City Leaders Knocking On Doors To Find School Dropouts

school desk 51916024 City Leaders Knocking On Doors To Find School Dropouts

Students work at their desks in front of the empty desk. (credit: Rabih Moghrabi/AFP/Getty Images)

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – This Saturday the Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington Independent School Districts will have city and school leaders out knocking on the doors of possible middle and high school dropouts.

The Fort Worth program to reduce high school dropout numbers is called Prevail 2 Graduation – in Dallas and Arlington, it’s Operation Graduation.

Prevail 2 Graduation will have the Fort Worth mayor and head of schools taking to the streets.

Fort Worth ISD spokesman Clint Bond said, “The interim superintendent, Walter Dansby, he is going to be accompanied by Mayor Betsy Price and [Fort Worth ISD] board trustee Christene Moss.”

With the goal of increasing Fort Worth graduation rates, during Saturday’s Stay-in-School Walk city leaders and volunteers have the chance to interact with individual family units.

“Take the opportunity to reach out to students who have already missed a day or more of school, since school started, and just impress upon them and their parents the importance of attending everyday,” said Bond.

The Fort Worth ISD door-to-door campaign and a recently held phone bank is the district’s way of stepping up attempts to contact as many non-enrolled students as possible.

“We sit down and call the numbers, last numbers that we’ve had for these students, and in many cases we’ve been able to reduce the [no show] numbers at schools significantly,” Bond said.

Not every student listed on the no-show lists has dropped out or is truant. Bond said that often when someone goes to a student’s house no one answers the door – with good reason. “Sometimes students move and they don’t tell us,” he said. “So, we just want to make sure that they’re in school.”

Of the 13 high schools in the Fort Worth ISD there are less than 300 dropouts, but the goal is to get the number lower.

For Arlington’s Operation Graduation walk, the message is simple, keeping kids in school is integral to their lifelong success.

Arlington hopes to make an impact on their home visits.  In an emailed press release, Arlington ISD’s Dropout Prevention Director Wendy Carrington said the visits “Are vital to show the students the support that is available to them.”

Volunteers will join Arlington superintendent Jerry McCoullough and Mayor Robert Cluck in the walk from 8 a.m. to noon, and all of the Arlington ISD high schools will be open until 1:00 p.m. to re-enroll students.

This is the fourth year that city leaders in Dallas will take part in the Operation Graduation initiative.

There, Mayor Mike Rawlings will be joined by Interim DISD Superintendent Alan King and DISD Board President Lew Blackburn walking through neighborhoods to talk with potential student dropouts.

Teams of other DISD volunteers will also be out canvassing neighborhoods and talking with students and parents.

If and when DISD students who haven’t been to school are located they will have the opportunity to sign up for school that same day. The majority of DISD middle and high schools will be open from 9 a.m. until Noon to accommodate students, previously listed as “no shows”, who want to enroll in class and return to school.


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  1. DDT says:

    NiteNurse probably has a few dropouts in the family. May want to check there. Right, loser?

    1. Rick F says:

      The link between German experimental psychology and the
      American educational system is through American psychologist
      G. Stanley Hall, in his time probably the foremost
      educational critic in the U.S….Hall spent six years in
      Germany…Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920), Professor of Philosophy
      at University of Leipzig, was undoubtedly the major
      influence on G. Stanley Hall. Modern education practice
      stems from Hegelian social theory combined with the
      experimental psychology of Wilhelm Wundt. Whereas Karl Marx
      and von Bismarck applied Hegelian theory to the political
      field, it was Wilhelm Wundt, influenced by Johann Herbart,
      who applied Hegel to education, which in turn, was picked up
      by Hall and John Dewey and modern educational theorists in
      the United States.

      Parents believe a child goes to school to learn skills
      to use in the adult world, but Dewey states specifically
      that education is “not a preparation for future living.” The
      Dewey educational system does not accept the role of
      developing a child’s talents but, contrarily, only to
      prepare the child to function as a unit in an organic
      whole – in blunt terms, a cog in the wheel of organic
      society. Whereas most Americans have moral values rooted in
      the individual, the values of the school system are rooted
      in the Hegelian concept of the State as the absolute…for
      Dewey man has not individual rights. Man exists only to
      serve the state.

