120777219 Tiger Not Talking Too Much At The PGA Championship

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It’s the day before the final major of 2011 and Tiger Woods steps to the podium and says exactly nothing.

Now is that a surprise? No.

But with Woods missing the last two majors and finally coming back last week after three months off, you hope you would get something on his game that your can hang your hat on, but instead you get this.

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103383063 Tiger Not Talking Too Much At The PGA Championship

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“Sean and I have been working on exactly the same things since probably end of last year and just refining it,” Woods said of his work with his swing coach Sean Foley. “Because obviously I hadn’t played in while, ever since Augusta I haven’t really competed.”

Just an aside, Woods has played in 17 events on the PGA Tour since Hank Haney dropped Woods as a pupil and in that time has not won one time. Even when he’s come close he never really figured in the result.

So I guess that stuff you’ve been working on still needs some refinement.

Next, Woods talked about his well publicized break up with caddie Steve Williams.

Woods of course wanted to say as little as possible about Williams, which he clearly believes has not been loyal after Williams outbreaks over the last two weeks.

“I was happy to see Stevie and Adam win” Woods said. “Adam has been a friend of mine, and same with Stevie. I sent Stevie a nice text after completion; play, congratulating him on his win. It was good to see them go out there and play as well as they did. “

Ok, so lets see, dose Tiger really mean that he has been friends, (i.e. no longer friends)? And what kind of text message do you send to Williams who over the last two weeks has been beating you up in the public like a an old rug?

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113926231 Tiger Not Talking Too Much At The PGA Championship

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Lastly, Woods was asked about if he regrets how the Williams firing has unfolded?

“Yeah, sometimes we all need changes,” Woods said. “And this was a change, and as I told you guys earlier, I was at peace with it, and it was a decision and a direction I wanted to go, and that’s it.”

So let’s completely understand this. Williams, who may be of questionable scruples, was also the guy that was on your bag for more wins that any other active player has.

Instead, your falling like a stone in the world rankings to 30th and don’t have a spot in the FedEx Cup playoff’s, but you fire your caddie for your best friend?

Ok, I’m at peace with that.

Stuart Hall is editor of the Golf Press Association.