Forney ‘Mayor For A Day’ Names Street After Justin Bieber

FORNEY (AP) – The 11-year-old “mayor for a day” of a Dallas-area city knows what her first major act in office will be: Renaming part of Main Street for teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

A temporary sign for “Justin Bieber Way” went up Tuesday during a ceremony in Forney, Texas.

City Manager Brian Brooks says the request came from 11-year-old Caroline Gonzalez. She won a contest meant to get young people interested in municipal government. She’s active in student council, recycling and community service projects.

Brooks says city officials weren’t able to reach Bieber to invite him to Forney, which is about 15 miles east of Dallas.

The tween politician’s act won’t cost the community much. Officials say the sign was made for about $20 and would only be displayed Tuesday.

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One Comment

  1. darrell says:

    the only thing that should be named after “Bieber” is a disease for dysfunctional people.

  2. SIGH says:

    Wow. Hard-hitting news. Totally worthy of taking it from the AP feed and posting it. LOL.

  3. Hoo says:

    Get Bieber to autograph the sign, then sell it to the highest bidder. Repay the City the $20 it’s out. Use the balance to lower property taxes.

    1. FAYG says:

      Oak Lawn just called in a bid for $300,000. Just kidding, of course, for those of you with no sense of humor.

  4. Elvis says:

    Good for her to have this. It’s good to hear some good news for a change.

    1. D. Leary says:

      Here’s some REALLY good news – Elvis died on this day in 1977… on his porcelain throne… with his fat, hairy, King of Rock and Roll ass for his Memphis Mafia to see in all its glory and splendor.

  5. A. Lincoln says:

    I think Justin Bieber desevers a street named after him

  6. Glen Chenowith says:

    Not that anyone at City Hall cares. Thought you might. The reason nobody other cities don’t do a “mayor for a day” is because they can’t. It’s sweet, but not legal. It violates the City Charters and State Law. Nobody can sit as Mayor without being elected. Nobody. The mayor has no autority to surrendor his seat to anyone but the Mayor Pro Tem for any reason. That’s why other cities don’t do it and why cities who have student governement days makes sure they call them “Student Government” and make no pretense of handing over the gavel. And the Mayor has no authority to change a street name without due process. Forney needs to grow up and read it’s own Charter. Yes, it was touchy feely publicity but the girl didn’t have cancer, wasn’t dying of a disease and Forney spent a couple of hundred dollars of tax payer money on a street sign for what? A laugh. A feel good story. That’s $200 that could have gone to the cans at food bankor books in the library if they were really looking for a place to blow money.

    1. Howard Stern says:

      Shut up, blowhard. You need to play some five knuckle shuffle on the pi$$ pump and RELAX.

      1. Dr. Leo Marvin says:

        LOL. Right – what a windbag. Sounds like some dumb hillbilly who just discovered commenting on “The Interwebs”.

    2. Jennifer says:

      geez Glen, why don’t you just go jump off a bridge somewhere

      1. Lou Zer says:

        Masturbate first, then take a big ol’ hit of ganja, Glen. Then jump off the bridge if that doesn’t help.

  7. Amanda says:

    Really? She’s 11. It’s cute, and if you had read the article, it only cost the city $20. Big deal if they call it “Mayor for the Day!” This is one Forney tax payer that would gladly hand over twenty bucks to let one of my kids do the same. Get a life and let the girl have her fifteen minutes of fame. What a db!

    1. Howard Stern says:

      DB means D0UCHEB@G, GLEN, and you are a total “db”.

  8. Glen Chenowith says:

    Those of you who resort to name calling and think people with an opinion need to jump off a bridge ought to go ahead and run for office. You already have the mentality for it.

    1. Howard Stern says:

      You’re still a wet blanket and an @sshole, Glen, and nobody likes you (including yourself, I’m willing to bet).

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