Influx Of Football Fans Means Big Money For Businesses

By Selena Hernandez, CBS 11 News

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – More than 85,000 college football fans are in North Texas this weekend for the Cowboy Classic: A showdown at Cowboys Stadium featuring two nationally ranked teams, No. 4 LSU and No. 3 Oregon.

The fans are doing more than just cheering on their favorite team, they’re also rallying business in North Texas.

“It’s my first time here – it’s a lot of fun. We’re a little out numbered, but should be a great game,” Oregon fan Jack Bloom said.

These fans brought more than just their enthusiasm for their team – they also brought their spending power, and every single one of them is spending money, bolstering area economies.

“Just visiting all the sights in Dallas, seeing McKinney Avenue, Fort Worth, Arlington. It’s such a cool city. We’re excited to be here,” LSU fan Trista Carmouche said.

Brendan Banks lives in North Texas, but he’s hosting friends from his home state of Louisiana.

“We’ve gone downtown and bars here in Arlington. Everybody’s excited about the stadium – that’s the big thing,” Banks said.

Fans who weren’t able to make it to Cowboys Stadium, found a welcome table at bars and restaurants in Arlington.

“Bottom line – we’re making a lot of money and having a good time,” Assistant General Manager of Humperdinks, Shane McIntosh said.

“It’s a great holiday weekend because normally that day is slow and quiet so we’re definitely looking forward to the good money we’ll make this weekend.”

Making it a win-win for both fans and businesses in North Texas.

“All these people are coming here to spend money, it’s great! It’s exciting – all this excitement – I enjoy it,” Banks said.


One Comment

  1. te says:

    It’s always about the money!!! Everything seems to be sized up by that. And we wonder why we are in such a sorry state where no one really care about anyone else.

    1. mac says:

      why else would you be in business? dont hate the players bud, hate the game.

    2. mac says:

      why else would you be in business?

  2. Patrick says:

    Thank god for professional sports. Now grown men and women don’t require exercise and they don’t participate in sports themselves if there’s no future in it. Fat sedentary Americans can live vicariously through athletes now until they have a heart attack and die.

  3. Rick McDaniel says:

    Those kinds of businesses aren’t good for the economy.

    They tend to be specialty, tend to be temporary, and tend to be transient.

    Sports does NOTHING for anyone but owners, coaches, and players. Ordinary people, who attend, waste their money, on something very temporary, and fleeting, when they could be using it for something far more beneficial.

    1. mac says:

      to bad this business has been in business for over 40 yrs. do your reseaech people are going to stop eating and going out? capitalism and owning your own is what its about. There has always been a place to purchase grog my friend.

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