PETA May Foot The Bill For Fort Worth Pools

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – It would cost millions of dollars to reopen Fort Worth’s pools, and without PETA, the city would struggle to fund the service.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, says it will help foot the bill, though.

The animal rights group wants to pay the city to hang up signs next to the pools with the picture of an attractive mermaid at the bottom of the ocean surrounded by fish.

The sign reads, “Try to relate to who is on your plate. Fish are friends, not food.”

The idea of paid ads made a splash at city hall.

“Well its interesting to say the least,” said Mayor Betsy Price. “We appreciate their thoughts. We appreciate their concerns. And it rings a light bulb. Maybe we do, go to ads. Maybe we go there.”
The last time PETA bought ad space it was with Octomom Nadya Sulemon.

PETA paid $5,000 to put a sign in her yard reading, “Don’t let your dog or cat be an Octomom, spay or neuter.”

In a letter to Fort Worth’s parks director, PETA wrote, “Our offer is a win-win solution. Fort Worth’s pools will net themselves a paying sponsor, and people will be reminded that fish are smart, fascinating, and sensitive animals who deserve compassion.”

If ads are sold around pools, the parks department doesn’t want to drown in citizen complaints.

“You just never know where the citizens are going to come down and we’ll have to be careful with all aspects of that,” Price said. “But it’s creative to say the least!”

Price says the idea of paid ads at pools is very much afloat and all ideas are on the table.

PETA representatives said they didn’t have a dollar figure in mind or how many pools they’d want the billboards posted around but, they would work with the city on the terms.

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One Comment

  1. YRofTexas says:

    Sometimes, I think PETA would support cannibalism before it would endorse people eating any more animals. They take their agenda way too far.

  2. Mistaken says:

    PETA means People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals?

    And i always thought it meant People who Eat Tasty Animals.

    My bad.

  3. QLENFG says:

    I’d rather have Al Qaeda sponsor the pools than PETA. Not to disrespect dogs, but when you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.

  4. Tiffany Evans says:

    I think it’s a great idea. The kids want to swim… They will not be concern with a billboard sign

    1. Tiffany Evans says:

      Sorry.. ‘concerned’. The kids won’t care about the billboard. Let’s do it & open the pools for the kids!

  5. Charon9 says:

    Laughable – if a Muslim group donated money to put up a sign saying “Not all Muslim’s are terrorists” people would fly off the handle – BUT – let a group that advocates the violation of Property Rights (a basic constitutional freedom) backed by idiots that think its ok to violate those rights and everything is OK in ‘their book’ —
    Laughable – next time you wonder ‘someone should fix these problems with government’ maybe you will realize you’re not helping…

    1. YRofTexas says:

      2 points to Charon9!
      Right to the point!

      City of Ft. Worth…be VERY CAREFUL who you share a ‘bed’ with, as there are dangerous, hidden agendas behind extremists like PETA.

  6. Dot says:

    If they open it up to PETA, then they will have to open it up to the NRA and any other self-interest groups–it’s only fair. The ads are fine, but stay with local business ads.

  7. NiteNurse says:

    I am really puzzled why the cities doesn’t allow companies or groups to sponser certain services that citizens want but aren’t vital. Why not have the city libaries and pools renamed by companies? As long as we benefit from the services I don’t have a problem. Or are some of the weak minded afraid that their children might want to treat animals with respect and become vegatarians? That would be just horrible if that happened!

  8. larry says:

    Here is a good video on PETA:

  9. darrell says:

    i can live with that. so long as another sign showing some realy nice grilled tuna with the logo saying; “Who Is Feeding You, the Fisherman or PETA?” is hanging with it.

    works for me

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