Dallas Zoo Gorilla Dies After Medical Procedure

dallas zoo img 8959 timbo Dallas Zoo Gorilla Dies After Medical Procedure

'Timbo' the gorilla at the Dallas Zoo. (credit: Dallas Zoological Society/Cathy Burkey)

DALLAS (AP) – The Dallas Zoo says a 49-year-old gorilla named Timbo has died after failing to awaken from anesthesia.

The zoo said Wednesday that Timbo died Tuesday after undergoing dental work and a follow-up to 2009 cataract surgery.

John Fried, who supervises gorilla keepers at the zoo, says Timbo was “a beautiful soul” who loved to watch visitors, especially children and babies.

She was the oldest of the zoo’s great apes. The Dallas Zoo now has three gorillas: 9-year-old Juba, 8-year-old B’wenzi, and 20-year-old Patrick.

The zoo says gorillas rarely live past 50.

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One Comment

  1. TC says:

    Sweet Timbo – rest in peace

  2. Animal Lover says:

    If this Gorilla was at the end of her life, why put her at more risk with unnecessary procedures?

    1. Ptc Chandler says:

      I agree with this comment.

    2. schrodinger says:

      The dental procedure might have been justified if Timbo had problems with her teeth that prevented her from eating properly, or there was infection. If she was in pain from a dental condition, then ethically the zoo is bound to alleviate that pain. It was a calculated risk, certainly, but it’s very possible that the procedure was necessary to reduce suffering and increase quality of life, and/or to treat a pathology (cancer, periodontal disease, etc.). The cataract treatment might have been a secondary issue, “As long as she’s having X done under anesthesia, we might as well do Y while we have the chance… and not have to put her out a second time”. Makes good sense, esp. if the cataract follow-up was just a quick adjustment.

  3. Ptc Chandler says:

    Maybe we need to take a look at the vets. Seems like everytime an animal goes in for routine procedure, they come out dead.

    1. schrodinger says:

      Ptc Chandler, I know many veterinarians, and I would trust most of them with my health care WAY before I’d trust a lot of the Parkland “physicians”.

    2. Chandler Bing says:

      HELLO?!!!! The GD thing was 49 years old!

  4. darrell says:

    i think an investigation into the proceedure, the anesthesiologist and the decision making process should be conducted. this would be a major mal-practice suit if it happened to a person, with possible charges of negligent homicide. death of this great ape, even at her age was avoidable.

    1. Bill Haley says:

      Meh, let’s think about this. It was an elderly gorilla with a medical condition such that the powers that be, after weighing the possible scenarios, chose to move forward. Given the current budget constraints of city zoos, I feel confident that unnecessary medical procedures are seldom, if ever, performed. Your eagerness for litigation and investigation is surely a sign of your compassion…but don’t let that compassion interfere with judgement. It is sad…but it was her time. Nearly 50 years in captivity? She’s in a far better place now. RIP.

    2. C Bauer says:

      HOMICIDE? It was an ANIMAL, dumba$$, not a human being. Jesus Effing Christ, this world is filled with morons!

      1. darrell says:

        C Bauer, you dumba$$, you obviously didnt understand the context of what i said. which was, if it had been human possible charges of negligent homicide might have been considered.
        thankyou mr. idiot.

      2. C Bauer says:

        Context?! There is no comparison here. You’re comparing apples to oranges. If it did happen to a human, MALPRACTICE would have been brought forth, and maybe negligent homicide (exceptionally rare). However, this happened to an animal, so why compare the two? Idiot.

      3. darrell says:

        i quote: “this would be a major mal-practice suit if it happened to a person, with possible charges of negligent homicide.” one sentence.

      4. C Bauer says:

        Right, but everyone KNOWS that, if it had happened to a person, but it DIDN’T. Are you suggesting the laws should be changed so gorillas are covered by homicide laws for humans? If your assertion is not that, then there was no reason to make the comparison. GET IT? Jesus, arguing with some of you twits on this web site is like talking to a box of hammers.

      5. Legal Eagle says:

        C Bauer, I totally understand what you’re saying. It makes perfect sense. Are you a lawyer, too, by chance?

      6. C Bauer says:

        Not yet. I left a very lucrative (but stressful) career in sales recently to pursue law school. I’m post-LSAT and applying to schools now. Nice guess, by the way!

      7. Legal Eagle says:

        Good luck on the applications. Did you get your LSAT score yet? If so, what did you make?

      8. Legal Eagle says:

        Wow. You’re not going to need luck. Did you know of the 150,000 or so people who take the test annually, only 2% hit 170? 180 happens, but it’s virtually impossible.

      9. C Bauer says:

        In my best Johnny Carson voice: I did not know that. That is weird wild stuff. 😉

      10. darrell says:

        LOL. its pointless to argue with anyone who makes a career arguing with everyone. right or wrong have no meaning its all about winning the arguement.

  5. schrodinger says:



    June 10, 2011 Zoo officials on Thursday announced the death of a 19-year-old big cat named Paul.

    Veterinarian Tim Storms says the tiger had undergone a routine medical procedure Wednesday, but never recovered from the anesthesia. Storms also says the tiger suffered from age-related complications.

  6. sadiedog says:

    there should be a total investigation. one of our county commissioners relatives has died

  7. Legal Eagle says:

    Good luck on the applications. Did you get your LSAT score yet? If so, what did you make?

  8. Legal Eagle says:

    Good luck on the applications. Did you get your LSAT results yet? If so, what did you make?

    1. Legal Eagle says:

      C BAUER: OH, THERE’S my reply to you. Let me try one more time and see if it goes under your last response.

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