FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – A new addition to downtown Fort Worth could soon make living there a little easier.

Residents have long complained the area lacks a grocery store within walking distance, but that will soon change.

Oliver’s Fine Foods is slated to open at the corner of 4th Street and Throckmorton, by the end of Fall.

“We definitely need it,” said Tower resident Janie Menzies, “especially if you live downtown.”

“Downtown is becoming more and more of a neighborhood with more people moving in,” said Andy Taft, President of Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. “We’ve added 900 apartments just within the last couple of years downtown.”

Menzies and her husband Gary are two of the 3,000 current residents in the urban area.

“It’s carefree living, really,” Gary Menzies said, “having everything convenient, close to you.”

The couple took into account the lack of a grocery store when they moved into the Tower Building, but it didn’t keep them from choosing downtown, they said.

“When people are looking for a place to live, whether it’s downtown or a suburb, they look at their grocery options,” Taft said. “We really don’t have a market within walking distance for those people, and Oliver’s will add that new element to the downtown lifestyle.”

“From what I understand, the biggest complaint from downtown residents is there is not grocery down there,” said Oliver’s owner Todd Bush, who already has one location in Mansfield.  “With any type of company or new store, especially when you go from one type of area to another demographically, you have to find out what the customer wants.”

The downtown urban market will offer a full butcher shop with a wide selection of fresh meats, as well as cheeses, bread, organic produce, beer and wine…Oliver’s will also sell prepackaged foods and contain a deli-style restaurant.

And for the Menzies, it offers them one more reason to love downtown living.

“It’s going to be even easier,” Gary Menzies said.