Three Sanitation Workers Honored For Saving Boy From Attacking Dogs

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Three Dallas sanitation workers have been hailed as heroes by the city for something that goes far beyond collecting trash.

An eight-year-old boy owes his life to them after the men interrupted a vicious dog attack during a walk home from school on Wednesday.

Shannon Craig has bites cut and bruises that cover his young body.  But the eight-year-old is old enough to realize how lucky he is.

The three sanitation workers, Larry Jones, Steve Thurman and Douglas Rochelle, were near the end of their shift on Wednesday afternoon when they noticed something unusual in this Oak Cliff neighborhood.

“I told my driver Steve ‘I see some dogs, like they’re tearing up some trash bags.'” said Jones.  They soon realized two pit bulls were attacking a child.  “The closer we got the more determined we was to get there.”

Shannon admits he was taunting the dogs behind a fence but unaware they could get out. “They started biting me and dragging me down the street.”

The three men say the boy appeared to be limp and had no fight left in him when the dogs dragged him down this alley and almost out of their sight.  The men tried to fight the pit bulls and used a pitchfork to free the boy.  “We knew that the dogs were vicious but we had to do something to get the dogs off the boy,” said Thurman.

The men eventually drove off the dogs which were later impounded and carried the injured boy into their truck.  “If we hadn’t gotten there when we did we feel like those dogs were going to drag that little boy into the alley and eat him,” said Rochelle.

Shannon’s grandmother, Lorecie Craig, says the men were there at that time for a reason.  “Seems like it was destiny kind of that they were there and no one else was there and I’m really appreciative of them saving my grandson’s life.”

Shannon is recovering at home while waiting for rabies testing on the dogs.

City officials say the sanitation crew will be honored for their actions.  But the three men say their reward is hearing ‘thank you for saving me’ from one grateful child.


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  1. Mr. Sensitive says:

    Near-Darwin Award Lesson Of The Day: Don’t taunt pit bulls.

    1. J. Spiers says:

      Agreed. /quote Shannon admits he was taunting the dogs behind a fence but unaware they could get out…/unquote “Gee Ma, I just don’t know why they would attack me.. I was only poking them with a sharp stick..” Taunt any creature enough and you’ll get “bit” by it.

      1. C Bauer says:

        A childhood friend of mine taunted immature rattlesnakes, not knowing they were rattlesnakes (no rattlers yet). He got hit by a couple and nearly lost his arm. Thanks to some really good docs, everything was saved and now he’s a retired Marine Recon sniper.

  2. Wacky Products Incorporated says:

    Also, do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

  3. SophiaDA says:

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    Should be a filled with detailed information since I’m doing research for a new school project.

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  4. NiteNurse says:

    There’s always a kid who thinks teasing a dog is fun. I’m sure even small dogs get teased but if it’s a large dog then it becomes a danger. I keep my dogs who are large indoors when I’m not around because I know a kid can wander into your yard for various reasons and then if the dog bites it becomes news. The poor teased dog and it’s owner gets in trouble because a parent can’t control their idiot kid.

  5. RottenRotties says:

    What gets me in this country is animal owners are held to an absolute standard for the actions of their animals, but parents are not held accountable for the actions of their “idiot” kids. Teasing and taunting of animals should NOT be tolerated by ANY parent. It is not funny, it is not humane. If I tease and taunt your child I’m a bully, a kid who does it to an animal is just “playing”????? I don’t’ think so. They are bullying the animal, and PARENTS need to be held accountable for the bullying of their children.

  6. Blog Administrator says:

    What is with that photo? I think the idea of that PHOTO with this story falls far, far, from responsible journalism. Why didn’t you use the photo you showed on the news last night? The one of the actual dogs that did this? A very friendly PUPPY barely as big as that kid – and it sure didn’t look like a pit bull to me.

  7. Rick McDaniel says:

    When will government act, to ban this dog breed?

    When will government become responsible? If these were coyotes, the county would be sending hunters out to exterminate them. Because they are owned by people…….then the bad people get away with having outrageously dangerous animals!

    Government is totally incapable of doing the right thing. Government is totally corrupt!

  8. Michelle says:

    I don’t condone people owning vicious dogs. However, when stupid kids choose to tease an animal who is either chained up or confined on someone else’s property, I blame the kids if they are attacked. Even a small dog will fight back when being taunted and if parents aren’t going to teach their kids to respect other people’s property, then they get what’s coming to them.

  9. Heartdog says:

    Rick, they were PUPPIES!!!!!!! The kid was taunting them! And “bruises and cuts”..he has a couple LITTLE scratches!! I’m so sick of the news saying it’s a mauling, and the injuries are extensive, and it’s a freaking cut or scratch, probably from the dog’s nails as much as teeth. I doubt this was even an attack, the kid was probably flailing away, and making the PUPPIES more excited and grabby. As puppies are. Why must the news slant incidents like this to be far, far more than they are?? It’s the DOGS who suffer then. The pit bull is NOT a bad breed, they suffer from stupid people.

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