      – Antony C. Sutton, former economics professor at
      California State University (LA)

      1. mel says:

        yeah, this is why black kids don’t go to school.

      2. Alex Storm says:

        What Mel Said, I did find it ironic that you Rick had some cut and paste stuffy professor of the system he was complaining about to quote. But professor Stuffy is right in saying that Schools don’t create a system that prepares students for life anymore.

        This knocking on doors thing is political, it makes the politicians look good and the schools get paid by the student. They then squander that money on things that do not lead to the education of the child, and overpay teachers (ya I said it teaching is a part time job with a full time paycheck) who probably can’t pass their own tests with out an answer key.

      3. Tasha says:

        Very interesting and erudite. Not sure that I agree totally. Most teachers do want to see kids develop their talents snf most will tell you we need far more vocational high schools and post high school programs that focus on job skills rather than academics. Its’s the nonteahcing socialiist bureaucrats and pols who insist on putting every kid into college prep programs, even though, in many urban areas, the vast majority come in to high school never having read a book and reading at less then a 4th grade level. Not to mention that over 80% cant even cut it in a junior college.

      4. Nicole Oualline Dupuy says:

        Exactly! That is why we liberated our three sons from the school system and are homeschooling them now. Best decision we ever made.

      5. Heike Seik says:

        I totally agree with you! I was born and raised in Germany. They taught us not to think for ourselves. The same thing is happening here in the USA. For that reason I home school my children. In Germany I would go to prison for keeping my kids out of the public school system.

      6. DanDaley says:

        Right. Notice that the author of the article says “…leaders and volunteers have the chance to interact with individual family units.”
        Probably without realizing it, he or she implicitly subordinates the “individual family unit” to an implied larger family unit…the state. Otherwise, why not just call them “families”?

      7. Robert Brooks says:

        “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our founding fathers, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity…It’s up to you teachers to make all of these sick children well by creating the international children of the future.”
        – Chester M. Pierce, Professor of Education at Harvard University, in an address to the Association for Childhood Education International, April 1972.

        “In our dreams, we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present educational conventions fade from our minds, and unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning, or of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, editors, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, statesmen, of whom we have an ample supply. The task we set before ourselves is a very simple as well as a very beautiful one, to train these people as we find them to a perfectly ideal life just where they are. So we will organize our children and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way, in the homes, in the shops, and on the farm.”
        – Occasional Letter Number 1, from the General Education Board Established by J.D. Rockefeller, with J.T. Gates and A. Carnegie as trustees. Letter penned by J.T. Gates

      8. George says:

        After reading the news piece I would have to agree with your reply. It is almost exactly like a description of the article word for word. I don’t think even the writer of the article realized how they articulating this report. You see more of this agenda in schools that require uniforms to eliminate any perception of personal and individual traits. Just be a cog in the meat grinder.
        There are two perceptions of beliefs.
        Either your a leader or a follower.
        Mine is. I was born alone, I’ll die alone. In the mean time I want to be left alone.

      9. GetTheFedOut says:

        I never bothered going to high school seeing how my middle school (Pompano Beach middle,FL) was more of a prison training camp then a school.One meal a day,hour in the yard,strict dress code,and endless remedial tasks with no relevance to anything. The entire administrative staff was made of ex-prison guards.If you spoke up and said something you were reprimanded for it.I soon realized that it didn’t matter if you had a two year college degree or a middle school education,you would only be able to get a minimum wage job. One of my coworkers had an 8year masters degree in psychology from the University of Miami,best job he could get would be high school guidance counselor so instead he worked as a stock boy at a local warehouse for the same pay, less stress.

        My point is that the drop out are usually intelligent enough to realize there wasting there time at these propaganda training facility,so they go and get on with there lives.Every one deserves a chances at a proper education but in this country the military industrial complex comes first.

    2. Karen Graham says:

      Why? Are they going to work for the Obama re-elction campaign?

    3. flfshrmn says:

      Stupid is as stupid does. Ignorant parent breed ignorant chldren and its not the business of the state to correct the problem. Leaving school or dropping out never entered my mind as a kid as it would not have been tolerated by my parents and would have been met with swift a$$ beating. Now days kids can tell their parents to go to hell and lie, cheat and steal. If the parents lay a hand on them its considered abuse and the adults are taken to jail……..that is the problem.

