Dozens Of Neglected Animals Rescued In Van Zandt Co.

spca 1 Dozens Of Neglected Animals Rescued In Van Zandt Co.

A photo of some of the dogs rescued from a trailer in Van Zandt County on August 26, 2011. (credit: SPCA of Texas)

VAN ZANDT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – On Friday the SPCA of Texas seized more than 30 animals in Van Zandt County.

Law enforcement and animal rescuers found 35 dogs and one bird living inside a mobile home that had no air conditioning, a urine soaked wooden floor and was filled with feces. A number of the dogs were being kept outside in a pen that animal rescuers called filthy.

All of the animals, at the residence in Grand Saline, weren’t receiving proper food, water or care. Most, if not all, of the dogs are small mixed breed animals, seven of them puppies. The feathered creature is a lovebird.

Maura Davies, with the SPCA of Texas, told CBSDFW.COM that the family living in the trailer had simply gotten in over their heads and this definitely wasn’t “a puppy mill situation”.

Davies said she was told, “People had been dropping animals off [at the property] over the years and then they [those animals] were breeding.”

The family even thanked the SPCA for coming and taking the animals where they would be cared for.

Davies said she was told, the couple and their 19-year-old son often didn’t have food to feed themselves, yet they still went out to try and get food for the animals.

“That’s why there’s a community of people to help. We always encourage people to contact us, contact local law enforcement, if they see animal abuse. But in these hard times and hot weather we try to help out everybody… animals and people,” said Davies.

All of the dogs, which will be tested for mange, were suffering from eye discharge and had nails so long it was uncomfortable to walk.

All of the dogs and the bird were taken to the SPCA of Texas Animal Care Center in McKinney. The health of the animals is being attended to and they will be cared for until a court hearing set for September 2.

Click here to find out more on how you can help the thousands of animals rescued across North Texas or to find out more about the SPCA of Texas.


One Comment

  1. Erik Guerin says:

    You know, those dogs don’t look too unhealthy. The article reads like a ploy to get donations. Don’t see how this is news worthy. Nails too long to walk? really.

    1. 2sister says:

      You can’t tell everything about the dogs by just looking at a picture.

  2. Irina says:

    Sounds a little like Linda Miles of the SPCA Watertown wanting law enforcement to shoot some horses at a farm where she claimed the hooves were not trimmed and they needed to be destroyed. Fortunately the law enforcement person said if they could run fast enough to get away, that destoying them obviously was not necessary.. . The SPCA does do some good things, but do not believe they are there like they say to take unwanted animals.
    They charge you to take an animal from you “donation fee”. If you live in this area trying to deal w/all the dropped off felines, you are on your own. When I called them many times, I was told that they would not take any unless they had all their shots, were neueterd and/or spayed already. I have no doubt the individuals that were caring for these animals were good people and the SPCA could have helped them w/the animals WITHOUT trying to make it sound like they were terrible filthy people. I am sure they were overwhelmed. If SPCA is sincere, help people like this rather than trying to destroy them.

  3. Irish Cornaire says:

    @ Irina,
    Linda Miles is no longer with our Watertown SPCA and things have improved since she resigned,in fact they give me the food for our strays here in Watertown and the new director and I are gearing up to get a TNR program implemented here as well to stop the over reproduction of more cats,just thought ye should know.

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