ELGIN (CBSDFW.COM) – A shelter from the wildfires in Bastrop County has been set up in Elgin, but not for people.

The livestock arena in Elgin, just east of Austin, has become the temporary home for dozens of horses and other animals driven out by wildfires.

“We have cattle, we have some geese, we have goats, [and] we have all kinds of animals,” said Lorrie Phillips, who is president of a riding club and is running the shelter.

According to Phillips, there are some 20 trucks being used to pick up and evacuate animals. “We’re using our own trucks and trailers,” she said. “We’re organized and we’re sending rigs out as needed.”

Fires in the area moved quickly and had many animals in dire straights. “A lot of the horses coming in they were simply evacuated with nothing, not even a water bucket or a feed bucket.”

Phillips said she had been impressed with how members of the community have stepped up to donate time, money, hay and grain to the shelter. “We’re getting wonderful response from people. It’s amazing how in a desperate situation people go out of their way to come out and help.”

As it stands the shelter is housing 80 horses, 20 head of cattle and a number of other animals, but Phillips said no animal would be turned away.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s one or a thousand, we’ll take ‘em in. We’ll find place for ‘em if we gotta tied ‘em to a fence.”