    4. Phil Better says:

      Hmmm….Black unemployment rate hovers at just above 16%. I’m sure this isn’t related though.

    5. Ken Christy says:

      This is good, but its nothing new. Here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas (on the MX border) the Pharr, San Juan Alamo school district has been doing a Countdown to Zero recovery walk for 4 years now.

      That, our CCTA High School and some other initiatives set up by Dr. Daniel King, Superintendent have cut our drop out rate dramatically.

  2. snapper says:

    How about denying government subsidies (public housing, food stamps, TANF, medicaid, etc.) to the parents? And an adult without a high school diploma should also be denied taxpayer-provided subsidies. Bet within 10 years the dropout problem would disappear.

    1. John Scott says:

      Right, just let them move onto the streets and panhandle so you can complain about that too. We need realistic solutions, thank you. And what is it with “blame the parents”? My mother had to hold a job to pay for my upbringing. She never knew when I skipped school because she was at work being a responsible mother. The school never told her when I skipped. If she was on food stamps or other govt benefits, should she really have been stripped of them? Think first, then opine.

      1. Alex Storm says:

        If she was stripped of them she sure as “heck” would have known you were not in school now wouldn’t she ?

      2. Jeff Campbell says:

        Well, since your Mom worked she was not on Welfare, so why the worries ?.

      3. Curtis says:

        As an educator, we spend good money after bad, chasing down those who do not want to be here. Its those students that create 90% of the classroom disruption problems. I have the right under the Texas Education Code to teach and their fellow student have a right to learn. I say give them and their parent the right to sign away their opportunity to free publis education. If they realize they can not get anywhere without a basic education then they have to pay tuition and fees.

      4. Retired SOF guy says:

        How about we all agree that a diploma is useful, but let’s not tie it to gov’t handouts. The better answer there is TO END THE GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS. Didn’t all of you with a high school diploma have a civics class that at least touched on our Founding Fathers and the Constitution? It’s not the government’s job to seize some of my assets to redistribute them to the lazy/unwilling to work.

    2. Bruce_Almty says:

      Exactly, any student that drops out of HS should be denied taxpayer money until such time they can show a diploma.

      1. Randal W. Howard says:

        But they can CONTRIBUTE as a ‘Taxpayer’? Sorry, but it doesn’t wash.

        I’m 75 years old, and droped out of H.S. at 16. Accademics simply is NOT for me, and never was. I never even applied for a G.E.D., and certainly did not go ‘Back To School’. I am a Broadcast Tech., and I can repaiir and maintain broadcast facilities, including A.M Directionals. I currently take care of a 6 tower array. I can make it work. I coud not design one, but I have no need to. Should a new one be needed, there are people who CAN, and do, and do it for a living. I’ve supported myself in this industry for 51 years.


      2. Bob Duccaone says:


        You may not have a formal education, but you’re bright, motivated, and curious. That is far more important than a piece of paper from some institution.

    3. Tom says:

      Call the parents at work when student is truant. Have them come down to school so student can be allowed back in class.

      This will force parents to be involved in their kids school lives. They will find out by the risk of loosing their job that their employer does not want to be involved in their students truancy.

      1. Dirty says:

        Tom you are a dumb person. So the parent loses the job and then you and I will pay for this stupid solution that you are stressing. Stop being stuck on stupid.

      2. Retired SOF guy says:

        Uh, most of the parents of the dropouts don’t work either. It’s this cycle of dependency on the government, typically augmented/exacerbated by out-of-wedlock kids and a welfare system that promotes that. Your sentiment and desire to solve the problem are admirable, but the root of the problem is the subsidizing of irresponsible behavior by an over-reaching government, where the government now assumes the responsibility.

    4. Nathan J Kerr says:

      I am stealing this. That is an excellent idea. Since government is stepping in and being daddy to all these kids born out-of-wedlock and on welfare, then government can start forcing moms to be disciplinarians in exchange for their food, housing, and medical money.

    5. freecgeese says:

      day bez nokin on doughs ta fine ‘dem chillins? dont bez lukin fo dair momma and daddy, cuz day dont no each udder. da chillins kin bez found on da street korners sellin smack, not at mommas crib.
      dis is not a social problem, it bez a culutural problem. maybie if day kuld be sent to da NBA day wuld hav a chanc. ya dont hafta be smarts to play bassitball.

