DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The record setting heat wave continues to zap the power supply in North Texas.   Homes and businesses in the area are being asked to conserve electricity, and many building owners are making sure they are doing their part.

Lights are going off at office buildings around the Metroplex.  “It’s the right thing to do,” said Dan Yates, regional manager for the Gaedeke Group, which owns 7 buildings in the Dallas Fort Worth area, including the CBS Radio building.

This week, many of the offices has given up frills of business life.  The view for some is now obscured by tightly drawn shades.  The water fountain in the main lobby has run dry.  The extra lights in the parking garage are turned off.

“Our engineers have gone through and turned off all non-essential lighting,” said Yates, giving a tour of the parking area.

The company has even sealed off floors that aren’t being used to keep cool air from seeping out.  “We can do so much. Other office buildings owners and managers can do so much, and collectively altogether that will add up to a lot, when you consider how many office buildings are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.” said Yates.

The plea to conserve energy is so ERCOT, the Electrict Reliability Council of Texas, can keep the power running for those who need it most.  ERCOT says energy usage goes down on weekends, but they are concerned next week will bring yet another high demand for power.