Chase Snakes Across Dallas County Over Stolen Khakis

DALLAS COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – A shoplifting call in Mesquite Wednesday afternoon turns into a high speed chase that ended on a dirt road in Southeast Dallas County.

Mesquite police say a woman, identified as Latoya Jackson, stole several pairs of khakis from the Old Navy near 635 at Town East Boulevard.

Jackson was able to lead police on the chase through Dallas in her Dodge Charger, speeding along I-30 until exiting near the Fair Park area.  She then got on to Highway 175, leading police at over 100 miles per hour past Interstate 20 and exiting on Belt Line. The chase continued through the town of Wilmer. It eventually ended in far southeast Dallas County. Jackson jumped out of the Charger, but was tracked down by officers just outside a relative’s house.

After a foot chase, a mesquite police officer was able to stop Jackson, who was taken into custody after a brief struggle.

Relatives told KRLD’s L.P. Phillips they thought the police were a little rough with Jackson:

  • darrell

    she had to do it, didnt have any choice. just didnt fit into her community, family or social neighborhood without a felony conviction. the need to become one with her environment had become overwhelming. now she can hold her head up high and be proud.

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  • dumbanddumber

    Doesn’t matter whether she has children or not. That’s beside the point. Theft is a crime. Her morality-deficient clan apparently doesn’t understand this. What’s worse, she could have killed or injured someone else during the police chase. Guess her family isn’t interested in the fact she was a threat to public safety while attempting to get away with her crime.

  • gail Marshall

    Driving a dodge charger and stealing pants? Really!!!!

  • Mike

    She put hundreds of peoples lives in danger by running from the law so don’t feel sorry for this woman. The NAACP has fought so long to put the blame on the police for upholding the law. She was not abused and I just wish it was a K-9 officer who caught up to her and let the K-9 take her down with a bite to her sorry butt. The whole idea is to run from the cops when you are being chased in hopes that they will just back off and let you go. Anyone who runs from the law should be charged with a felony and put into jail for a minimum of 1 year. Now take her car from her so she can’t use it again.

  • Jimmy

    She drives a Dodge Charger but can’t afford to buy a pair of pants?

  • Not Bubba, thank the Lord

    The woman deserves to go to jail for what she did. The terminally stupid racists who equate her race with being on welfare deserve about the same.

    • darrell

      if you are implying that i might be a racist you are wrong. im a victim of exposure to evolutionary impaired.

  • Blue

    I hate it when snakes steal kahkis.

  • juno

    So police will chase someone at speeds over 100 mph over pants but refuse to chase another that has kidnapped children and is on their way to kill them?

    • darrell

      no juno!
      in the case of the two murdered children, the initial contact was made with a constable in a vehicle without lights or siren. not a good vehicle to get into a chase with. in addition there is some question about constable policy preventing the constable from chasing the suspect.
      the theif was persued by police officers not a constable and they were in vehicles designed to make chase if needed. in addition they allready had a discription of the vehicle and person involved in the incident.

  • oldman69

    the least the constable could have done was to follow at a safe distance and radio in to the police where the perp was going-she did have a phone or radio didn’t she?may have saved those boys lives-oh no lets follow your regs to cover her own bottom

  • George Busherman

    why would they chase her like that for a pair of khakis they knew who she was and where to find her
    why put innocent people at risk?

    • darrell

      they did it because if you check the city charter, real fine print on page 24, you will find an article that states:

      the city of dallas will and shall lead the nation in every attempt at everything to do such things in the stupidest way possible, eliminating the possibility of all others from claiming that distiction.

      its there, im sure it is.

  • RussP

    Aaawww! Relatives thought the police were a little rough on her. If you don’t want to be treated like a criminal, try not stealing and not fleeing from police; both criminal acts.

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