      1. Allen Ross says:

        Ha! Exactly correct! I laughed at this post and then felt a tinge of guilt. Know what I’m sayin?

    6. Tasha says:

      Note that is is TAXPAYER PAID FOR SUBSIDIES.

    7. Troy G. says:

      That would be great snapper! But as a small business owner who left school in 11th grade will i be getting all my taxes back? i have no problem paying my own way but give me my social security taxes, federal taxes and all future taxes back So i can stopping carrying all these free loaders. In fact we should repeal all well fare programs its not the federal governments job to take care of us. Everyone has a different story The System is broken start over! Epic Fail! We are know as the food stamp nation! Its getting worse folks. Keep voting red and blue, As the dollar crashes so does the American Dream.

  3. Crisis says:

    I Have A Son He A Drop Out And I Turned Around To Send To Boot Camp They Sent To San Marcus In 2007 My Son To His Self Out Of School & Never Went Back So There Our Drop Out’s Adults In The Dallas Area & My Son IS One Of Them I SOmetime He Would Go Back Into School But HE Won’t If He Ain’t Desire Himself To Go Back Whats Makes Ppl Think They Can Make Them Return Back To School That Gonna Be Pretty Hard I’ll Say

    1. NooYawkah says:

      Hence the frequent use of the phrase “Know whut I’m sayin’?”

    2. Richard Henkle says:

      umm, you need to lay off the shift key, and you should probably go back to school too. Damn!

      Let me see if I can help you out:
      I have a son, and he dropped out. I turned around and sent him to boot camp, they in turn sent him to San Marcus in 2007. My son took himself out of school and never went back. This is where our adult dropouts, of which my son is included, in the Dallas area are coming from. I sometimes [wish] he would go back to school, but he won’t since he has no desire to do so. What makes people think they can make someone go back to school? I would say that would be pretty hard.

      1. Susan says:

        Richard Henkle: Clearly the original poster needs help with grammar. However, although your help might be appreciated, you probably should study up on YOUR English grammar before you pretend to be an authority on the subject. Your first sentence is a run-on. Your second sentence is a comma splice. Your third sentence improperly uses the objective case in the subject. Your fourth sentence ends with a preposition. Your fifth and sixth sentences look okay and your last sentence could be improved by rephrasing without the use of the phrase “I would say.” Well, 2 sentences out of 6 is okay, but it’s it is only 33%, so that would still be a fail in English grammar.

      2. Strontium_Steph says:

        You my friend, are a tad bit of an @sshole. Learn some respect, and grow up please =)

        … and THAT is coming from a 19 year old. Doesn’t that make you feel childish?

      3. john says:

        Actually Susan, the fourth sentence is fine. The sentence would not work without the prepositon. It is not extraneous.

      4. john says:

        Never mind, it is extraneous. I read the wrong sentence. Oh well.

      5. Chuck Curry says:

        Richard and Susan,

        It’s notable that despite Crisis’ evident handicap, you still knew exactly what (s)he was trying to say. This makes your sanctimonious rescue a bit arrogant, Richard, and Susan’s subsequent criticism of it even more so. The simple fact is, that both Crisis and his/her son could probably communicate just fine verbally in today’s workplace, and with an added bonus of being a conscientious person, rather than a self-aggrandizing twit, they would probably be more than capable of managing the McDonald’s your English credentials qualify you to work for. Now, if you would, please correct any errors you find in the foregoing…The world is safer with you doing that, than driving out on the freeway.

    3. Nathan J Kerr says:

      Where is his father to force him?

      1. Me says:

        You mean the “Momma baby daddy”? On the corner, selling crack………or already in prison.

  4. Roger Sunderlin says:

    why go to school.the government will provide for you from birth to grave.

    1. HansJurgen says:

      You’ve misspelled “‘government” – it should be “gooberMINT” since it’s a bunch of idiots that keep spending and printing money that we can’t pay back!

      1. teresa says:

        *Tsk* On, no! let’s not get peanuts and mint involved in this garbage!

