In-N-Out Traffic Snaking In & Out Of Neighborhoods

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Mechanic Chris Pendergraft sees lots of cars go in and out of the shop where he works every day. But that is nothing compared to the traffic he sees across the street. “We do have a lot of traffic. It does hinder getting out of our lot here,” said Pendergraft. “It’s really a headache.”

Pendergraft not only works near the new In-N-Out Burger in Fort Worth, but he lives nearby, too.

Fort Worth Camera has also been dealing with the traffic. They are just one block away from the restaurant. “We get a lot of foot traffic coming by, so we should have someone out there with a camera saying, ‘Hey, come on in,'” said Edgar Miller with the camera shop.

Just to get to the drive-thru lane, you have to follow signs which take you in and out of a partially residential neighborhood located just behind the new burger joint. Residents feel like it is their neighborhood that has become the drive-thru.

Police in Fort Worth have been helping with the traffic. The lines are not snaking through the neighborhood anymore, like on the first few days, but it is still pretty busy. “I was thinking of sending them a bill for the extra gas I had to burn to go around to get to where I needed to be and to come back,” said Pendergraft.

The Fort Worth mechanic said that he has been to the restaurant, and even enjoyed the burger. He just hopes that all the hoopla over In-N-Out will soon be out of his neighborhood, so he can get in to his driveway.

“We will continue to have the officers in Fort Worth help us with traffic as long as they are needed,” said Carl Van Fleet, vice president of planning and development with In-N-Out Burger. “Typically, the first few weeks after an opening are the busiest for us, and the traffic tends to diminish pretty quickly after that. We remain committed to being good neighbors and will continue to do our best to keep congestion to a minimum.”

Van Fleet went on to say, “As we open more restaurants in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, that will also take some of the pressure off of our first few restaurants in the market. The next restaurants we are opening will be in Arlington and Las Colinas.”


One Comment

  1. Cole Younger says:

    Thats the biggests rip pff place i know of and foos is terrieable

    1. Fred W says:

      spell much?

  2. C Bauer says:

    It’s a BURGER, people. These idiots are like the magi discovering the Christ child. It’s a BURGER!

  3. Lyndalu says:

    Stories like this is very profitable to In-And-Out. They are getting free advertising. Have you seen anything in print advertising their restaurant? Have to received any coupons? I went the first time to our closest In-And-Out and I was not impressed. The burger was good (the double meat) and my friend was able to order a lettuce wrapped burger (on a diabetic diet) but the man who was in front of us going out, three away almost two whole orders of french-fries. His comment “they were ok, but nothing special”. I don’t think too many of McDonald’s french-fries end up in the trash. Just sayin………..

  4. Troll Slayer says:

    I don’t see anywhere in the story about In and Out Burger reimbursing the FWPD for the extra patrol. We have had this same issue in Frisco. I agree with all of the comments above. It’s just a hamburger, and certainly not the best one out there. People, get a grip!

  5. Quit Whinning says:

    I agree folks, it’s just a hamburger and frys, big deal. Drive up the street, Camp Bowie toward I30 to Kincaid’s Hamburgers for a real hamburger.

  6. fred says:

    Any burger called “in and out” does not sound right…

  7. Rick McDaniel says:

    One can only wonder what’s so important about another burger joint.

  8. vdub says:

    It’s because of all the Hoopla the West Coast made about this place. Everyone is expecting this golden burger. WhataBurger is better…

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