KELLER (CBSDFW.COM) – A book about mystery solving teens is spooking some Keller Middle School parents, and it has nothing to do with meddling kids.

The book, Skeleton Creek, is a story about two teens who ignore their parents orders and run off into the woods to try and solve a haunting mystery.

The book’s website says it’s for students 10 and up, but the fact the students were reading it for a class is where the mystery began for many Keller parents.

It wasn’t until a permission slip allowing more reading came home that Mike and Jennifer Rudd knew what their 10-year-old was reading.

“We’re just looking at each other amazed she’d been subjected to this in a classroom setting” Jennifer Rudd said.

Keller ISD says only 2 to 3 classrooms have been reading the book in class, but the school agreed to let some students opt out.

But that solution has the Rudds concerned.  While most of the class is still in the same place, reading the same book, other students like their daughter are in another classroom, reading something completely different, and that doesn’t sit well with them. “We’re going to single her out, remove her from the classroom to make a bigger spectacle of,” said Rudd.

In a statement to CBS 11, the district said “Parents of 5th grade students will be invited to preview instruction resources prior to their use in the classroom,” but said there were no plans to remove the book as it’s already being read in class.

The district has a process to review and reconsider books for classroom use, but no formal appeal has been filed for the Skeleton Creek series.