  5. HansJurgen says:

    Knock on the White House door – I’m pretty sure there’s a school drop-out or an idiot running this country. He’s certainly proven himself to be a drop-out and we hope he drops out of the White House before 2012!!!

    1. DanDaley says:

      He didn’t drop out. He did get straight Ds, though. Prove me wrong.

      1. cfasting says:

        Why is the burden to prove you wrong? Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence…we’re waiting.

      2. Retired SOF guy says:

        He didn’t drop out. With all the affirmative action and special dispensation to help blacks, he got into an ivy league school. Could he have gotten in on his own merits? We’ll never know. Affirmative Action–it had its place for a little while to jumpstart the enactment of the civil rights act, but now it’s an albatross.

  6. mark edward marchiafava says:

    Ah, the police state in another form. Land of the free? LOL, only in your dreams.

  7. VinceinTyler says:

    ““Take the opportunity to reach out to students who have already missed a day or more of school, since school started, and just impress upon them and their parents the importance of attending everyday,” said Bond.”

    This isn’t a sentence, much less a paragraph. The words are “every day” not “everyday”. Did the story writer drop out? If not, obviously mastering the language wasn’t a high priority for the DFW CBS local news. Either way, it is fairly hypocritical of this station to report this story this badly.

    1. SWeaver says:

      Actually, this is a valid sentence. “Bond” is the subject and “said” is the verb. It equivalent to “‘Go!”, said Johnny” in sentence form. I do agree that “everyday” should be “every day”.

    2. C Bauer says:

      Being the grammar and spelling Nazi here, I can tell you it does not need to be a complete sentence if it is a quotation. However, you are correct about the “everyday” versus “every day” issue.

    3. VinceinTyler says:

      You’re right. I was wrong about the partial sentence. Thanks for the schooling! Sadly, I really wasn’t the one who needed it.

  8. jnobfan says:

    The real reason is they get less money if their is less kids going to school.

    1. Bruce_Almty says:

      That’s why they want all the illegals they can get in school….more federal money.

  9. ETEE says:

    Has nothing to do with Edumacation. Its all about the Benjamins!!! The School District loses serious Federal Dollars for each of dem ‘po chillun not in the classroom. How’s a Superintendent gonna’ pay them NEA Union Teachers pensions with decreased income from our “Federal Family”???

    1. Tasha says:

      How about those massiave sicx figure plus bonuses administrators salaries? Don’t bash the teachers who are making 1/2 to 1/10 as much.

  10. Lee White says:

    You’re exactly right, ETEE. It’s all about headcount. That’s why there are so many of these truancy sweeps going on around the country. The city where I live — Concord, California — even passed a DAYTIME curfew in an effort to keep anchor babies from skipping school. They say it’s to cut down on the crime rate, but the real reason is, the teachers’ union put the mayor and city council in office with campaign contributions.

  11. Alvin Marcott says:

    just be careful… drop outs have a tenancy to become violent

    1. DDT says:

      a TENANCY? LOL.

    2. me says:

      I woulld rather build more prisons/zooa to hold the animals than waste time and money in a effort trying to salvage them. I KNOW the prison is going to keep me safe from them.

  12. Paul Begala says:

    The solutions is simple, been around for ages and PROVEN to work. The sad part is that Americans are too neutered and feminized to embrace the concept. It’s called individual responsibility. Stop ALL government payments to people. No more welfare. No more food stamps. No more government handouts for people too stupid and/or lazy to work. Then you’ll see kids staying in school…..

    1. Het You! says:

      Yes, Paul, you’re correct. The “vote-for-me” payments are syphoning tax money into the wrong places.

      It’s a wonder so many stay in school as it is. The benefits go to teachers who get paid for being in school; there is precious few benefits for those who are forced by law to partake of the schooling (that is, “Indoctrination”). Where did apprentice programs go? Apprentice programs built skills as opposed to the stuff that is presented in many, if not all, schools.

  13. Jeff says:

    They are Probably rushing to get into our labor market! Taking all of our jobs 🙂

    1. South Park says:

      They’re takin’ our JEEEEEEEEBS!

  14. Cathy Kowitz says:

    The problem is, these kids drop out because they can’t keep up in class, for whatever reason. Then, the authorities get them back into school, put them in the same situation as before, and they drop out again. Students who miss several days of school (or weeks), will never catch up in a traditional class room setting. It is not fair to them, nor those who attend daily, to put these students in the same class.
    Everyone suffers.

