Boss: Constable Did Job Before 2 Boys Found Dead

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DALLAS (AP) – A constable says his deputy did what she was trained to do by summoning Dallas police and not chasing a car that a frantic woman claimed was carrying her two sons.

The boys, ages 5 and 3, were found drowned Monday after police spent hours searching for their father. Naim Muhammad of Dallas is jailed on two capital murder counts.

Precinct 1 Constable Derick Evans told a newspaper that the mother told the deputy she feared her boyfriend would kill the children.

Evans says the deputy, whose name wasn’t released, was at a gas station when the hysterical woman approached. Evans said Tuesday that the deputy did not witness any crime.

The patrol car has no emergency lights or sirens. Constables are mainly process servers in civil cases.

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  1. upchkn says:

    So, you cannot “chase”, but, can you “follow”? Don’t be following me anymore, then.

  2. mike says:

    Constables dont have sirens or lights!!??????????????? Thats funny because they pulll people over constantly in Dallas. How do they do that if they have no lights or sirens?

  3. mike says:

    Constables MOSTLY do traffic can they do that with no lights or sirens ????????????????????????????

  4. Rebecca Donaldson says:

    They can write tickets, they use their lights when they pull you over.If you enforce the law… enforce all of them… crime is not a selective thing.

  5. TXBad1 says:

    Process servers? Tell that to the Racist Black Constable Deputy’s that mess with the White Veterans leaving the VA Hospital headed back to I-20 writing tickets!

  6. Suzanne Jamison says:

    I totally agree with upchkn. That deputy could have got in the car and follow that car. We are suppose to train our children to run to a police officer if they are in danger. What if the child had gotten out of the car and yelled for help that his mommy was in trouble: Would they have helped that child? I hope the deputy has children, did they get to go home and hug their children, cauuse this poor mother can’t…….

  7. dallas says:

    If the dallas constables cannot chase or follow, due to no lights or sirens, then why are the taxpaxers paying their salaries. What a useless agency. There is no to need to be in a budget deficit again Dallas County. Get rid of the constable, hire a law firm as a mail server, pay the extra postage for returned certified at the USPS. What a joke!!!! Derrick Evans you have the nerves to defend this, why you don’t want anyone to start any more investigations.

    1. p says:

      Why act as a law enforcement, when you can’t do the job!!!! Dallas County Constables is a joke.

  8. pc says:

    your training is going to have that lady constable in therapy for rest of her life from the quilt…dallas constables have given the profession a bad name…AND wasnt evans a part of investigation by city hall and wasnt it found he had shady dealings…DALLAS CONSTABLES SUCK

  9. Me says:

    This constable should be ashamed of herself. Her actions may have affected the outcome. She should have done what any of the rest of us would have done … follow the truck while calling police on her cel. Several days ago, in New Mexico, there was an illegal immigrant who chased down a van & rescued a little girl who’d just been kidnapped, yet this legal public servant couldn’t serve the public long enough for other help to arrive? Her car’s presence alone may have detered the man who did this.

  10. DONT says:


  11. d says:

    That poor Constable just didn’t know what to do.

  12. schrodinger says:

    Go drive by the County Government building at Garland Road and Avenue B in Garland. Look at the constable cars parked in the lot. They DO have sirens and lights on most of the cars that are PARKED in the lot. I’ve been stopped several times by constables for outdated stickers, and once just because a constable ran my tag and fouind a warrant (expired and invalid, but still showing no thanks to Dallas courts who failed to remove that warrant after the ticket was paid)– he used his LIGHTS to pull me over on Forest Lane. This “no lights/sirens” line is just an EXCUSE for the constables to not do their jobs, a cover story for laziness.

  13. liz salander says:

    That constable B*$%h knows she’s a child-murderer just like all of Dallas knows she is. Why won’t they release her name? Because Dallas County is failing to prosecute her for her crime and that gives the public an excuse to form a lynch mob. That’s why. Dallas County sucks when it comes to protecting children from violent men who hate women.

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