Perry Not Resigning During Presidential Campaign

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Already a big name in Texas, Governor and GOP primary candidate Rick Perry now faces the challenge of making an impression in the other 49 states.

“If Gov. Perry is going to really stand a chance to win the nomination and win the election, he’s got to spend a great deal of time in the rest of the country,” said political analyst, John Weekley.

So, who’ll be left to run the state?

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst is officially in charge in Perry’s absence. But, he’s also busy with his own campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Two decades ago, Rick Perry himself had an interesting opinion on just this scenario.

In 1989, as a state representative, he proposed an amendment to the Texas Constitution “providing for the automatic resignation from office of a person … who becomes a candidate for another elective office.”

It failed to pass back then, but the issue of resigning one office to campaign for another still plagues politicians.

Last year, Perry ribbed Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson about her indecisiveness on stepping down to run for governor.

“Are you gonna resign from the United States Senate?” he asked during a debate in Denton.

Governor Perry himself, though, has given no sign of resigning.

“The governor has no intention of resigning,” said campaign spokesperson, Mark Miner.

President Barack Obama did not resign his senate seat to run for office, and President George W. Bush served as Texas governor through his campaign.


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  1. Sam Johnson says:

    Just shows that he has about as much class as George W., a lot and all of it LOW.

    A 6th generation Texan/Tejano.

    1. popsmoke says:

      Give em Hell Ricky Perry, these ignorant people are all Sheep. They herd around daily looking for someone else to Win their Fights, or to Lead them in the Right direction ! It takes warriors to lead and protect the Sheep, these are the same people that Hug trees and are Glad that someone else went to war to protect them ! Wake up Texas and support this Veteran and Vote Perry for 2012 !!

  2. Kathleen Davidson says:

    I am a Texan. Will not vote for that piece of trash. We have lost so many teachers and he doesn’t seem to think that is a problem. He is stupid.

    1. Claire Kelly says:

      It was either cut spending or raise taxes. Which would have done? I congratulate him for not dipping into the “rainy day fund”. You can’t use your savings account to pay your reoccurring bills. You never get ahead and they would have drained it dry.

      1. rICK says:

        you are stupid.Raise the taxes and not kill education moron.

    2. Reba Latimer says:

      I agree with you ! Gov. Rick Perry is a horrible man !!!!

  3. Buyerbwear says:

    Typical of Perry to play both sides of the fence.

  4. NiteNurse says:

    Just in case this whole running for president thing doesn’t work out he can still have his day job because you know Anita Perry ain’t going back to being a nurse.

  5. Tracy from Texas says:

    Perry wants to draw his TX Governor;s paycheck while campaigning for President. Surprise…Surprise?? Why should Texas Taxpayers continue to pay about $25K for his luxury rental home in Austin and salary when it is obvious he doesn’t want the job anymore??

    1. Tracy from Texas says:

      That is $25K per month for his rental home not year….. Here are some highlights from Perry’s publicly-funded personal spending bill, via RCP:
      $700,000 for the “lavish” rental home where Perry has lived for nearly four years, while the governor’s mansion is being renovated.
      $8,400 for maintenance on the house’s heated pool.
      $1,001 for Neiman Marcus window coverings
      $1,000 for repairs on a filtered ice machine.

      1. Wills Point says:

        The governor’s mansion was destroyed in a fire and is being renovated. A majority of Texans understood that, didn’t mind the residence rental and maintenance costs and voted Perryto a third full term. I suppose if his democratic opponent Bill White had won, he would’ve set an example and lived at a Motel 6 while the governor’s mansion was being renovated? Get some anger management therapy, Tracy, and then run for Governor yourself and show everyone how a governor shoudl govern vs. telling everyone what’s wrong with the current one. The world is filled with keyboard critics when it needs to have people who will step up to plate, swing, and knock one of the park themselves.

      2. SV says:

        the governors mansion has been being renovated for five years. he makes $150K per year. he should budget his rental accordingly, $10K is a little excessive for someone making $150k per year.

      3. Charice Shannon says:

        Why the rental of a house with a pool? Does the governor’s mansion have one? I’m pretty sure the state could have found a very nice and more “affordable” housing alternative for him. And NOTHING in the govenor’s home should come from Neimans!

      4. Auntiecairo says:

        Wills Point – the Mansion isn’t being rennovated – that’s the point – I’m not sure where it says the taxpayers have to pay for a residence other than the mansion – certainly not for that much money – how about living in one of the Katrina trailers? this guy is a joke – he’s somehow become rich on a small gov’t salary — how is that?

  6. charles says:

    Do as i say –Not as i do. He is two faced. blames Obama for the hand out,then turns around and puts his “hand out” !!

  7. gracie says:

    He is in for a big surprise lets see what texan would vote for him

  8. Curious says:

    So far I ahve noticed no one mentioed Obama, Clinton’s (both of them), Kerry, Kennedys, carter, et al. it is the smae for all politicans, so lets note that and not meniton only Gov. Perry. Seems just a little one sided

    1. fltxag says:

      He’s the only one who proposed a law saying that he needed to resign.

