Climatologist Says Texas Drought Could Last Until 2020

AUSTIN (AP) – The state climatologist for Texas says the record drought of 2011 could be only the beginning of a dry spell that could last until 2020.

State climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon tells the Austin American-Statesman says water planning is often based on standards set by the previous record drought of the 1950s, which lasted nearly 10 years. Nielsen-Gammon, who also is a Texas A&M professor of atmospheric sciences, says the present drought could be significantly longer-lasting than what has been planned for.

He says that, “sooner or later, there will be a drought that’s worse” than the previous standard-setter.

Forecasters predict dry weather to last long-term beyond the next decade from the La Nina phenomenon returning in 2012 to cool the surface waters of the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.

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  • NC

    Some have lived IN the drought from 1950 until 1957 & it was tough, belive it, AND DFW had ONLY one big water supply, then, and it was called lake Dallas, but since many more water sources AND several Million more people.
    AS said lived in it, done that !!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • NiteNurse

      You know Bullet I believe in the evidence science is giving us not in a bunch of idiot politicians.

    • NiteNurse

      So was there tons of natural gas fracking using thousands and thousands of our precious water everyday back in the 50s? We all die of thrist with our natural gas check shares in our bank accounts.

      • Bullet Gibson

        I am so sorry that your mother dropped you on your head…..repeatedly evidently.

  • D0nkeypuncher

    Hope he is wrong. Some part of Texas have been experiencing druoght conditions for 10 years already. This year was just the worst by comparison.

  • Smile

    WHere did my comment go?

  • Smile

    So we complain about drought & no rain. Meanwhile, the world is 2/3 water. We’ve sent people to the moon & back, surely there’s a way to turn salt water to fresh. We’ve also complain at the cost of building a canal from the bay up to north Texas but farmers, ranchers & the economy has suffered billions in lost revenues.

    • truther

      wow, yes there is actually a VERY simple way to desalinate, thats the word you should have used, sea water.. however its almost prohibitively expensive, thats why there are only a few large scale operations in the world.

    • JT

      There are several free energy discoveries any one of which would radically change the world, and in the long run, for good. We could be desalinating seawater cheaply and pumping it anywhere in the United States.

      • Bob Rigby

        The Florida Department of Environemental Protection has just accepted for development my Hydrokinetic Wave Energy Technology, that desalinates sea water without use of electricity. The technology also generates large amounts of electricity.

      • DF

        BOB RIGBY<

        Do you have a website?

  • JV

    Stop scaring people. Climatologists have nothing better to do.

    • There is No God

      Start praying to your Santa Claus in the sky people because I’m sure it’s never wise to listen to people who know about science. Why bother going to a doctor because it’s all just stupid science. Just pray to God to fix everything. Don’t you think people who know science about the climates might have some information you might need to know???

      • Gary W

        Science is the new Religion, If people question or dissent from the “popular” scientific view they are heretics, they are assaulted, bashed and libeled (the modern day version of stoning) They are treated like heretics of this new religion. You and people like you are the disciples of the blind, you are no better than the blind faithful of any religion.

        I will put my faith in the almighty, he’s been around longer

      • Bullet Gibson

        Strange. The ONLY person mentioning religion is you. Are you a theologian? No? Maybe you shouldn’t speak on it then. Since you claim to know so much about science, why don’t you stick to talking about science and not your world view.

      • Mikey

        Typical liberal.

        Don’t have anything intelligent to say? Not to worry! Just insult everyone else to prove your intellectual superiority.

  • Greg

    Texas is more and more resembling the desert climate of El Centro, Calif.

  • Greg

    I drove through Seminole, Post, Snyder area of Texas recently. D/FW has it good compared to the crops there.

    • jeff6times7

      Yep. We just got drenched last night near lake Grapevine. A few more nights like that and I might be able to use my new baitcaster again. It’s been a long “dry” summery.

