Is God Our Economic Co-Pilot?

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – If God is our co-pilot, then is he steering the economy? Joline Tate seems to think so. “There are principals that are God’s that lay the ground work for the economy,” said the Garland resident.

According to a Baylor University survey, one in five Americans surveyed believe God is actively involved in our economy and that his principles favor conservative economics and a free market. “I try to look at the economy through God’s eyes. God is a God of freedom,” explained Tate.

Presidential candidates such as Governor Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann are going after those one in five voters. Governor Perry held a prayer meeting in Houston in August that drew praise from the religious right and criticism from the left.

Dr. Darrell Bock, a research professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, says “anyone who comes from a religious background sees God’s hand at work in all events to one degree or another,” But Dr. Bock also adds, “How actively he is as our CFO is a whole other matter.”

Professor Bock believes the survey leaves God and the economy open to interpretation. “People are selectively choosing what parts of the values they want to emphasize that come out of scripture.”

There are those, such as Wes Irvan of Dallas who find themselves in the middle. “I grew up going to church, so i do believe in God. But I believe in the separation of church and state, so i don’t believe God has any influence at all in the economy,” said Irvan.

Others, such as Adam Stanley of Dallas find humor in the survey. “I think that if God was controlling the economy, he would do a lot better job than he’s doing,” Stanley laughed.

Click here to read more from the Baylor Religion Survey.


One Comment

  1. Lazarusbrands says:

    Hey Channel 11, since when is THE OTHER EIGHTY PERCENT of any survey considered “THE MIDDLE GROUND?” And, by the way… going to the intersection of Cedar Springs and Throckmorton, in Oak Lawn to get a “on the street” responses to a piece that was already “forced” to begin with???

    Looks like you guys are starting to take your editorial cues from good ol’ Pastor Belo, and the First BaptiCostal Church of DMN!!! What a farce!!!

    PS – To Adam (“Bubbles”) Stanley… Lookin’ good gurl!!!!

  2. There is No God says:

    The Easter Bunny, Santa, and Gobblins are also influencing the economy too! Let’s all rub our magic bibles and wish for money!

  3. T-Nicks Fishburne says:

    You are in control of your actions. If you save money or you squander it God gave us Free will to do as you please. So, with that being said, you are the results of your own troubles. You live and learn but many have chosen to ask God when he has nothing to do with the creatures of bad habits. Remember this: Money is the Roots of All Evils….

  4. afreetexan says:

    In addition to being a ridiculous article (must be a slow news day), the author needs to hone his grammatical skills. Personal pronouns referring to God should be capitalized.

  5. texan freethinker says:

    Jesus was a Socialist.

  6. darrell says:

    god is dead, got ran over and killed by obamanomics two weeks ago.

  7. Ron Roberts says:

    The answer, of course, is yes! The god of the world (satan) is our economic co-pilot!
    Why is that a big surprise?

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