  9. maybe crazy says:

    someone, who do as I say not as I do, can we trust a man lies to the people like that- or is it just more political double talk

  10. Elmer says:

    If Obama is going to really stand a chance to win the election, he’s got to spend a great deal of time throughout the country, so, who’ll be left to run the nation?

  11. oldman 69 says:

    we don’t know who is going to be the next pres-but if they have a rep or dem in front of their title then NOTHING will change in this counrty-it will only get worse-the parties care nothing about us or the country-all they will do is make sure their largest contributers are well taken care of with all the perks they can get.Until the people of this country take the time and effort to LEARN about the people running instead of worrying about party names then it will be business as usual.Oh by the way for those who don’t know-the house and senate are the ones who actually eun this country.

  12. Rod says:

    “perry gets a A+ for self promotion and an F- for what he claims he has done for this state. Where is perry when we have some of the dirtiest air in the country.Fighting the EPA.Where is perry when we have some of the highest insurance rates,home and auto’s, in the country?No where.Where is perry when we have some of the highest utility rates in the country?No where.Where is perry when our school systems are being dismantled?Nothing,and sitting on a so called rainy day fund of 14 Billion that he won’t let anyone touch.Where is perry on the tech fund paid for by the tax payers?Giving the money to his friends,cronies and contributors in back door deals.Where is perry on shady land deals given to him by these same cronies and contributors?Right there.Where is perry when the state and tax payer are paying his salary and 10K a month on his rent of a mansion while the state mansion is being renovated?Iowa?NC?California?Anywhere but in the job that pays him. The list goes on folks.I would love to have another president form my state,but I have to be honest here.perry ain’t it for this indepndent.Good luck all”

  13. Rod says:

    tricky rickie perry,the liar.Shocking.LOLOLOL

  14. Helen says:

    Shows how big his ego is, thinking he can do both. Might want to ask what school teachers think of him. I do agree he needed a nice home to live in for the entertaining that a governor does, but come on some of the expenses were a littler far fetched. All about him.

    1. Elmer says:

      My son-in-law is a fourth grade teacher. He likes Perry, but then, he is able to see both the forest and the trees.

  15. Claire Kelly says:

    I don’t know who I am voting for, but I can see Rick Perry as a front runner. No candidate is perfect, but he has experience and a proven record… whether you agree with him or not. My main focus as a voter is our economy, then immigration, then health care. He meets both my requirements on the first and the last point… but I’m concerned with his immigration policy. I’d also like to know his views on foreign policies.

    No matter what you all say about him, he has reduced spending, increased jobs (even if they’re not high paying ones, citizens in states like MI, CA and WV would kill for those jobs). He fought criticism when people in Texas wanted him to dip into the rainy day fund to pay make up for the short fall on the school budget. You just can’t do that. You either have to make cuts or increase taxes. You can’t pay your bills out of your savings account. If they hadn’t been forced to make cuts, they would have wanted to use the rainy day fund the next year and then the next… until it was dry. Then what happens?
    Every candidate is a little shady in someone’s eyes. Texas is a lot better off than most states in this country and I think the governor has a little to do with that whether you like the guy or not.

    1. SV says:

      Reduced spending? we’ve gone from 49billion to 90 billion, how is that a reduction.

  16. Mike says:

    He made a big deal about tue governor’s job being 24/7. So obviously he can’t do the job now. If the jerk doesn’t resign, the least he could do is give up his salary and perks, move into his own house, wherever that is, and save Texas some money we desperatelyu need.

  17. tim says:

    Perry and Dewhurst both need to resign immediately.That way when Perry loses in the GOP primary he wouldn’t be our gov still.

  18. auntiecairo says:

    Perry doesn’t do anything as governor but look for special interest $$ for himself — his own work schedules usually show maybe 10-15 hours of week of governor related work — he and Bachmann and the Tea party deserve to get what they promote – no gov’t handouts; no gov’t benefits — see how their constituents – farmers, oil and gas drillers and the like – enjoy not getting the hundreds of billions of gov’t subsidies they currently enjoy — everyone benfits from the government — it’s a lie to suggest that’s the cause of our problems —

  19. Cole Younger says:

    Perry is a jerk water fool ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  20. James Walker says:

    I don’t think that I want my taxes to pay for Perry out campaigning for president and not taking care of his duties here in Texas. Paying his salary while he is campaigning is like we the people of Texas are donating to his run for president, I do not want to donate to his run for president. Perry you need to step down as governor.

  21. micheal says:

    If people really look into the so-called jobs rick perry claims he created, they would find out them jobs were illegals buying auto salvage yards that were already in business and now only employs illegals, illegals opening used tire shops that employs illegals, rick perry is for illegal immigration and not for securing the texas border.

  22. Chris Walker says:

    Rick Perry is a hypocrite! How can he propose an amendment that someone should resign from office if running for another elected office, ask others to do so, and then he himself NOT RESIGN! How can we trust what he says when he holds everyone else to his beliefs yet not himself. DIssappointing.

  23. Dallas says:

    It’s a shame … it would have been the lone good outcome we could hope for from Perry’s presidential aspirations.

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