Texas Supreme Court Upholds $5 Strip Club Fee

AUSTIN (AP) – The Texas Supreme Court has upheld a $5 entry fee for customers to strip clubs that serve alcohol.

Lower courts had ruled the fee an unconstitutional regulation of free speech. The Supreme Court brushed that aside with a unanimous opinion Friday, saying the fee is constitutional.

The court says the $5 fee is too small to create a burden on the expression of nude dancing.

State lawmakers created the so-called “pole tax” in 2007 to raise money for sexual assault prevention programs and health care for the uninsured. A coalition of strip clubs then sued to block the law.

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  1. darrell says:

    they could have made that tax $20.00 and you would still have trouble finding parking. men are allways going to go to these clubs to drink and watch and fantasize about the pretty young women. its not that they dont still love their wives, its just that after a few kids, 10 to 15 years and 40 or so pounds, sometimes it gets a little hard to fantasize and they need something to kinda get the old body worked up.

  2. Land says:

    More NOT conservatism from Texas “conservatives”. Taxing one little guy to give to another little guy. Who says conservatives don’t like wealth distribution?

  3. The bugger says:

    So it’s a pole tax!

  4. HAHA says:

    That picture of the guy at the base of the stage (index page) is classic. LOL. “I’ve bought a bucket of beers for $50, tipped her $100, and still can’t get an erection or a sense of purpose. G-dd-mn my life…”

  5. Captain Quirk says:

    Bad decision with poor reasoning. U.S. Chief Justice John Marshall famously said “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

    If a $5 tax is found to be legal (that is, not in violation of the Constitution), then why not a $50 tax? A $500 tax? Where do you draw the line? The Texas court is just plain wrong here, but that doesn’t surprise me. It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last.

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