North Texas Juror Tried To ‘Friend’ Defendant

FORT WORTH (CBS/AP) – A North Texas juror who was booted from a trial has been cited for contempt after trying to “friend” the defendant on Facebook.

Court records show 22-year-old Jonathan Hudson on July 19 was removed from the jury in a Tarrant County civil case. The trial, over a 2008 car wreck, proceeded with 11 jurors.

Hudson last week pleaded guilty to four counts of contempt and has been ordered to serve two days of community service.

Texas recently added specific language to jury instructions that bans jurors from discussing the case on social networking sites. Hudson had received those instructions.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Sunday that Hudson attorney Steve Gordon says his client “made a silly mistake.”

“I’ve never seen this before,” prosecutor Chris Ponder said in the report. “But I’m afraid this is a new reality as the technology is so ubiquitous that we’ll have these types of things occur.”

Further details on the trial were not immediately available.

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One Comment

  1. NiteNurse says:

    Facebook has caused so many problems since it’s invention. People waste tons of time at work oin it, they ruin their careers, marriages, and it causes crime. Zuckerberg should have to serve time in prison for inventing it.

    1. Sean says:

      Not sure if serious.

    2. Barry Howell says:

      If you’re being serious, then you’re a blithering idiot. The INTERNET you’re on right now is WHY facebook exists. But if you’re being sarcastic, then PROPS to you. =)

      1. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

        NiteNurse is obviously an affirmative action hire. Typical stupid liberal. Blame the inanimate object, not the person committing the action. She’s (or he, probably) is still holding out for hope and change.

      2. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson V says:

        Jackson number 4 is obviously an inbred hillbilly whose dad didn’t want his son growing up as an individual with his own identity, hence number 4. Typical idiot conservative. Blame technology and science, not the North Texan who can’t keep his hormones in his pants. He is praying to God because he’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take having a Black man as President anymore.

      3. Jack Cordero says:

        Looks like lots of idiots love FB to actually attack another person who sees its flaws in this messed up society. I thank Barry and Sean for the lovely reminder of how right is “NiteNurse”.

    3. JoanFreedman says:

      NiteNurse can say whatever he or she wants. I am glad social networking is bringing out the idiots..posting all kinds of negative and hateful remarks will follow people as well. Just a matter of time. hahahaahahaa

    4. U. Twit says:

      People waste tons of time on Facebook? Kind of like how some pathetic people comment on every g-dd-mn news story on CBS11 EVERY DAY, NiteNurse? Look in the mirror, you colossal twit. Shut up and GO AWAY, moron! God forbid anyone I care about should ever get medical care from someone as ret@rded as you.

      1. SmilinTed says:

        The scalded dog yelps the loudest.

      2. DDT says:

        Well, I hope if I’m ever scalded, I’m not treated by NiteNurse. 😉

      3. Tuana says:

        Uhm, guys, it’s just facebook. It’s sad that you all feel so threatened by someone speaking about it. Perhaps you are addicted yourself?

      4. U. Twit says:

        Sorry, Tuana, not on Facebook.

    5. Tracy says:

      Oh come on!!…..what about personal responsibility?? Facebook has also brought families together, provided adopted children to find their parents, and likewise….enabled friends and families to keep in touch that are on different continents, the list goes on.
      What a dumb remark that Zuckerberg should spend time in jail…I guess Hershey’s exec’s should as well for creating all the fat people in the U.S….gimme a break!!

    6. NYC dad says:

      I don’t know about jail time, but no doubt social networking has caused problems ie: that woman missing in Aruba. It’s the go to sites for pedos, as witness the successful use by the Feds to do stings. In the end, IMO, good and bad will come from this. The sad part for me is kids going up faster. On the juror…sounds like a quick way to get off jury duty, so fines might be enacted in the future, which too is negative outcome.

  2. Deigo says:

    Zuckerberg should serve time for stealing it not inventing it.

  3. CK says:

    So, what crime did Zuckerberg commit? Anyone got a statute?

    1. Legal Eagle says:

      He didn’t commit a crime. There was no patented code or software. He stole, that’s for sure (IMO), but it was disputed intellectual property with no provable ownership. That kind of theft is typically punishable via a civil court in the way of monetary damages, not criminal courts and prison, although the latter is not totally unheard of.

  4. Jim says:

    Wow. It takes a special kind of idiot to Friend a Defendant on trial.

    Probably was one of the defense attorney’s first picks.

  5. Tyrone says:

    Look at the bright side. Jonathan Hudson is clearly too stupid to serve on jury. Glad he got booted.

    1. Dan says:

      Good point.

