somber for all those involved as it was a very traumatic event.

    1. Cate SK says:

      Gary, thank you for your note. I am trying not to imagine how traumatic it was, it makes our pain worse. But I appreciate your noting the woman who tried to help. Don’t know a lot yet, but apparently there was nothing anyone could have done.
      Thank you for your caring.

  3. Uh Huh says:

    JPS is the only level 1 trauma center in Tarrant County. Probably why she was taken there.

  4. Faith says:

    The female who died is a family friend, thanks for the prayers

  5. NiteNurse says:

    While I feel for the motorcycle riders, I personally have seen how even just a minor traffic error can cause a devasting injury or death to those riding motorcycles. Even the best and safest of motorcycle riders take their lives into their hands everytime they ride into traffic. The most expert of any motorcycle rider is no match for a stupid car driver and that is why I will never ever ride one. At least in a car I have a better chance of surviving an accident.

    1. Evel Kanawful says:

      Unless you come up against an 18-wheeler. And an 18-wheeler is no match for a train. So, perhaps we should all just drive trains.

      1. NiteNurse says:

        Actually I had a wreck with an 18 wheeler and did just fine.

    2. RussP says:

      Most motorcyclists know and understand the risk and take responsibility for their choice to ride. Unfortunately most car drivers don’t take the same level of responsibility when they chose to get their license to drive. They get a class C license by demonstrating minimal skills as a teenager and then drive on that license for the rest of their lives while letting their skills and knowledge dwindle yet thinking they are good enough to talk, text,eat ,apply makeup and just about else while driving. I’ve always felt your first license should only be good for a couple of years and then you must go back and prove you have really mastered driving.

  6. CateSK says:

    I am so devastated and heartbroken. The lady who lost her life today has been a closer than close family friend for over 40 years. She was my sister’s closest friend and part of our lives and family. The gentleman she was with has also been a close friend since around 1970..he is in critical condition. Won’t know more until tomorrow.
    Please pray for them and their families. She left 2 beautiful children and the most loving family.
    R. was one of the best, sweetest people I’ve ever had the privilege to have known.
    I still can’t wrap my mind around this.

  7. Zuk Roo says:

    I am really getting sick and tired of hearing about car drivers too busy texting, stuffing their face or whatever, being too busy to pay attention, making left hand turns in front of bikes. Pay attentopn people, put the phones DOWN and drive!


    1. NiteNurse says:

      I too really hate how cellphones have invaded almost every aspect of our lives. Some people walk around like a cellphone is a permanent attachment to their hand. Take a moment to step away from those cellphones and be in the moment we call life!

  8. RussP says:

    Saw something for the first time this morning. A woman driving on the Dallas Tollway service road brushing her teeth while driving. Wonder where she does her rinse and spit?

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