80-Year-Old Dallas Man Bludgeoned To Death In His Home

By Matt Thomas, NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A homeless man is in jail after police say he beat to death a Dallas man who had once tried to help him.

27-year-old Walter Diaz is accused of bludgeoning 80-year-old Gilbert Spira in his home near Royal and Webb Chapel in Dallas.

A group of homeless men who Spira had allowed to camp in his backyard heard a commotion inside the home last night around 10:30. They went to see what was going on, and that’s when police say Diaz admitted killing the man.

KRLD’s Matt Thomas Reports:

Diaz had been allowed on the property, but eventually was told to stay away. The group of other homeless men held Diaz until the police could get there.

Diaz is currently being held without bond in the Dallas County Jail facing a murder charge.


One Comment

  1. Tired Of The Filthy Bums says:

    This is why the homeless should not be aided in any way. Most are drug addicts, alcoholics, have violent mental illnesses or “all of the above”. They are the refuse of society and should be treated as such. Turn them in to shark food or Soylent Green for all I care.

    1. SKR7 says:

      With your attitude, I’d be more I’d be more inclined to call you the refuse of society and I’d definitely be more inclined to help a homeless person than someone with your attitude. Karma is on her way, be prepared to face her.

    2. deb says:

      Yet the other homeless men held the perpetrator until the police came. Your comments are asinine.

  2. 2sister says:

    What this man did was terrible, and I don’t approve of it. People with mental illnesses, however, are not the refuse of society. A mental illness is a medical condition, and is often caused by an imbalance in the brain. People do not ask to have such conditions. Also, not everyone with a mental illness is violent. It depends on the mental illness and how that particular illness affects a particular problem. Also, I have no problem helping people who really need help and those who are trying to change their lives around,

    1. 2sister says:

      I meant particular person and not particular person. Also, we should be praying for people that have things like addictions. We shouldn’t call them names or make disgusting remarks about what should happen to them. We should want them to change their lives around.

  3. 2sister says:

    I agree that “Tired’s” comment was mean and insensitive, but being rude back to him is not the answer. We can let someone know how we feel without hoping something bad happens to them.

  4. PAT BROCK says:

    Gilbert Spria’s chair sat empty today at bingo. His life taken at age 80. He was a kind man who enjoyed his bingo and being with the other senior’s at The Marcus
    Annex Senior Center, helping the homeless. As I reflect it may be that the Senior Center was a safe place for Mr. Spira to go. The City of Dallas has been considering closing the facility. This would be a injustice to our Dallas Seniors who have a safe refuge. We so missed him today.Rest in peace Gilbert. BINGO

  5. BAR says:

    How can we allow this man, evan after his death to still be treated wrongly?
    His car has been stolen!
    His house is being ransacked!
    No relatives to be found?
    What is wrong with the way our society handles this type of issue?

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