Ennis ISD Teacher Tests Positive For Tuberculosis

ENNIS (AP) – A teacher in a Dallas-area school district has tested positive for tuberculosis.

The Ennis Independent School District says a letter will be sent to a group of high school students and their parents to help identify potential contacts.

A district statement, released Monday night, says free screenings will be done Sept. 14 at Ennis High School, which is the only campus affected by the notice. Medical care will be provided to anyone who may have been exposed to the educator.

Further details on the teacher haven’t been released. The district says the risk of exposure and infection to the general campus population is extremely low.

Classes began Aug. 22.

Experts say TB is spread through the air. The disease, if not properly treated, can be deadly.

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  1. darrell says:

    they sure are downplaying this gift from mexico.

  2. Linda says:

    I contracted TB on 2 years ago and almost died. People need to take this illness alot more serious. I gave Latent TB to my husband. TB is the number one most misdiagnosed disease there is and its all around us. I was misdiagnosed three times and that gave the bacteria time to eat cavities in my lung. Now I’m a voice for people with TB or survivors. People need to be more educated about this illness, a chest ex-ray needs to be performed immediatley if someone has been coughing over 2 weeks.

    1. YRofTexas says:

      Ew! I had been fighting a cold that I got on August 13th, and treated with Vitamin C and Cold-Eze. I was coughing some flem for a few days, then since about the 18th or so, just a dry cough continues. I figured it was from the very low humidity (40%) than we were having and additional pollen influxes to the area. And I do believe that I have damaged lungs from the Summer of 1980 (our original long heat wave), when I was moving to Denison, and I was in extreme heat and cleaning the bathroom of my apartment with mixes of (yep!) chlorine and ammonia to some degree. I remember standing in front of the window A/C unit and breathing hard; having difficulty. Then in 1991, at a party at work, I found that I could not blow up balloons; have -0- lung strength. So, maybe I’m an ideal candidate? Yipes!!!

      Linda, do I seem primed for TB? Could I be harboring lots of damage and not be aware? I’ve seen doctors over the years, had MRI’s done for various things, but never anyone “looking” for lung damage. What is your advice?

  3. darrell says:

    TB has spread so fast across america because of the mass influx of illegal hispanic insurgents. it was allmost defeated in this country.

  4. EISD Employee says:

    .A student at Ennis HS has already tested positive for TB. The teacher has ACTIVE TB. Yet EISD will only test students that were in the teacher’s class, they didn’t mention that in their press release.

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