  15. teresa says:

    If they miss that much school, they’re free to repeat a grade.

    1. Alex Storm says:

      OH NO THEY’RE NOT ! It makes the school look bad. I know of adopted children who’s new parents demanded their child, who started school at age 12 due idiot birth parents, be held back, the school would not do it, now they now have to pay for private schools that will hold their childdn back.

      Ironically this student being adopted thru a state agency gets all expenses paid for college (that he will never see the inside of)

  16. Will Harris says:

    High school is the delayed adult entry program. I dropped out of high school in favor of Job Corps when I was 16. I earned my GED and went into the Navy 4 years. Recently I took an English 111 class which was taught by a woman with a Masters Degree in linguistics. She had also dropped out of high school and earned a GED. My oldest sister who had attended job corps along with me, earned her GED. She now has a 4 year degree earned after she got out of the Air Force. Learning is life long and interests changes throughout. If I could go back in time, I would have dropped out sooner and sought work as a mechanic’s helper and would have made myself far less a stranger to the local public library during my off hours.

    1. Jerry says:

      Will, I understand your situation. Nowadays, the high schools have turned into sewers and it is difficult to learn. At least you went into the military, got disciplined and had a strond desire to learn. I commend you.

  17. Rusty says:

    Let me guess, they come from black, single parent, welfare families, Obama’s ideal voter demographic. Nothing will change until black slavery is abolished. Welfare is killing the black community as is unemployment, lack of education, and a sense of utter hopelessness. Putting folks on the public dole is nothing more than government sanctioned slavery.

    1. mel says:

      Africa doesn’t have government welfare- what’s going on there?

      1. Jerry says:

        Africans either farm or learn. Either way, they belive in hard wok and self reliance. REAL Africans do not wait on handouts from thier white overseers.

  18. Will Harris says:

    I wish the internet had existed when I was coming up and had found this guy’s site during that time:

  19. Joe the Pimpernel says:

    This ain’t about helping the dropouts.

    It’s about collecting the federal dollars they get when the kid shows up at school.

    1. TonySoprano says:

      I was going to say the same thing. Our whole educational system is corrupt.Its about giving Jobs to people who are unable to get gainful employment.

    2. len says:

      Ding! And we have a winner!

  20. jerry says:

    Typical drop out conversation with unwed mom:
    Mom: Hey, how school today go?
    Boy: Man, dats jive. I no go school!
    Mom: Ok, Baby. Can you go to da corner and get my crack from Jack?
    Boy: Yo, Momma. Be back in a snap! I gonna work po Jack and make a lotta dough!
    Mom: Youse sucha good boy!

    Now we send truant officers to get this young crack dealer back in school?!! Wonderful!!!

  21. Dr. DumbBunny says:

    They want the kids in school so they can collect the federal funds. It’s about the money honey, not the education, which they couldn’t really care less about improving.

  22. John Sheridan says:

    How DARE they try to evade the globalist master’s programming.

  23. SineQuaNon says:

    I wallowed in the horrible excuse for a “school” that the California system foisted upon me. I grew up, ed-ja-ma-kated myself, and earned a college degree in Texas. Even here the political slant under which the system operates is disgusting. Having heard the constant whining of both states’ teachers clamoring for the parents to “get involved” I attempted to do just that, BE INVOLVED with the education and growth of my children. And guess what……

    …..I was stonewalled, sidelined, and outright attacked for thinking they wished for what they demanded. THEY WANT PARENTS OUT of the ‘conditioning centers’ they DO NOT want you there!

    So my wife and I took the little ‘Federal/State Stimulus Packages’ away from them. Since that is EXACTLY what the saw in our CHILDREN. We knew it would be difficult (and COST US more money) but we now HOMESCHOOL our children.

    Our eldest will be completing High School and entering college next year….when most of the teens his age are just beginning their freshman year in ‘Babysitting High’. He is filled with joy and self confidence for the work (and it was work) that he will shortly be completing. Yet in a sense it was easy, for at home a HALF HOUR of WORK in ONE subject is more than a ‘pube-lik skool’ accomplishes with a single student in an entire WEEK


    1. SineQuaNon says:

      As my own spelling-nazi i would like to draw your attention to the thier/their errors above. Bad me, bad, bad, me.

