North Texans Sad That Record Wasn’t Broken

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – For 40 days, the brutal sun has roasted North Texas, driving temperatures to 100 degrees or higher.

And then just hours shy of tying the record, dark clouds rolled in.  Decatur even got rain.  It was just a little, but just enough to keep this summer from making history for the most consecutive days of triple digit temperatures.

“There were people outside, literally outside, to feel the temperature change and the wind that came from that front.  It was like we had never seen it,” said Brad Chapman, who chose to spend his evening enjoying the weather on the patio of the Grace restaurant in Fort Worth.

As nice as the cooler temperatures felt, though, for some, it was also disappointing.  “It feels like everything is for naught.  I mean, why punish us for this long, if we’re just going to tease the record,” said Chapman.

At the Fort Woof dog park, Cesar Falcon admitted he wouldn’t have minded a few more scorching days.  “It would have been nice to break the record. We lasted this long.  Why not 2, 3 days more?”

But why do people care about breaking a record, especially such a miserable one?  “We all want to be distinctive, we want to be special, and that’s a way for us to be special to have survived it… to be a record breaker,” said Dr. Bert More, the dean of the UT Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences. “It’s something to tell their family in other parts of the country… that they lived through the longest, hottest summer in Dallas history.”

But even though North Texas did fall short of the record, Chapman and others say at least it was a loss everyone could enjoy.  “It’s more enjoyable when it’s this temperature than 108 – record or not.”


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  1. Manny Casalino says:

    We hitted 100F. here in Midlothian, I guess we will keep count whether we break the record or not and let you know

    1. C Bauer says:

      Y’all HITTED 100? YEEHAW! PAW PAW’S GONNA BREAK OUT THE JUG OF CORN SQUEEZINS! Lurlene, grab that washboard and fiddle! We’re gonna have a hootenanny!

  2. You like dewdy says:

    All the suffering and none of the glory; we get what we deserve. You’re all a bunch of impotents and imbeciles.

  3. Kevin says:

    We can still get the record for total number of days.

  4. C Bauer says:

    I say good riddance. That g-dd-mn 105+ thing was driving me nuts. It was like a guest who never leaves. Whether they stay 5 minutes or 5 days over the comfort zone, you want them to LEAVE.

  5. RussP says:

    I’ll take the cooler temps and even the light sprinkle of rain over the record any day.

    1. C Bauer says:

      Amen. I walked out of my house in Fort Worth to 20 degree-cooler temps and a drop or two of rain hitting my face, and I thought I was in Nirvana. I still had to water the lawn, though. 😦

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