Rio Vista Coming Together To Benefit An ‘Angel’

RIO VISTA (CBSDFW.COM) – The small town of Rio Vista has big benefit planned this weekend for a young woman long considered an angel in their community.

Brittany Morris was born with severe, physical disabilities, what some would call a lifetime burden. Her mother saw it differently

Dianna Morris said, “I knew a long time ago that God gave me a very special gift to share.”

As Brittany grew, the Morris’ involved her in everything from family gatherings to prom and homecoming. She was “Honorary Homecoming Queen” at Rio Vista High one year.

Dianna Morris was never one to shy away from volunteer work. She just took Brittany with her. So many people know Brittany, they began calling her Rio Vista’s “Hometown Angel.”

“I made it my goal a long time ago to let her little presence touch as many people and to realize what her purpose was,” Dianna said.

Dianna Morris has been caring for Brittany’s every need for 29 years.

“She’s not heavy. She’s my daughter. It’s true,” Dianna says beginning to cry.

Dianna Morris has cared for Brittany and raised her family in a house with just one bathroom. The State says the family needs another one that’s up to American with Disabilities Act code.

But state funding, Dianna said, won’t cover their entire remodeling costs.

“I’m not saying that the State of Texas will come in and remove my daughter but they can. And this is Brittany’s only home she’s ever known,” Dianna said.

Now, family and friends are helping with a benefit for Rio Vista’s Hometown Angel. Though Brittany can’t say so, it seems to make her very happy indeed.

The Benefit for Brittany is Saturday, August 13. It starts at 3pm and goes until midnight at the Rio Vista Pavilion.


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  1. C Bauer says:

    “Dianna Morris has cared for Brittany and raised her family in a house with just one bathroom. The State says the family needs another one that’s up to American with Disabilities Act code.

    But state funding, Dianna said, won’t cover their entire remodeling costs.”

    Seems to me they’ve been doing just fine for TWENTY-NINE YEARS without the state or any other government body telling them what to do.

    Typical Nannie State BULLSH!T. Your liberties are being stripped each and every day. From something like this to police closing down a kid’s lemonade stand or church bake sale because of a lack of permits, the assault on our freedoms is ratcheting up. When are we as a nation going to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?! Ronald Reagan was dead on right when he said, “Government is not the solution to our problem; government IS the problem.”

    1. alexis says:

      Well read below. This is NOT a charity case…

      1. C Bauer says:

        I never said it was a charity case. What does my commentary on government intervention have to do with charity? Are you confusing government entitlement programs with government meddling and red tape? I never thought they were on a government program, however, they ARE being harassed by the government.

        Besides, if this WASN’T a charity case, why is there a collection going on? Didn’t you watch/read the story? But, that’s another issue.

  2. SIGH says:

    RYE-OH Vista? Where the hell is this guy from? It’s pronounced REE-OH Vista. Mein Gott.

    1. Point Missed says:

      That’s really funny that you both say that. I am from Rio Vista and everyone I know that lives there pronounces it Rye- O- Vista. Besides you two are completely missing the point of this story. Obviously your peon sized brains can’t comprehend the moral of this story, which is a small town coming together for the wonderful people who live there.

      1. You Are The Moron says:

        I didn’t miss the point of the story, and the FUC-ING word is Spanish. Ergo (that’s Latin, twit) the word is pronounced REE-O!

      2. Little Lesson says:

        FYI: From Wikipedia: Rio Vista is a city in Johnson County, Texas, United States. The population was 656 at the 2000 census. The local Rio Vista residents dispute the proper way to pronounce the name of the town. Either “RYE”, “RYE-o Vista”, or “REE-o Vista”.

      3. Hmmm says:

        It’s no use. They’re HICKS. ENGLISH is challenging enough for them, let alone Spanish. That’s why I moved out of RYE-O Vista as soon as I could. They can’t even pronounce words correctly. You’re fighting a losing battle.

      4. C Bauer says:

        Why do assume they missed the point of the story? One can get the point of a story and still notice other things – or is THAT too complicated of a concept for YOU?

      5. C Bauer says:

        Why do YOU. Lousy wireless keyboard. I’m not from Russia, I swear.

  3. R S says:

    OMG, Seriously, RYE-Ohh vista, nobody botherered to correct them, anyways, the story was touching.

    Still cant believe it though, RYE-Ohh vista, lol

  4. Alexis Alwood says:

    These are friends of ours. We tried to get Extreme Home Makeover to go out to their house years ago, but they did not respond. If anyone is from the local area, and knows a contractor that can help, please ask them to go to the Rio Vista Pavillion on Saturday. Their dad, Gary, suffers from heart disease and has had many surgeries, yet works very hard everyday to provide, but they need help. Thanks, The Alwood Family in Fort Worth

    1. C Bauer says:

      Are you reading this, Ed Bass? How about anyone from D.R. Horton, Statewide Remodeling, Empire Today, etc.? Great PR for you folks…

  5. alexis says:

    They are having raffles; food; face painting and overall fundraiser. This is a family that works very hard and started to remodel their house, but Gary’s health stopped him from completing the job. Not a HANDOUT…

  6. C Bauer says:

    I don’t think I’ll give. This Alexis person is ticking me off.

    1. ZZ Toppings says:

      Right. It’s not a handout, etc. Sounds like they’ll be OK without any giving. Thanks, Alexis! You just cleared my conscience for the weekend! Now I can spend that donation on a nice night out at Texas de Brazil!

      1. Silence is GOLDEN says:

        What is going through the mind of Alexis?! First she mentions she tried to contact Extreme Home Makeover, then asks for contractors, THEN says later it’s not a handout? Uh, sounds like the other posts were about handouts. What do you think Extreme Home Makeover is? Nut job. Be quiet and let them get the help they need before you put the kaibash on everything!

  7. Alexis Alwood says:

    Thanks for all that come out tomorrow! Other than that.. nobody knows their story so leave it alone. A very moving and necessary story by the media.

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