    2. Tasha says:

      Years ago CA schools were excellent and some still are. Education is never done all in school–it’s impossible to get it all without studying, going over notes, reviewing and extneding the basics you are taught. A classroom is for the group and cannot develop every individual the way a tutor, homeschooling parent, or individual can.

  24. Tasha says:

    I guess that it’s betterfor them to be doing that than pestering teachers over stupid stuf. But what will work, cut off welfare payments and food stamps, so if you dont work, you don’t eat. To get them they must come back to school and either work as school aides or janitors or be students. Everyone wins.

  25. malcom says:

    How about going door to door looking for illegals????

    1. SouthernTransplant says:

      That would be profiling and we can’t do that can we?

    2. mojado says:


    3. vicky bennett says:

      What a fabulous idea malcom….. too bad neither party will ever do anything about our illegal problem.

  26. LaTreewellWashingtonJr says:

    Message from dropout to truant officer:

    Yo. You be nockin’ on my do’ I mite put a cap in yo ass!

  27. Essie M says:

    see this why you can’t give away everything for free……..then people expect it and they think that it will always be there……..this is the entitlement thinking……when you value something that you work for……then you appreciate….education is not a right but something offered if you want to accept it not expect it
    Time to get tough America and save the people!

    1. vicky bennett says:

      Its the “you owe me” mentality, retributions for what happend before the civil war…………………… we have new “slaves” the illegal immigrants…
      No retributions, and close our border

  28. Essie M says:

    you want something for nothing…….but if you are in trouble: then you beg for America’s best (those who have invested their lives to save) then you CRY for help why don’t you do SOMETHING for your freedom to be or live there La…..(you who make up a name)

  29. T Mark Adams says:

    Barely a day can go by without our hearing someting about schools.

  30. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken

  31. Michael D Baudry says:

    I am for all kids staying in school. However, some kids are not fit for college, so why try to make them “fit” a certain mould? Some kids will do better at VoTech schools. We need to engage this difference (6th grade) and gently direct kids in a path that is well suited for them.BUT never close the door for higher education for the kids…..
    The US Department of Education hinders real education/training of kids while promoting “revisionist history”, OCBE and political correctness.

  32. Hank Warren says:

    Useless bureacrats with nothing better to do, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  33. Sparkinator says:

    Can’t speak for Texas, but in Florida “butts in seats” when attendance totals come out means more money for the schools from the state a fed. Whenever the school census is performed a ramp up to get these kids in school for a few days out of the year is the priority. The rest of the year who cares? Oh, and the funds plus our wonderful state lottery provides monies of which very little makes it to the schools.

  34. chris says:

    Get your a$$es back here, and get your liberal indoctrination!! How can our up and coming, union utopia, workers paradise prosper if we don’t continually crank out more and more non-thinking droids?

  35. Ricardoh says:

    Regardless of their motives it is a step in the right direction to get the dropouts back in school. Each kid they save is one potentially less welfare recipient.

  36. weewayne says:

    Coach O’Dell used to go find his players who were missing school, Carlsbad, NM 1958. Worked to, someone cared

  37. Ham Dinger says:


    Report on drop outs without reporting the dropout rate of the blacks and illegal aliens?

  38. Dustin Offdablowme says:

    Education would work to keep kids there if there was a tangible purpose. Education in the states, maybe the whole world, is so lopsided to pedagogic pud-pulling rote that it makes no sense. Why would ANYONE go through the challenge if there is no clear reward? The pressure of school is intense, and it only works when the kids believe there is something worth working for. Some believe, some see it, but others see easier ways through welfare and drug dealing or pornography, etc. Most of the current schooling is sickly, substandard garbage anyway. What was taught in HS in 1960 is now taught in “higher ed” as of 2010. The entire system is broken… money won’t fix it, btw, so f’ off, Dems and RINOs with the gimme-machine of liberal politics.

  39. Jack Woo says:

    If they wanna grow up to be losers, then let them!

  40. Mike Alright says:

    You will attend the mandatory indoctrination centers. You got it! Resistance is futile.

