2 Nabbed After Plano Bank Robbery & Home Invasion

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – Two suspected bank robbers were nabbed Friday after running into a Plano neighborhood, breaking in a house and assaulting the homeowners.

Police say everything began when the would-be robbers, wearing ski masks, flashed guns and told everyone at Regions Bank on Preston Road to get down on the floor. The men then jumped the teller line and made off with an undisclosed amount of money.

Things turned really dangerous when the men tried to drive away from the bank and their getaway car stalled. “In their attempt to try and flee the scene their car died down on ‘em. It just didn’t work anymore,” explained Plano police spokesman David Tilley. “And they baled out of the car and took off on foot.”

The suspects ran from the car, jumped a fence into a gated neighborhood community near Preston and Ohio and broke in a house.

“They basically held these subjects hostage inside their own home. One of the residents inside there was assaulted and received some minor injuries,” said Tilley.

Police soon barged in and Officer Tilley says they did a great job. “It’s not something that we run into on a regular basis, I can guarantee you that! It’s one of those things that the larger the event, the more room there is for mistake.”

One man was nabbed in the home. The other was taken down while trying to jump a fence to get out of the neighborhood.

The victims assaulted at the home were taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


One Comment

  1. Turbo600hp says:

    Those two should be shot onsite without mercy. maybe then someone will learn the lesson

  2. yukon667 says:

    So much for the “gate” protecting the rich. This is why gated communities do nothing but isolate the wealthy from the rest of the community.

    1. C Bauer says:

      What the F–K are you talking about?

      1. Ascot Boy says:

        LOL. Sounds like he has no sense or cents. Hehe.

  3. ctohorn says:

    It’s not a gated community. It’s the standard Plano neighborhood with an exterior brick wall around the perimeter, not blocking the streets. City code requires it. These walls are everywhere in the Metroplex.

  4. Woody says:

    These poor guys are just trying to feed their families or themselves. Maybe some drugs, but everyone deserves the right to bust a move. We need to keep this country on the right path with our new agenda. these guys should be able to get those “rich” people’s money without the indignity of having to rob a bank. Free drug clinics too!

    1. noobamain2012 says:

      This is the obamaAmerica. Look at the 2 men who opened fire inside a bus in Philly. The DA said they should not be charged with Deadly Conduct or Assault because nobody on the bus was hit by any of the bullets.

      Take a walk in Cabella, Bass Pro Shops or Cheaper Than Dirt any evening or weekend. The floors are covered with law abiding citizens buying guns, ammo and supplies. Ya wonder why???

      Tonight another historical first for obamaAmerica… The U.S. credit rating downgraded. He is leading the slow demise of America. He supports the rise of islam here. Two dynamics that are destroying The United States of America.

      We who want America to be the America we inherited may be forced to fight for it in our own streets.

  5. plano resident says:

    The community is not gated, just fenced and it is not full of rich people, the houses are about $150K and very small. Plano police protect all citizens the same!

  6. Mike says:

    I deliver in this neighborhood. Reporters gave false information. It is not a gated community.. The wall is just a brick wall dividing the neighborhood from the retail center.

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