Condemned Mom Darlie Routier Now Divorced

LUBBOCK (AP) – The husband of Texas death row inmate Darlie Routier has divorced the former homemaker who was condemned after her young sons were fatally stabbed in their Rowlett home.

Darin Routier said after filing for divorce in June that he still believed the woman was innocent. The divorce was finalized Friday in Lubbock County, where Darin Routier lives with the pair’s youngest son.

Darlie Routier was convicted in 1997 of killing 5-year-old Damon a year earlier. The 40-year-old also was charged with killing Damon’s 6-year-old brother, Devon, but was not tried for the death.

The woman contends an unidentified intruder killed the boys and stabbed her in their home. One of 10 women awaiting lethal injection in Texas, Darlie Routier is housed in Gatesville, between Dallas and Austin.

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  1. mc says:

    her husband had something to do with the murders, who “sleeps” through his kids and wife being attacked and murdered? give me a break, look into his background he’s not squeaky clean

  2. Rick says:

    I agree. The brutal nature in which these boys were murdered would have had them screaming for their lives, as would Darlie have been doing had she had this confrontation with the so-called “intruder’ she described. No way a husband and father could have slept through such a thing. Too bad she’s still taking in oxygen and eating her meals at taxpayer expense 14 years later (which is more years than the lives of the two sons she murdered combined).

  3. NosyNosy says:

    What is she still doing in jail. Didn’t the p.r. campaign she launched a couple of years ago set her free? I guess I was wrong.

  4. Dw says:

    The only time she should be making news is in the obituary.

  5. philovance83 says:

    Darlie was framed. The venue was moved, the transcripts were changed, the court reporter was paid off, and she was framed by the state. Another psyop by the satanically controlled state of Texas state to make Americans believe that mothers can easily murder their young children.

    1. Ray says:

      Your exactly right, she did not kill her kids. Important photos of her badly bruised body were not shown to the jury. Her whole backside from her neck down to her butt was totally black. There’s no way in hell she could have done that to herself. After she was found guilty the jury had a chance to see the photos and most said they would have never found her guilty if they had seen them during the trial. The cops and Prosecuter should have to do time for lying there ass’s off to railroad this woman.

      1. Elmer Fudd says:

        I bet you can’t name one person wrongly convicted in Texas. Other than the dozens set free by DNA testing!

        The case makes no sense. She is supposed to have murdered her kids while her husband is upstairs? If she was to do such a thing, why not do it when the husband was absent? It’s Texas justice. If the cops can’t find the culprit, blame the closest family member or a black recent parolee.

      2. tootaa says:

        her husband is the killer

    2. Barry D says:

      please seek help

  6. Michelle says:

    Big deal. It’s a shame the skank is even still alive. They should have put her to death years ago. At least there is a place in hell for people who kill their kids.

  7. allison says:

    The evidence is very clear in this case. When she sliced her own throat at the kitchen sink, she (or Darin) wiped off the blood to hide the evidence, and never told the detectives or investigators anything about it. The entire sink was removed from the kitchen, yet when Darlie came back to the house, she didn’t notice it had been removed. Her blood was found throughout the sinks drain pipes… Had an intruder slashed her throat and she bled over the sink, she would have mentioned that during her interrogation. She was 26 years old, and clueless as to the power of DNA evidence, therefore, she believed that no one would check out her sink… She told at least one hundred lies throughout the investigation, and got angry when confronted with her lies when she took the stand. – against her Attorney’s advice.She claimed that the killer ran through her house with the bloody knife, however, blood spatter experts proved that a solitary person stood still while the blood dripped stationary, methodically and slowly on the kitchen floor. Blood was found underneath the glass on the kitchen floor, proving that the glass was purposely broken AFTER the crime occurred, not during the crime. If Darlie was indeed chasing an intruder through her kitchen, there would have been broken glass fragments on her feet, which there was not. The scene was staged by an amateur. Seasoned homicide investigators knew that immediately. Veterans in the business. Furthermore, a maniacal madman killer intruder would never kill children first, without killing any adult in the house prior to that, especially with a knife that came from Darlie’s own knife box in her own kitchen. The boys were killed while sleeping right next to Darlie in the living room. A madman would have killed Darlie first, if his sole intent was to kill the children, but he would have found Darin and killed him before he even dared to slay the woman and children. Darlie had admitted to lying about being raped in the past, to get Darin’s attention. She was a drama queen. My belief is that Darlie suffered from post-partum depression, and lost her mind. It was not a known or understood phenomenon then, like it is now. She had recently given birth to her son and there is no doubt that she was going through that experience at the time of the murders. Her younger sister had also been in the picture, and was working closely with Darin at their place of business, and I believe there was some serious jealousy on Darlie’s part in regard to that situation. Perhaps Darin and Darlie’s sister sister toyed with flirtation and Darlie simply could not tolerate it. It is interesting to note that on the night of the murders, Darin and the sister came home from work together, Darlie cooked a simple meal, asked Darin to fix the backyard gate, and then to take the sister home. That lie later became a convenient excuse for Darlie, who thought that police detectives would believe that the intruder came through that gate, Not so. There was never an intruder, except in her own mind, regarding her sister and Darin. If anyone watches The Leeza show tapes with the family, we see the sister running off the stage when confronted with the events of the evening. Who does that, if they are not racked with guilt? Darin maintains his composure by saying he was were experiencing “survivor’s guilt”. Why wasn’t he killed during this home killing invasion of his house? I do not believe the prosecution’s theory that Darlie was overburdened by her children and her financial affairs at all. I think Greg Davis is as good as it gets as an Attorney, but I found his motive theory very weak. With Darlie’s denial – after being caught in a thousand lies – it was difficult to find a motive for the jury to believe, and post-partum depression was not known then, so what else could he do? He knew that Darlie Routier killed her sons. So did everyone else. Had Darlie just broken down and admitted it, she might have avoided death row, and either been sentenced to life, or a mental institution. To try to hang on to a fabricated story for so long, tells everyone that she is delusional, and will never honestly deal with what she has done to her own flesh and blood. People are forgiving when someone owns their truth. Darlie Routier refuses to do that, and will die on the executioner’s table for that. Yes, it’s common for everyone, especially Darlie’s family, to live in denial – because no one wants to accept that she could have truly done the horrendous, unspeakable crime of stabbing to death her two young sons while they were in her protective care while sleeping – it is a nightmare that only monsters could commit, therefore, they refuse to see their loving daughter, sister, wife and mother – as a monster. It’s too much for them to handle. They continue to blame everyone and anyone but Darlie, who continues to do the same thing. I’t’s been their coping mechanism throughout this ordeal. My belief is that Damon and Devon have already forgiven their Mother. I believe she knows that too. Sitting in a cold, cement 6×8 sterile isolated jail cell for almost 15 years has given her more than enough time to understand the gravity of her crime. She’s in her 40’s now, and no longer the 26 year old who did this. Karla Faye Tucker was a changed woman too, but certain states believe in the law of Moses, which is an eye for an eye, and no one can fault that theory. Ultimately, Darlie will have to pay a deeper price for her unfathomable crime, when she meets her maker, and she is very well aware of that. If she thinks she can fool God, then more power to her! Until then, I think the best thing she can do for herself in this life, is to come clean with her truth and admit that she killed her boys, and ask for psychiatric evaluation in terms of post-partum depression and it’s effects on the mind and emotions. I think she would have a much better chance of avoiding the needle, and perhaps being of real value to women who are going through that dark place, where she could actually save lives, with her own genuine story, rather than being executed by sticking to her story, which all intelligent people know is a lie. The truth, really, could set her free…

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