Marine Awarded Purple Heart, Asks Taylor Swift To The Military Ball

CARROLLTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Lance Corporal Tanner Ivie was awarded the Purple Heart. So, he already knew he had what it takes to ask Taylor Swift to the Marine Ball.

He even posted the invitation on YouTube.

“I just figured since I got my new leg, you would be the first person I would want to dance with,” Ivie said on the video.

Ivie lost his foot in Afghanistan.

“We were clearing out a building, there was a pressure plate IED inside the compound we were in. I stepped on it and it detonated,” Ivie said.

Ivie is still recovering at a Military Hospital in San Antonio but can Skype with his mother in Carrollton.

She seemed to get a real kick out of his dance invitation.

“What boy wouldn’t want to go with Taylor Swift to a dance?” Cindy Ivie said with a laugh.

Tanner Ivie said he’d heard about other marines asking celebrities to the ball.

“I figure if anybody is gonna say yes or give me a response it’s got to be her,” he said.

Ivie even threw in a twist for Swift, playing off her song “Mean.” He said that’s what she would be if she didn’t accept.

“I put her on a little guilt trip,” Ivie chuckled.

Ivie admitted his buddies told him to say it for the video.

What he said he really wanted to tell her is, “Me and the rest of the Marines, especially me, would love to see your beautiful face. It’s a good time and it would be an honor to have you come out.”

Lance Corporal Ivie hopes some country music stations will help pick up his cause. The Military Ball is in November.


One Comment

  1. Veteran says:

    I do not think that these celebrities should not be oblgated to date these solidiers. they are not public property, and not collectively responsible for the public’s morale. I find his actions disgusting, and petty. As a veteran its just plain wrong, you vow to defend your country, and will sacrifice your life in the process. It is a personal choice, TAYLOR SWIFT is not a part of the deal.

    1. Carla Hastings says:

      No one said anyone is obligated to date anyone.

      This is just an invitation for a date. I find your comment disgusting and PETTY. It’s for fun, unlike these guys who give their life and limbs so you can have the freedom to write whatever you want to, which is Serious business.

    2. Devil Dog says:

      Veteran, how much of your brain matter was taken out by shrapnel? Or have you always been this stupid? Hopefully you were given a desk job the entire time you were in the service. God forbid you were actually deployed to action, you 6-foot pile of steaming cow sh-t!

    3. Really Tired says:

      You sound like some of the grumpy vets sitting over at the VA in Dallas, Grinching and grinching. Wouldn’t be happy if they hung you with a new rope. Come on, the veterans today are just kids. Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? He has already lost his leg and got a Purple Heart, what else do you need for him to prove he has served his country well. He deserves to have some fun. No one says that Taylor has to accept his invitation. It would thrill him, but it is not a given. I hope I never get too old to recognize that kids love to have fun, just like I did all those years ago and still to this day. I may grow old, but I will never grow up. They will have to drag me kicking and screaming into old age.

    4. Daniel Jessen says:

      Veteran im guessing you werent in the marines so you have no right even commenting on this because you dont know what it means to sacrifice for your country. I seved with this Marine while in Afgan, i was just lucky enough to come back in one piece. And this isnt just a regular ball its the Marine Corps ball, every person that goes with a Marine to the MArine Corps ball should be honored, espically if they are going with a Marine that actually got injured over there. So the next comment that you put on here should be something respectful or saying thank you for your sacrifice.

  2. Carla Hastings says:

    Thank you Channel 11 for airing this heart warming story!!

  3. Crass McGee says:

    Hopefully the Lance Corporal will get to take the skin boat to Tuna Town!

  4. VETERAN says:

    @Devil Dog You have no phucking point; yes I was deployed, and I am obviously more intelligent than you can ever hope to be. I STAND BY MY POINT. They should not be placed in situations where they are obligated to accept these invitations. Taylor Swift dated JAKE GYLLENHAL does he look like JAKE Gyllenhall? therefore it is safe to conclude not her type!! Just plain petty to play the wounded warrior card for a date. There is honor and integrity in serving, but even more in letting your dignity and courage speak for itself.

    1. Devil Dog says:

      You’re commenting on Jake Gyllenhall’s looks? You must have been one of those “don’t ask / don’t tell” soldiers, right, Nancy? YOU’RE not HONORING anyone by acting like such a CIVILIAN F@GGOT! Shut up and let the MARINE ask her out! She doesn’t have to go. She can have “other commitments” for that day. By the way, Eagle Scout doesn’t count as military service, loser. Snap out of your fantasy world.

  5. Daniel says:

    VETERAN, i have served as has my father, brothers, uncles and cousins. Coming from a military family i stand by this warriors request. After honorable service there is no shame or dishonor in asking ANYONE to a ball. If you have served then you should know that a Marines honor and dignity is displayed in his demeanor and sacrafice. His “wounded card” is something he has to live with for the rest of his life and you are insulting him by demeaning his injury. As well….who the hell cares about Jake Gyllenhall, this is not about him. Oo rah!

  6. Court! says:

    Tanner is my cousin!(:

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