Sheriff’s: Inmate Ran Drug Ring From Hunt County Jail

HUNT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – There’s nothing unusual about law enforcement officials investigating a suspected drug ring, but officials in Hunt County soon learned the illegal enterprise under the microscope was as being run out of their own jail.

The investigation began in April when Greenville police officers arrested Bobby Evens on charges of Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Violation of Parole and Child Endangerment.

After Evens was booked into jail a corrections employee noticed the man was having a lot of interaction with another Hunt County Corrections employee. That guard was Evens’s estranged wife, Veda Evens.

Hunt County Sheriff’s Office officials began watching the pair and monitoring Evens’s mail and phone calls. The surveillance led deputies to believe there was illegal activity happening, from behind bars.

“Based on the intelligence gathered, specially trained corrections employees suspected that Evens was continuing his suspected narcotics trafficking organization out of our jail,” said Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks.

Greenville police and federal authorities were called into the investigation, which ended Wednesday with the arrest of some 20 people from across Hunt County.

“Whether it is a known drug dealer or one of my own employees, I will never give up this ongoing battle to combat illegal drugs in Hunt County,” Meeks said, in a press release issued Wednesday.

Hunt County officials said Veda Evens is no longer a Hunt County jailer and at no point was assigned as her estranged husband’s guard. “She’d been there about nine months,” said Meeks. “She was terminated on a different matter about three months ago.”

Both are among the suspects facing charges associated with the suspected drug ring. Meeks said Veda Evens arrest means, “She’s being booked into the jail where she used to work.”


One Comment

  1. LPT982003 says:

    What a load! If law enforcement and the court systems weren’t making a bundle from property seizures, there would be a lot less drug traffic. They allow it to continue because its big profits for the “system.” We’ve all seen and even reported obvious drug traffic only to see nothing done for months, sometimes years while they find the big money man. In a war, you have to eliminate the head and the tail, the suppliers and the dealers. Lock up all the little dealers and pushers as soon as they get started and the big guy has no one to peddle the product. Of course, then the property seizures go away for the government agencies. Think I’m wrong? Just follow the $$$$ !!

  2. PT says:

    Duh. Like this isn’t anything new. Look at what’s going on in the prison system.

  3. Jo Denny says:

    Wow, You have to admit the dude has got a good business sense.

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