  6. The Clintidote says:

    “I’ve never seen this before,” prosecutor Chris Ponder said in the report.

    He’s never seen stupidity before? Hard to believe.

  7. Bob Kutz says:

    Just a guess; defendant was a cute little 20 something blond girl who wrecked her mustang convertible.

    Not sure how you prevent 20 something year old boys from trying to hook up with 20 something year old girls by whatever means is available and in contradiction to any explicit instructions.

    Could be wrong. Bet I’m not.

    1. Sebastian X. says:

      The jury members shouldn’t even be talking to the defendant. What, is she the only 20 year old girl in town? Bunch of hillbillies.

  8. JoeFriday says:

    Exactly what I was thinking, Bob.

  9. NowListenUp says:

    Facebook and Twitter need to go. For every bit of good, there is twice as much evil spawned from this technology.. The world was better off before their arrival.

  10. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    This intellectual giant Jonathan Hudson should be thrown in jail for being as dumb as a fossilized turd.

  11. AN says:

    If it wasn’t for Facebook and Twitter Egypt would still be run by a dictator instead of moving towards democracy. Syria and Libya are following as well. It is only us Americans that use this technology to waste time.

    1. Allen says:

      I think you meant to say that if it wasn’t for Facebook and Twitter, Egypt would still be run by a dictator who was moderately friendly to the US and the West instead of the mob known as the Muslim brotherhood that is working to destroy Israel and implement Sharia law throughout Egypt.

      1. Noo Yawkah says:

        AN is just further proof that idiots run rampant on the internet. Moving towards democracy. What a total fool.

  12. Phil Mckracken says:

    Here is his facebook profile –


  13. HTX says:

    dude just probably wanted to get out of being on jury duty… success!

  14. Journalists are clueless says:

    What a pathetic article. What were the four counts of contempt for? I think I know what one was. What where the others? Was the guy booted from the jury for trying to “friend” the defendant or for some other reason? I hope the writer of this “article” is a jr high volunteer worker. If not, they should be demoted to toilet cleaning.

  15. Testerman says:

    NiteNurse, Facebook isn’t the problem. It’s just the fact that people don’t use common sense. Don’t air your dirty laundry to the public. Don’t give away personal information. Don’t do anything that might incriminate you. I could go on and on but you get the point. If Facebook is such a problem for businesses, they can block the website to keep users off of it. Also, if people would actually do their work and not waste time, then they wouldn’t worry about losing their job. However, most just want to get a paycheck while learning about what their buddy is up to. I know of people that work for the government and spend most of their day of Facebook. It ticks me off. I work for a business where I could access my Facebook anytime, but I realize that I have plenty of time to use Facebook whenever I get off from work. When I work, I do what I’m supposed to do so I can continue to draw that paycheck. Jobs are too hard to come by these days. If you’ve got a good job, you do your job and don’t mess around on Facebook.

  16. Phil Mckracken says:

    He appears to be a drug-addled slacker. No rocket-scientist there. The bong hits have left their mark in young Jonathan Hudson.

    Jonathan Hudson – Dumb as a Rock (Hudson)

  17. C Bauer says:

    Jurors are idiots. Not people summoned for jury duty, but those CHOSEN to be jurors. Why? They’re either old and senile, or stupid, or unemployed (big majority of them), or insane, or a combination of one or more of the prior.

    Why does the general public get outraged from time to time on the outcomes of well-publicizes cases? Because jurors are as dumb as a box of hammers.

    1. C Bauer says:

      Well-PUBLICIZED cases. The kids are driving me crazy tonight. Oy.

  18. cgb says:

    Any body else see something wrong with only 2 days of community service? Wow, now there is an incentive for not breaking the law. Not saying he sould serve hard time, but come on, 2 days??

  19. keith says:

    so others commit contempt of court and get thrown in a cell, yet this guy gets 2 days of community service for four counts of contempt. Yeah that’ll stop him from doing that again

  20. Rod Anders says:

    So, did Jonny get any? Was she worth it?

  21. Sebastian X. says:

    Facebook has nothing to do with this. Typical oldschool media. FB was just a medium. 10 years ago he would’ve asked for (her) number.

  22. John Cowan says:

    Hi, I’m stupid is the first thing they look for in jury selection. The second is, I’m gay, and they third is, I hate whitey!

  23. Van Wehrle says:

    What’s up with the remarks calling young men hillbillies because they like sex with cute women? lol, that’s a strange insult considering most of the negative fall out of getting your groove on just happens to be overwhelmingly a product of the negro sub cultures. Crime, illegitimacy, abortions, fatherless homes, “flash mobs”, etc.

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