DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The owner of two clubs promoted as churches agreed to a permanent injunction that will shutter their doors Wednesday.

Glenn Hudson, owner of The Fenix nightclub and a swingers club called the Playground, agreed to shutter their doors before what was going to be a court battle over whether the Fenix should remain open.

Undercover Dallas police officers had their faces hidden as they entered the court room Wednesday. They were prepared to testify about alleged drug use spotted inside the Fenix – which was previously known as the Dark Side – during a months-long investigation.

Hudson’s permit only allowed him to operate it as a church.

“I know we have a spiritual organization,” he said, before agreeing to a permanent injunction to close the building after 10 p.m. “I basically am not going to fight them, so if they say jump, I’m just going to say, ‘How high?’”

The club was an after-hours location, staying open long after the bars close at 2 a.m. Dallas police say it drew too many underage patrons and the undercover officers were able to buy ecstasy, LSD and marijuana within the club.

“It rids that area of town of two places that generated multiple complaints,” said Melissa Miles, assistant city attorney.

Hudson said he and his employees plan to continue promoting what they call a spiritual movement elsewhere.

“People need to stop thinking of it as your typical church,” he said. “It’s a religious organization that’s all about dancing, music and movement.”

There’s still unresolved issues about how an owner of a club could obtain a permit for a tax exempt church only to run what the city says was a nightclub.