Suspect In Dallas Drowning Has History Of Violence

By Bud Gillett & Sharrie Williams, CBS 11 News
muhammad Suspect In Dallas Drowning Has History Of Violence

Naim Rasool Muhammad was captured by police in Dallas after allegedly killing his two children. (credit: Texas Department of Criminal Justice)

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Joe Johnson says he was like a father to Naim Muhammad. Johnson says he took Muhammad in after his biological father abandoned him.

Now, the man he treated like a son is accused of killing his own sons, ages 5 and 3. “They were good kids, that’s all I can tell you. Real good kids. I didn’t believe he would do that. That surprised me.”

The 5-year-old, also named Naim, was scheduled to attend his first day of kindergarten at Julia C. Frazier Elementary School. He was registered for class just a couple of weeks ago. A spokesman for Dallas ISD says the boy never made it to school.

Johnson says he will miss the young boys who were taken away in such violent manner. “It makes me feel bad, I loved them kids.”

The 32-year-old Muhammad has a history of arrests including violent felonies. Some people along Harmony Lane in Oak Cliff where the arrest was finally made had actually followed details of the chase throughout the day. They were stunned to learn the suspect was picked up in a creek bed behind these homes.


“They were all muddy and the officer asked me what street is this,” said Vaughn Robinson, who watched the arrest. Once officers determined their location that police flooded the scene in mere minutes. “They held him down and determined how injured the guy was and that’s when they called the paramedics.”

Another witness echoed the description. “They had him on the ground,” said Eric Arnold, “and pretty much they arrested him and the ambulance came and checked him out and they took him out.”

Public records show Muhammad has four prior convictions ranging from marijuana possession to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Then in February he was arrested for causing bodily injury during a family violence call. He bonded out two days later for $2,500.

Neighbors like Sharon Shed tell us they had seen in from time to time at a local store. “Yes, I seen him a couple of times at the store and he looked like he was crazy but I never expected nothing like this.”

Word of the deaths sent a chill through the neighborhood, with family members like Arnold vowing to hold their children even closer tonight. “I’m worried about my family, that’s all I’m concerned about it’s really messed up they killed those kids like that, you know? But he’s going to get what’s coming to him, though.”


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  1. altha says:

    When I heard this, I new it was a White man killed his children. It was a total shock through-out the community when it was reveal this is a black man. What happen for him to do this to his cildren?my heart goes out to his ex-wife I know her heart is broken beyond repair. (you are in my prayers)

    1. damned if u do damned if you dont says:

      Shocked to hear that a black man commited murder?” Where do you live Lala land. this is just a case of damned if you do and damned if you dont. had that constable chased him and caused a accident killing someone then people would be complaining well he had no siren and no lights on. people just hear cash register bells for any damn reason. yes my heart goes out to the children but thats it

  2. altha says:

    I don’t know what happen but I did spell children.

  3. T. Stanton says:

    My heart goes out to the mother of these children. To know another child has died at the hands of their own parents is sickening. An Amber Alert should have been issued. The Constable should have pursued this vehicle. What officer in his right mind would dismiss a charge such as child kidnapping? I was shocked when I learned the constable did not pursue the vehicle after the mother reported them kidnapped by their own father. My hope is that I misinterpreted the news regarding the constable. Children are important no matter where they live. The same attention should have been given to these children as any other child in this country.

    1. 2sister says:

      They were apparently going to call an Amber Alert at 1:00 p.m. They apparently couldn’t call one before that, because he wasn’t a non-custodial parent.

      I’m not saying that I don’t wish that they had called an Amber Alert, but they have guidelines that they are supposed to follow. If they can’t classify it as an abduction (kidnapping), I believe they then have to decide if the kids are in danger before issuing an Amber Alert. Since he had some kind of custody, it couldn’t be classified as an abduction. They probably then had to talk to mom and ask her if she believed he would harm the kids. Since we don’t know what kind of conversation they had with the kid’s mother, we don’t know if they initially thought the kids would be harmed. Then about noon or so the grandmother called to say that her son had drown them.

  4. NONA BELUSHA says:

    blantant racism i bet you a million the cops were white, a black cop would have pursuied that car hands down.
    there is no reason for them to just have stood there and the lady told them the children were in the car they could have atleast followed the car..
    dallas have some racist police anyway, the moment they saw this black woman, all reasoning went out the window, thats the one bigggg problem with texas, particularly dallas , whites are real impartial with blacks ,half the cops are from dallas or texas and they have a lot of hate ,and misunderstanding of their roll in racist behavior, so when dallas got that black police chief, a lot of that ignorant behavior deceased, but ts still hidden racism on that force.. i feel bad for the mother of these kids. she will suffer all her life and cry for years from now., this man is a monster ,and has a case of illiness of some type, he should get death penalty, they better not let another casy anthony walk!! i dont care what his mama said, SHE SAID HE NEEDS HELP, YEAH RIGHT HE NEED PUNISHMENT PERIOD

  5. newsreader2 says:

    PCP again?

  6. 2sister says:

    We need to be careful about judging the police’s handling without knowing the full situation. I heard on one station that the father had custody. If that’s true, that probably means one of four things:

    1) The parents had joint custody
    2) The father had custody, but not the mother.
    3) The parents were still together
    4) They aren’t together, but their is no legal custody ruling.

    If any of these are the case, it puts limits on what the police can do. I believe they can still give out an Amber Alert, but first have to decide if the kids are in danger. They probably usually do that by talking to the mother. Since we don’t know what the mother said, we really don’t know what the police had to go on.

    1. 2sister says:

      Oops. I meant there is no legal custody ruling, and not their.

  7. Barbara Webb says:

    My only problem with all of this is that the constable did not at least follow the father and determine what was going on with the mother. There is no amount of explaining that he or she could give me for not at least pursuing the father and at least finding out if the children were safe. Horrible, horrible judgement. I sincerely hope he/she can sleep at night, because I surely couldn’t.

  8. gck says:

    To “Altha”—-Surprised it was a black man? Um okay- that’s a stupid comment. Ahh the racist world continues to thrive- how pathetic. You need to pray for yourself as well sweetheart not only for the mother with a thought process such as yours!

    How about this, “It’s sickening and shocking that ANY man shall murder his own children”. Who cares the color.

  9. gck says:

    I am also very curious why the officer didn’t chase the suspect as well…that doesn’t seem right to me. If this could have been avoiding by the officer doing that he will have to live with the guilt the rest of his life.

  10. me says:

    Just remember, this is a religion of peace. We can’t let a few million bad apples ruin it for the rest of them.

  11. Fred says:

    Publicly hang this man this weekend. I would pay a fee to watch.

  12. Jo Dison says:

    What drives a person to such insanity? I jsut dont get it dude.

  13. dfwman says:

    This POS has admitted what he did. Too bad we can’t skip the trial process and just get rid of him just like he did those two precious, innocent children. Let him feel the fear that they were feeling.

  14. Crystal says:

    I have two boys myself and I can’t even imagine how this mother is feeling. My heart goes out to the family. And the CONSTABLE needs to be FIRED!! There is no excuse on why this constable couldn’t have followed the car. Those two innocent boys could have been saved!!! I am just too sad

  15. C Creary says:

    Murders have no color! What color do you have to be to kill someone! I am very heart broken what a wicked world we live in, my heart goes out to the boys mothe.

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