Parents Say Dallas School Zone More Like Danger Zone

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – “The car hit me,” said 5-year-old Faysul Ali, explaining the scrapes on his head and arms, hesitant to talk about the accident. Ali’s most serious injury is a deep gash down his right foot, which keeps him from walking.

Just as classes had let out at Truett Elementary School last Wednesday, the kindergarten student rushed across the street to look for his mother. She was running late that day. A passing driver could not stop fast enough, police said, and hit the child.

“He said, ‘I’m dying. I’m dying, mom. I’m dying, grandmom,’” Ali’s father said.

This was the second such accident at this school in less than a week. The Friday before, a 6-year-old stepped off of the sidewalk and in front of an SUV. That crash left the student in critical condition.

Police said that neither of the drivers were at fault, and no charges were filed.

Kevin Vega is the 6-year-old first-grader’s classmate and friend. Vega is still shaken up by the Friday accident. “He’s sad about it,” Vega’s mom said. “He don’t want to talk about it because it really hurt him. It’s his friend.”

The Dallas Police Department has increased patrols and traffic enforcement around the school. Parents have also noticed more administrators outside, trying to keep students in line.

“Once they ring the bell, every child or every student will go outsid, anywhere they want,” said Ali’s father. He would like to see a fence or gate installed to keep the young children from running into the street until their parents arrive.

Ali is now tethered to a machine that prevents infection, and slowly recovering. His father is still in shock at hearing that he had almost lost his son. “I was really… collapse… falling down… I fall down, really,” said Ali’s father.

A meeting is scheduled at the school for Thursday to discuss ways to keep children safe.

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  1. darrell says:

    parents will say its the responsibility of the schools to insure the safety of their children. to which my answer would be. OK! here is our new child pickup policy. children will be led out to a designated area by class with teacher administrator supervision, weather permitting. parents will be required to park their vehicles, approach the group/groups necessary and with photo ID, retrieve their children and return with them to their parked vehicles. of course parents will scream bloody murder that they dont have time to do all of that. ok, if parents cant take the time to safegaurd their children, when will they find the time to bury them?

  2. william says:

    Sad news… kids will be kids but it seems like a lack of discipline on the parent’s part. I remember when I was young my mother would tell me never to cross the road without paying attention. I was by her side once and attempted to cross without her. She beat my A$$ and I tell you what…. I never did it again. Lessoned learned.

  3. me says:

    Got to agree with darrell and william. If the parents are not going to be there to hold the kid’s hand crossing the street, then they need to teach them the rules of the road. Obviously the kid “rushed across the street ” and did not stop to see if there were cars coming. Kindergartners have no business crossing the street without a crossing guard or a parent holding their hand.

  4. Dumb says:

    Wake up call for all you parents out there…teach your kids to look before crossing the street. Don’t be stupid and think just because they’re in a school zone they’re safe. Even if the bus is flashing red, there’s cops in front and behind the is still you that has to be safe for you. Think people, it’s what you have to do in this world.

    1. Elliemae says:

      Dont be stupid yourself and think that you can tell a kindergartner several times not to run out into the street and if your not there to hold their hand that they wont do it. They have the attention span of a gnat.

    2. Avocate says:

      First and foremost his name is Faysal and he is in Kindergarten. Truett has no business releasing a Kindergarten without their guardian. Don’t be ignorant to say that parents think it is safe just because it is a school zone. The fact is that the lady was speeding and had she been going 20 she would have seen any chold that appeared they were going to run out in the street. Hell grown people run out in the street. Thank God that he protected Faysal and for people like you GO KICK ROCKS!!!

  5. Derek says:

    @ Darrell…. actually that does happen over here in some of the BISD elementary school… each grade has a specific place they come out of and all the teachers and principles are outside until the last kid is gone… and the kids that are 3rd grade and below usually requires a parent or guardian to walk up and grab their child.

    and most of the schools only let certain people to pick the child up because at the beginning of the school the parents have a list and photos of who is allow to pick up the child.

    I’m glad i live in the BISD district…. they have always been a great district for students.

    1. darrell says:

      thats great, i applaud that. many school districts dont and it would be interesting to see if some of these school districts decided to implement simular policies at elementary schools and what the reaction to parents at individual schools would be.

      1. Derek Ayala says:

        @ Darrell… I can see it now… i don’t know what’s the problem is with Dallas (DISD) but the parents of DISD seem to complain a lot…. i can already here one parent saying “i’m not getting out of my car to get my kid.. he can walk over here.”

        But i do think that all school districts everywhere needs to do what BISD does with their elementary schools.

  6. darrell says:

    @ Derek
    first, thanks.
    second. i wasnt going to open that can of worms called Dallas. however, since you have im just going to lurk for a bit and wait on the typical reaction on everything we allways get from dallas on allmost any subject.

    1. Avocate says:

      First not all DISD schools release their students like Truett, especiall K. Derek and Darrell you all need to get your facts before you assume without checking. Truett is one of the few elementary schools that is poorly located. They don’t have a drive in like many of the other DISD schools. Both of you are clueless. Faysal I hope you get better!!! We miss you!!! Keep your head up!!!

      1. darrell says:

        Avocate it shouldnt matter when it comes to the safety of little kids if a school has a drive or not. during the appropriate times thru traffic can be re-routed and those streets can become one-way to allow for the safe pickup of children. they were doing that in arlington 30 years ago. unless you really believe that parents and thru traffic drivers will be responsible obey the laws and teach children not to dart out into traffic then your only option to safegaurd these children is to adapt other methods. simualr but not confined to the ones ive suggested. otherwise, shut down the school and send its children to other schools in other neighborhoods. that should make a lot of parents happy. you can blame it on poor planning or blind stupidity not that it will matter. more police visibility or more tickets wont stop that little kid from running out into traffic and even at 20 mph you can still have kids hit and seriously hurt or killed. your in denial of reality.

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