Texas AG Accuses Company Of Diluting Gasoline

AUSTIN (AP/CBSDFW.COM) – The Texas attorney general has filed a lawsuit accusing a gas station company of diluting medium- and premium-grade fuel with regular unleaded.

The lawsuit filed Thursday by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott against Petroleum Wholesale L.P. and related defendants says they falsified octane levels, defrauded customers and violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

The lawsuit is the third enforcement action by the state against the company, which did not immediately return a call from The Associated Press.

The state is seeking a temporary and permanent injunction against the defendants as well as civil penalties.

The defendants operate Sunmart Travel Centers & Convenience Stores and about 80 other service stations licensed by the state to sell fuel under branding agreements with three major fuel companies.

Of the 48 stations in the state that had 60-percent or more of their pumps out of compliance, three stations are in the North Texas area.

♦  Sunmart, 926 West Interstate-30, Royse City

♦  Sunmart, 401 N. Broadway, Joshua

  Sunmart, 6201 S. IH-45 7 Parker Hill, Palmer

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  1. RussP says:

    Stick with gas from refinery supported stations (Exxon, Chvron, Shell) and you avoid this problem and also know that the gas has decent cleaning propoerties. You never know what you’re getting from “off brand” stations (Kroger, SunMart, Quick Fuel, etc).

  2. Freedom Sunshine says:

    I sure hope this is happening at all of the gas stations! Anybody driving a high performance sports car, SUV, minivan, or pickup truck is spewing more noxious fumes into the sky and killing our Blessed Earth Mother. When you are part of the problem, you deserve what happens to you. If you quit burning oil, diesel, and gasoline, you wouldn’t have this problem now, would you?! It is time to stop killing Our Great Earth Mother and get back to a time that will stop all the pollution!

    1. Merlin the Great says:

      OH wow.

      Must be time to get the new porpouri and love beads.

      1. Freedom Sunshine says:

        What’s wrong with potpourri? Aside from your spelling, that is. I don’t have love beads, because I refuse to love anyone that continues to kill the Great Earth Mother. If you want to live in peace with Our Blessed Mother, stop driving your vehicle and killing our world. Our Mother is being murdered through the pollution caused by emissions. We CAN control this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with electric vehicles. If you must travel in a motorized vehicle, than go electric. Otherwise, why can’t we return to the days of horse and buggies? As long as I breathe, I will continue to get the message about returning to the time when the air and water was actuallly clean. Together, we CAN do it.

    2. RussP says:

      The need for higher octane does not necassarily mean more pollution. My motorcycle calls for 91 octane but gets me close to 50 miles per gallon, much better than the Kia or Toyota running on regular to get 30 or so. I’m assuming you live as the Amish with no motor vehicle and no electric or gas in your home since you don’t believe in being part of the problem. Wonder how you get your computer to work?

      1. RussP says:

        As far as NOTHING wrong with electric vehicles; unless your charging it from your own wind mill or solar panel, the electric here in north Texas is coming from a power plant burning coal or oil. Your just putting the problem in someone elses neighborhood.

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