Texas Changing Jury Duty Pay Requirements

TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Jury duty in Texas is about to become even more unpopular and it’s all due to budget cuts made during the last legislative session.

Beginning Wednesday, the state is dropping the amount it kicks in to pay jurors.

Currently Texas pays jurors $34 a day, but that amount will drop to $28.

But wait, there’s more.

Counties are also no longer required to pitch in some of their own money for jury pay. However, Tarrant and Dallas Counties have decided to continue their contribution.

“Commissioners Court has agreed to continue its $6 payments to jurors,” said Tarrant County spokesman Marc Flake.

The change means jurors will get $34 a day after the first day of service, instead of the $40 they were getting when the state was reimbursing at a higher rate.

Lawmakers said the change was made to help balance the budget and is expected to save the state $1.7 million this year.

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  • darrell

    LOL ive allways believed you get as much justice as you could afford in this country. now we can afford even less.

  • YRofTexas

    My grandfather spoke of a bit of our family history regarding juror’s wages:
    His mother considered some of her cousins as the “blacksheep” of the family, because they Made Their Living by being jurors! This would have been during the late 1800’s time frame.

    Can’t afford an ’employment’ wages like that today! LOL

  • NiteNurse

    You know I would trade that money for a closer and safer place to park when I have jury duty in Tarrant County. I hate parking at Fort Worth Wildcats field.

  • Rick McDaniel

    Sooner or later, people are just going to refuse to serve.

    My last time, I was out of pocket $14. for gas and lunch, to collect $6. and I have to pay income tax on the $6. to boot! I have no employer paying me, for the time, either.

    • RR Worker

      Do your civic duty and turn the pay over to a children’s charity. You shouldn’t be paid for jury duty at all, it’s part of being a U.S. citizen. If it were my court and you refused to serve, I’d send someone to your door with an invitation that you couldn’t refuse. You’d spend 10 days on roadside trash pick up and spend the night in the county’s hotel downtown.

      • YRofTexas

        LOVE your perspective! You are RIGHT, RR Worker! Thanks for bringing us all back to earth…here to help our fellow man (or children). ‘Tis an HONOR to serve, and those meager funds are meant to DEFRAY costs…not make it an income to those who answer a summons.
        Lets stop our fussing, and just DO WHATS RIGHT.

  • rd

    Oh, no, we can’t cut the pay of all the school administrators that approach 1/4 million a year, we have to cut the juror pay, which doesn’t even cover lost time from work. Not everyone’s employer pays for being in jury duty.

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