By Scott Miller Senior Writer

ANAHEIM, CA (CBS SPORTS.COM) – The now seven-game gap between the Rangers and the Angels in the AL West standings is nothing compared to the distance that separated them on July 31.

A single-minded zealousness came over a Rangers organization operated by one of the game’s smartest braintrusts. Inertia suffocated an Angels club that right now looks as tired as yesterday’s news.

In Texas, the Rangers struck boldly and swiftly to acquire set-up man Koji Uehara from Baltimore on July 30, and San Diego’s Mike Adams the next day.

“Special,” is how Rangers manager Ron Washington describes the duo. “Adams has been very special for us. Both of these guys help us shorten games.

“We needed to help our bullpen a lot, and we did. You can’t ask for much more.”

The Angels were so quiet at the trade deadline, you could have heard the Rally Monkey peel a banana.

“We didn’t have the depth in our minor leagues to do something,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia says. “With what was out there … the first name everybody wanted to talk about was Mike Trout.”

No way anybody is going to bait-and-hook Trout away from the Angels.

But it is really difficult to believe that general manager Tony Reagins couldn’t have found some avenue short of the Trout stream to snag relief help. Any relief help.

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