chopper fish kill 1 Grapevine Seeing Large Numbers Of Dead Fish At Lake

Thousands of dead fish showed up in Lake Grapevine the weekend prior to Labor Day.

GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – Just days before Labor Day weekend Lake Grapevine has had a massive fish kill.

Thousands of dead fish dot the lake’s shoreline, and floating atop the water.

“It was biblical, it was really weird,” said Michael Ott, who keeps his boat at Silver Lake Marina on the southeast side of the lake. “Just walk up and found all these fish floating around, it was really strange.”

Ott noticed fish of all species and sizes grouped around boat slips and washed up along the shoreline, when he came to get his boat ready for the holiday weekend.

“I saw catfish, alligator gar, bass,” he explained, “fish that usually compete with each other for food, they were all congregating in the same area trying to get air.”

The Texas Parks and Wildlife surveyed the lake Tuesday afternoon to determine how many fish were killed. Biologists believe low levels of oxygen in the water caused the fish to die.

“This summer has been so hot we’ve seen problems with dissolved oxygen,” said fisheries biologist Tom Hungerford. “Water is an interesting medium, the hotter it gets the less oxygen it’s capable of holding.”

While state officials don’t think the fish kill will have long-lasting impacts on the lake’s natural ecosystem, Ott hopes it won’t have any impact on his weekend plans either.

“I feel bad for the fish. It’s sad to see, even though it’s Mother Nature’s gig, it’s still tough to see,” he said. “Hopefully the fish will be used for something useful and then cleaned up for the kids to come enjoy the lake.”