  • Andrew

    Science doesn’t proof anything. God decides when it will rain. Read the Bible.

    • truther

      LOL, thats hillarious. if thats the case tell him to get off his ass. but since its has yet to be proven your just kinda crazy

    • Lawren

      Amen to that Andrew – it’s all in God’s timing

      • Todd

        You do know that we have the technology to make it rain right? Cloud seeding actually works and they proved it in China during the Beijing Olympics. Maybe Perry should actually invest some funds into desalinization plants along the gulf, or at least improve our aging water distribution infrastructure instead of just praying. Ironically, last time he tried it, a fire broke out…

        Remember, the Lord helps those who help themselves.

  • art

    Gov. Perry don’t believe in no such words as drought or climatologists y’all

  • truther

    lol, sucks someone really needs to take out t boone pickens, FYI he is currently draining the Ogallala Aquifer so he can sell it,

    • DH Lawson

      What? That’s got to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen a Lib.Conspiracy theorist say.. The Ogallala Aquifer is literally trillions and trillions of gallons of water – It’s a veritable OCEAN! Where the he!! would he “drain it” to?? Besides the vacant ocean sized space between your ears.. what an idiot..

      • olgeezer

        Since people had started to rely on the Ogallala Aquifer for irrigation of their fields, 6% of the aquifer area has dropped to an unusable level that can no longer be pumped. It is being depleted at a rate of 12 billion cubic meters a year and the water levels have dropped more than 40 feet in some areas. No one knows how much water is left. I’m not a Lib.

  • Rick Perry

    The science is not conclusive – Rick Perry

  • Miguel

    The way climatologist have been “right” with global warming and hurricane predictions, Texans should be getting ready for floods in the near future

    • stancy

      my thinking exactly!

  • D Chastain

    And then again, the drought could end later this afternoon.

  • Z-mang

    Why do you guys automatically believe that this guy knows what the heck he’s talking about. Gore is the self-proclaimed climate expert. He told us that 2006 was going to be 10x worse hurricanes than 2005 (the worst on record), and not one hurricane hit the US in 2006. These guys are gloom and doom, designed to get you to buy into global warming. There have been droughts before, there will be more and there will be normal times as well. They use a sample of 1 and call that the new norm, and they are always wrong.

    • mike

      And he created the internet

  • Rick Perry
    • Brad

      Huffington Post? Really?

  • CW

    Given climatology’s track record with such predictions thus far, Texas should expecting record rainfall in 3.. 2.. 1..

  • Todd

    If there is no near future end to the drought, do you have any experimental ways or old proven ways (like from our grandparent’s days) to save your gardens/lawns/trees?


    • Dustin

      they used to use sticks to detect water in the ground

  • Jonas Kopek

    Hey, John Nielsen-Gammon: I’ll bet $200 that the drought is over by 2013. I have just as much chance to win your $$ as you do mine. Climatologists and meteorologists can’t even produce an accurate 5-day forecast, and we’re supposed to buy this doom’s day scenario? Ridiculous.

    • Frankie D

      I sorta remember back in the 70’s that they said prepare for the next ICE AGE!
      You’re right Jonas…the climatatologists don’t know s*it from shinola!

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  • Ellie Enlightened

    They can’t predict the weather tomorrow let alone for a year.

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  • Donny

    Don’t worry the drought will break here any day now. Remember the last climatologist that predicted even more hurricanes after Katrina and the last few years have been some of the lowest tropical activity in the last 100 years. Next thing they will be telling us that there is man-made global warming happening… jeesh.

  • Ed

    We know why we are experiencing a drought and it has nothing to do with man’s limited understanding of climate change. As far as how long it will last no one knows and every news item published is simply a supposition. Mother Nature is not man’s friend as environmentalist would have us believe and our continuation or destruction as a species is simply irrelevant to the natural forces that surround us. The best path is to prepare as best we can for the inevitable changes and always assume that plenty in whatever form is temporary.

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