No Emergency Today, But Texas Power Supplies Still Tight

McKINNEY (CBS 11 NEWS) – ‪‪‪ The state is once again trying to avoid rolling blackouts.

ERCOT said Thursday the  power supply is still very tight due to the triple digit temperatures, even though it did not issue a power warning.

Several area businesses are doing their part to reduce consumption.

At Creative by Nature in McKinney, the shelves are stocked but the lights are off.

“One lady asked if i paid the light bill,” said Company President Michael O’Keefe. “With all these windows I can do my drawings, I can do proposals, I can sell products to customers, so I really don’t need the lights. It was a pretty easy decision to make.”

O’Keefe decided to turn off all unnecessary electricity in hopes of easing the burden on the state’s power grid.

Normally the garden design center’s display fountains would be flowing, but the water fixtures are dry instead.

The McKinney business isn’t the only company taking steps to conserve electricity.

Some of the areas largest employers are also cutting back.

At Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth, some of the manufacturing facility’s heavy machines are not being used during the peak energy hours, between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

“That helps reduce the electrical load to some extent but it also helps ensure we don’t get interrupted, because in the event we did have an interruption in power we wouldn’t want to be in the middle of a manufacturing operation,” said spokesperson Joe Stout.
“Our annual electric bill every year is about $19 million.”

ERCOT has urged consumers and businesses alike to cut back where they can to avoid emergency rotating blackouts.  Whether big or small, many businesses are doing their part to keep the power on.

“I think I made a little dent,” O’Keefe said, “I certainly made a dent in my electricity at the end of the month. I bet turning all this off will probably save me 50 or 60 dollars.”

Consumers are asked to turn off unnecessary lights and appliances in their homes, to close blinds during the day, and turn the thermostat up when they’re not at home.

ERCOT also asks that consumers avoid using things like hairdryers or dishwashers between the hours the hours of 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. when energy demands are the highest.


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  1. D K Small says:

    Due to the triple digit temperatures over the summer many times news reports state 1. close blinds 2. turn off lights (the word “unnecessary” is not always included) and turn the thermostat up (the phrase “when your not home” is not always included).
    To whom ever is reporting PLEASE remember…There are many, many seniors that listen to the news cast and how seriously and scarey this is to them especially the thought of have rolling black outs.
    My Mom still lives alone and on a very small monthly social security check. She panic’s when she hears these reports,
    so due the advise on the news and from the power company, she closes her blinds, pulls the shades and closes the insulated curtains. Total Darkness! She lives alone, does not drive and lives in a different town from my sister and I. As any physiologist will tell you living in the dark will cause depression. Depression will cause you to want to stay in bed, sleep, etc. Living in the dark can cause a snow ball effect of many mental and physical disabilities, especially for the elderly.
    I would really like to bring this to your attention as well as the person from the power companies when advising the elderly and all people of reducing or keeping utilities expenses down. An elderly person who doesn’t drive and shut in is terrified at the though of not having any electricity. They fear falling in the dark, food spoiling, medical equipment not functioning that requiring electricity and not having the funds to replace any of it or the means to go elsewhere. Please keep these situation in mind when reporting or advising.

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