DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he has received “great feedback” from conference commissioners and athletic directors about his plan for a college football playoff system, which the NCAA will vote on in January.

“I was like everybody else, why don’t we just have a playoff? Every other sport but college has a playoff, so I started to take a look at it,” Cuban said.

Under Cuban’s proposal, the four highest ranked teams from conferences without a championship game would be eligible for the playoff, and the winner would see an improvement in its BCS ranking, potentially earning the winner a spot in the national championship game.

Right now, that would, among others, include teams in the Big 12, the Big East, Mountain West and independents such as Notre Dame.

“We’re not trying to create a playoff,” Cuban said. “We’re trying to create an invitational game that makes it even more important.”

Cuban’s plan would require the NCAA to ratify a 13th game. Under the plan, teams would have the option to decline the invite, as well. Cuban said he believes finding the money to pay for the plan wouldn’t be difficult.

“The money’s huge, because if it’s a home game for a major team, right, two home games, possibly three home games total, then getting sponsorship would be super simple and getting TV money would be easy,” Cuban said.

Cuban added “we’re funding all this through HDNet,” the cable television channel he owns.