Man Falls 50 Feet To His Death At Dallas Galleria

By Matt Goodman, CBSDFW.COM
img00024 20110809 1542 Man Falls 50 Feet To His Death At Dallas Galleria

Shoppers on the third level shortly after a man fell to his death at the Dallas Galleria on Aug. 9, 2011. (Credit: Edgar Soliz/KTVT)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police say a man died Tuesday afternoon when he jumped off a third-level ledge at the Dallas Galleria.

Department spokesman Sgt. Warren Mitchell said police responded to the first emergency call at 2:35 p.m., which reported that a man in his early 40s had fallen over the ledge onto the ice rink 50 feet below.

The man was taken to Dallas Medical City where he was pronounced dead.

Mitchell said detectives are investigating the incident and speaking with witnesses, who include the man’s wife and daughter.

“As we were walking away we were making a point to talk to people who were walking with children in that direction that they might want to turn around,” witness Steve Eberhart said.

The man’s name was not released Tuesday.


One Comment

  1. solsticeowl says:

    Again? Can’t they do something to stop this from happening. I was there with my daughters a few years ago when the same thing happened to a teenage boy. Seems it is a little to easy to get over those rails.

    1. Morgan says:

      You’re right. The man jumped over the railing committing suicide. My stepdad works at the galleria and he told me about it. It’s horrible. He told me people were skating when it happened and he did it in front of a ton of people and children.

    2. Ed de Lara says:

      No railing height can stop someone determined to climb over and jump

  2. heather says:

    I was there right after he jumped and saw the blood…I was told he got up on the trashcan at subway…so it probablly wasn’t an accident

  3. SAndy says:

    I was there with my daughters school shopping- just about to go into Macy’s we heard a loud noise- I actually thought it was a gunshot. The entire mall went silent with their hands over their mouths looking over the rail. A rail that is too high for someone to just to fall over ” on accident”.

  4. Donald Windecker says:

    Oh my goodness. I hope he’s okay and gets well soon.

    1. TRENT REZNOR says:

      Donald – Are you serious ??…. DID you not read the same title to this news story as I did??……Man Falls 50 Feet To His Death At Dallas Galleria…. I am certain the use of the word — DEATH — means just that — he didn’t make it, he isn’t injuried, and has no chance of getting well soon… I am completely flabbergasted by your completely idiotic comment…..

      1. TRENT REZNOR - NOT A TYPIST says:

        Mistyped a word — injured….. my bad…..

    2. Kenny Cunningham says:

      I’ll pray with you, for when two pray together prayers are answered.
      We want to make sure that he gets well.

      1. John "Ratty" Arbuckle says:

        Mocking God will come back to haunt your atheist a$$.

      2. TRENT REZNOR says:

        Kenny, I am not sure if you are being humorously sarcastic or are being truthful in your response to pray that he gets well — since he is DEAD, not sure if any prayer at all is necessary much less having two prayers… to help this man get well… HE fell 50 feet to his DEATH…. BUT, I by no means would call you an atheist a$$ as the Holy “Christ-like” name caller – “Ratty” did…. 😛

  5. michong lee says:

    Hey, lead singer of Nine Inch Nails is right- falling to his DEATH at 50 feet he seriously cannot be “okay”. I thought you were a dingy chick who wrote that.

  6. Pewpyplanet says:

    What a dewchbag. What a selfish azzoule. These illegals should be composted.

  7. Light As a Feather says:

    Totally Unoriginal; People have been killing themselves for years by jumping there. What they need is a high speed camera to snap their pic like at the Giant rollercoaster @ 6 flagz in mid flight or should I say lack of flight. He should have waited for a Gallileo-type to drop a feather beside him.

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