DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) –  Who do you think are the most stressed out people in America are? Police? Firefighters?

According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, it’s actually middle-aged women.

And looking at Cassandra Byerly of Irving, it’s not too tough to see why. Especially not at home, while she stands by the dry-erase board calendar she keeps for her kids.

“Each child has their own color. So, just by the mish-mash of all the colors, you can see it’s nuts,” Byerly said.

She’s busy at work too, running TMG, a Dallas printing company that she and her husband started when they were first climbing that mountain to success.

Their company grew along with their three kids. And so did the stress.

Asked if she was a little tired at the end of her day, Byerly said with a laugh, “Yes!”

“There are days when I don’t realize how stressed I’ve become. And then, something will happen. And, I’m just almost over the edge,” she said. “And that’s usually when the kids get really quiet.”

Dallas Therapist, Karen Brown, said, “You can go, go, go. And before you know it, you’re a Human Doing instead of a Human Being.”

And stress can take a toll physically, mentally and emotionally.

“It can cause you to gain weight because you’re not out walking or exercising,” Brown said. “It can slow you down mentally where you can’t focus. You forget things. And it can harm you emotionally.”

The remedy? More ‘Me Time,’ the study says.

Byerly said, “My “Me Time” is usually exercising. I get up in the morning, if I’m going to read my bible, it’s then.

She added, “Pray. I think that usually helps a lot. My days usually go smoother.”

But, not all stress is bad. Success is sewn together from accomplishments.

That’s advice Cassandra Byerly hopes to hand down to her own children.

“I think part of me being so busy is helping them being very well adjusted kids that are going to be great future citizens,” Byerly said.

There are plenty of ideas for stress busting around.  But therapists say the bottom line is for women to make a conscious effort to take better care of themselves in order to live longer and happier lives.