  41. Dmitri slym says:

    There is no point in going to school. You will be taken care of by the government. Our system is broken – why work?
    If you really want a good education, either pay way too much for a house in a good school district, or homeschool. Homeschooling works great!

    1. Buck O'Fama says:

      You’ll make it here, I can tell. I work with some former soviet block folk and they are sick to their stomachs watching Obama destroy the country.

  42. Eazylogin says:

    What if they move back to Caleeforneea or Mejico? I think the answer is more money, less racism, and more praise for our dear leader Hussein Obama. Allah Ackbar.

  43. Buck O'Fama says:

    Morons, check the union roster for city workers, it’s chock full.

  44. Matt says:

    Was the writer a dropout, too? He doesn’t know the difference between less than and fewer than.This is unfortunately the case with more and more Americans these days.

  45. jo says:

    no, no, no, they are down at the pool hall

  46. Jim Shores says:

    Ft. Worth schools are now promoting sexual perverts. I would drop out also. The young people see that Wall Street and politicians lie, cheat and steal to become wealthy. They don’t need what schools are teaching.

  47. GetTheFedOut says:

    I never bothered going to high school seeing how my middle school (Pompano Beach middle,FL) was more of a prison training camp then a school.One meal a day,hour in the yard,strict dress code,and endless remedial tasks with no relevance to anything. The entire administrative staff was made of ex-prison guards.If you spoke up and said something you were reprimanded for it.I soon realized that it didn’t matter if you had a two year college degree or a middle school education,you would only be able to get a minimum wage job. One of my coworkers had an 8year masters degree in psychology from the University of Miami,best job he could get would be high school guidance counselor so instead he worked as a stock boy at a local warehouse for the same pay, less stress.

    My point is that the drop out are usually intelligent enough to realize there wasting there time at these propaganda training facility,so they go and get on with there lives.Every one deserves a chances at a proper education but in this country the military industrial complex comes first, sad right.

  48. john says:

    did we ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe this is strictly about the money?
    afterall the more butts in the chairs the more money inthe bank!!

  49. b heistan says:

    Hello, The only people wanting these kids going to school is the Administration and Politicians. The teachers and other students don’t want them around.

  50. vicky bennett says:

    You are right. Lots of these kids make learning hell for others, so let hem drop out.
    You cannot force a kid to learn. Instead, if a kid doesn’t go to school HIS MOMS WELFARE GETS CUT OFF… that may work..

  51. levi says:

    if there are any currently enrolled high school students reading this article and comments, i recommend you drop out right now. Stop waisting your time. You’ve learned everything that a public education has to offer if you’ve made it to the 10th grade. Drop out and start life. Work whatever job you can get until you’ve raised enough money to leave the United States. Leave and never come back. Build a personal credo discovering the world in the way it was learned, not written. The people around you will never understand you, the people reading this will never understand it, but it’s important that you as a free human being build the life you want, not what you were given. If that brings you back to America, good, because you did upon your own free will. You accepted what you gave yourself and not by what was given to you.

    1. Tom Reynolds says:

      This comment made more sense than the rest of ’em combined. Well, that may be a hyperbole.

  52. fightmandatoryschool says:

    Hey High School Drop outs you are better off not being there. School is nothing but an arm of the Government to make you learn what they want. Leave, stay out and go educate yourself.

  53. pgb says:

    “… city leaders and volunteers have the chance to interact with individual family units.” What the bleep kind of sentence is that? What is the reporter doing referring to “individual family units”? That is puppet-of-the-state talk. What’s wrong with just saying “families”? When I was in journalism school, we were taught NOT to automatically parrot the words of authorities.

  54. clickron says:

    What difference does it make? The country is bankrupt and the economy will soon implode, they don’t have a chance anyway, why lie to them?

  55. vicky bennett says:

    Its too dangerous to go into some of these communites and knowck on the door! are they crazy or what?

    Even though our country (THANK YOU OBAMA) is bankrupt, the kids need a basic education for the future. We will ont always be in fnancial difficulty with the help of God.

  56. vicky bennett says:

    Sorry about the typo… that should say KNOCK…

  57. vicky bennett says:

    Its all about the money, not about the eduction as many have already said.

    The kids in the seats get counted, AND THAT SCHOOL GET GOV MONEY, so they need the seats filled.


Comments are closed.

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