Business Owner Shoots 2 Men On His Property, 1 Dies

By Matt Goodman, CBSDFW.COM

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A business owner opened fire on three men who were on his property at 2 a.m. Saturday, killing a 22-year-old and injuring a 29-year-old, a police spokesman said.

Fort Worth Police Department spokesman Pedro Criado said the business in the 1100 block of South Hughes Ave. had “experienced several burglaries over the past few days.”

The owners stayed at the business overnight, and saw three people on the property at about 2 a.m.

Criado said the owner confronted the three with a shotgun while his wife called 911. The owner saw one of the men “holding a shiny object in his hand” and shot him. The two other men charged the owner, who fired multiple shots, hitting the 29-year-old, Criado said.

The 22-year-old victim died at the scene as the other two fled. The second shooting victim was taken to the hospital in a “private vehicle.” He was soon transferred to a different hospital, Criado said, and is receiving medical care for his wounds. Criado did not reveal his status.

Fort Worth Police have not made any arrests and are still investigating the incident. No one has been identified.


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  1. Joe says:

    Good for that business owner. I’m sure glad it was the “victims” that were shot instead of him. I just don’t agree with this liberal site that the burglars were “victims.”

    1. nonya says:

      I was curious as well why the folks trying to break into the business were considered “victims” as well. The business owner was the victim and did a good job of defending his property and his life. I love the Castle Doctrine.

    2. Susan says:

      I agree. The criminals chose their risk, they are not victims. One less criminal on the street to terrorize the law abiders. Yeah for the businessman! I am so glad he was not harmed.

  2. darrell says:

    good job.

  3. Susan says:

    Have you not yet figured out that ABC, CBS, and NBC are all very left wing liberal? Just pay attention to how they present the news and you will catch on.

  4. Carlos Quintanilla says:

    The victim here is Mr. Criado.

  5. Troll Slayer says:

    No one has been identified yet because the “victims” probably aren’t in this country legally.

  6. arsenal al says:

    three less “victims” to victimize the honest law abiding citizens….sounds good to me.

  7. Joey Joman says:

    SOunds like a pretty clean shoot to me dude. Wow.

  8. Ron says:

    This guy had a right to do what he did. Small business owners are the backbone of our country and they are under assualt all over.

    In Dallas, there’s a really disturbing case about a Dallas business owner, who was involved in a civil dispute and paid millions of dollars to lawyers, and when he objected to their fees, they had a Democrat appointed judge seize all of his property, without any notice or hearing, and essentially ordered him to be an involuntary servant to the lawyers. The business owner has been under this “servant” order for 10 months. has an explanation of this really disturbing case.. The frequency of instances like these seems to be increasing exponentially even though they get little media attention

  9. 2sister says:

    I agree that that they shouldn’t have used the word victim. I don’t think the business man did anything wrong. What happened to these criminals was their own faults. I do, however, think it’s dad that people decide to choose a life of crime. It’s sad that they die, but they bring it on themselves by their choices.

    1. 2sister says:

      oops. I meant sad and not dad.

  10. BigFED says:

    “VICTIM” = Business owner
    “SUSPECTS” = the recipients of justice!

  11. kentex1146 says:

    I love it! Just wish the other 2 dirt bags could have gone to room temperature, too.

  12. Justice is liberal says:

    Where does it say that the 3 men were ROBBING the business? They were ” ON THE PROPERTY”. A “good” “law abiding” citizen would have called the police and let them handle it; but this is Texas, where the police routinely help “law abiding” property owners like this one DRAG the dead victims from outside the property line onto the private property, so as to justify the clearly illegal shooting. I am not making this up; it has occurred more than once, I assure you.

    1. darrell says:

      Justice, did you have to take some special program or eat special foods or is it just genetic that your just that plain stupid? just curious. science needs to study those like you.d

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