FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Teresa Berg photographs babies.  “I need a little something to put underneath this basket,” Berg said as she moved a small basket on the polished floor of her studio containing two week old Olivia Solon.

Berg especially enjoys taking pictures of babies less than a couple weeks old since they often retain their fetal position while sleeping. And this year she’s noticed something different.

“We have just been slammed!” Berg laughed. “And its terrific. We’ve got all sorts of babies, sizes, shapes textures you name it!”

How’s does business compare to this time last year?  “About double actually,” Berg said.

“Our best friend had a baby,” Olivia’s father Joshua Solon said. “Our other friend just had a baby. They’re everywhere! I don’t know what’s causing it, if its our age, its something in the water or the weather!”

About that weather, remember what it was like eight to ten months ago? That’s when the pattern took shape.  “I think it had something to do with the Cowboys not in the Superbowl, all the ice and snow,” Berg laughed. “Something happened that week!”

Medical professionals agree. The Texas Regional Medical Center was quoted in a report stating its poised to set a record for babies delivered in the summer.

And Berg says moms who set appointments right after their expected due-dates are not keeping their appointments.

“No. No they’re not.” Berg said. “They’re early this year! The only thing I can think of is the heat.”

Even if they are born only a week or two early, Berg thinks her baby portraits are a snapshot of a legacy born of our recent, wild weather.