Family of Frisco Man Blames Employer For Accidental Shooting Death

FRISCO – It was July 26 and Danny White of Plano had just left Children’s Medical Center after an interview with CBS 11. The interview was for a story about his daughter, Micaela White, who had leukemia and was clinging to life after a bone marrow transplant.

Danny returned to work immediately following the interview. That’s when his life took a turn for the worse. “There were no witnesses. Danny did not flee the scene,” said Dawn Rose. “He was holding my son’s head with a towel as the blood ran out of my son’s head.”

Dawn Rose lost her son, Dean Grimes, that day. The 45-year-old Frisco man was an employee for White’s printing supply business. White told police that he and Grimes were playing around with a gun when it went off. “My dad was a hunter. He’s not going to play with a gun,” said Grimes’ daughter, Megan Stevens. “He’s not an idiot,” she added.

Grimes’ family believes White was the only one playing with a gun that day. “Danny callously and recklessly took my son’s life away,” said Rose.

Despite the harsh words, the Grimes family believes the shooting was an accident. However, they also say it could have been avoided if not for White’s careless actions. “Accident or not, there’s a consequence for your actions. You get in trouble. I think justice should be done,” said a tearful Stevens.

The tragedy has only added to the pain suffered by both families. Since the shooting, White’s daughter, Micaela, died from her battle with leukemia and Grimes’ daughter recently postponed her wedding.

“Who can emotionally stand getting married? It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but not without the one person who is there to give you away, said Stevens. “I still don’t have a dad. I still don’t have a father in my life,” she added.

White has been indicted for manslaughter and faces up to 20 years in prison for the shooting death that took place inside his printing supply business in the 1600 block of Prudential Drive.

CBS 11 sent an e-mail to the White family for a response, but we did not hear back from them before the broadcast of our story.


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  1. darrell says:

    a truly sad series of events for both families. my sympathies to all and may each of you find peace that heaven holds them dear now.

  2. Rick McDaniel says:

    This was at best, a negligent homicide, according to the reports I have seen, and not an “accident”.

    There is still a question of whether intent was involved or not.

  3. Ryan G says:

    Miss ya Deano!!! Justice will be served!!! My prayers to you and your family,brother!

  4. YRofTexas says:

    Tragedy Tragedy Tragedy! All have suffered.
    Accidents do happen. Prison time for accidents may not be the answer with this situation because Mr. White lost his daughter, too. What would it TEACH him? All it would do is further drive the knife of pain into the heart of the White family. Prison is to teach and protect. Mr. White, no doubt, has learned a horrible lesson. Community service; speaking about careful management of firearms?
    Ms. Stevens needs to allow her pain to take its time to wane. Too soon for taking a life changing event (marriage); death of a loved one seems to fall within a 2 yr cycle…having holidays & family events to go 2 cycles helps the heart to heal and move forward. Putting off her wedding is small when it comes to the deaths of two innocent people – Mr. White’s daughter and Ms. Steven’s father.
    Both families need that healing; forgiveness needs to be applied so that all can heal. Need time, not revenge, not incarceration. Please just leave it to God. God heals all wounds.

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