3-Year-Old Comes Face-To-Face With A Coyote

SAGINAW (CBSDFW.COM) – Quick action by a Saginaw couple saved their son from a coyote.

Ricca Coursey said she was loading her two children into the family car when one of them spilled a snack on the ground. The mother went back in the house to get more of the snack when she heard her son screaming.

Coursey ran outside and found her 3-year-old son, Colton, on the ground, face-to-face with a coyote.

“I was very scared, just screaming hysterically. I was just thinking, I was just hoping that he wasn’t hurt bad,” she remembered.

Ricca was able to grab her son and run back in the house. When she told her husband, Jarred, what happened he immediately took action.

“He came back out [and] the coyote was still there,” Ricca said. “He went in and actually got a gun and came back out and shot the animal.”

Jarred said he definitely considered the animal a threat. “The thing that was so alarming was that my wife tried to shoo the coyote away. He never left. He actually walked closer to them.”

Colton apparently doesn’t fully understand what happened. “I mean, I think it just scared him more than anything. Probably our reactions probably scared him more.”

The child had a small scratch, but no bite marks or broken skin.

Of shooting the animal dead Jarred said, “I don’t regret one second what I did. My family was threatened and I just knew something was not right.”

Tests run on the coyote showed the animal did not have rabies. Animal Control believes the coyote was between two and three years old.


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  1. c says:

    The family was already out of danger when they went safely in the house. I think it is total BS that this man honestly thinks he was protecting his family by killing an innocent coyote. Perhaps if we all stop encroaching on habitats of animals we wouldn’t have so much contact with them. Karma!

    1. Megan says:

      Scroll down and read my comment I posted below please.

    2. 2sister says:

      Megan brings up a very good point. The coyote had to be killed so that it could be checked for rabies. Also, the father said that it acted strange. What if it had rabies and went and bit someone else. The father did nothing wrong.

      1. C Bauer says:

        Correct. If the authorities arrived, and especially knowing the child had been scratched by the animal, they would have either captured it and put it down for testing, or shot it, and sent the carcass for testing, depending on what would have transpired. In all situations, the coyote would have died.

  2. kd says:

    I agree. I don’t believe the coyote needed to be killed. It’s not clear that the animal actually harmed the child. It sounds more like the child screamed with fear.

    1. dan the coyote hunter says:

      come to st francis ks we have a coyote calling contest evert year and kill hundreds each year ,

    2. 2sister says:

      It knocked him down, and scratched him. It might have done more if the mom hadn’t heard him scream.

      1. C Bauer says:

        2sister wins the Common Sense Award. Too bad a lot of the comments on this board lack common sense.

    3. sknabe says:

      In this case the coyote came at Colton and knocked him down. In doing so Colton was scratched on the hand and head. Since Rabies can be spread by saliva and the fact that the coyote knocked him down, I think it’s safe to say Jarred made a wise choice and protected his family. If he had “shooed” the coyote away Colton would to have to go through rabies testing instead of the coyote.

  3. Debra says:

    I love wildlife and want to see it protected, but a coyote will come back after finding food there. The coyote and its pack will have no qualms with taking a child. The father did the right thing. Recently on a wilderness camping trip in NM my tent was poked, by a coyote and then the whole pack went off right outside my tent. It was unnerving, but I didnt consider shooting them. They were in their element. But coyotes are in all developed urban areas now and one should not be able to threaten a child. A friend of mine has a photo of a coyote threatening her dogs. They have real nasty bites. Two in Canada killed a young rock star there a yr or so ago. Coyotes do just fine in the city or in the wild. But as much as I hate to see the animal killed, the familys future safety was at risk. If this story had ended differently then you would not be so fast to judge the father.

    1. Common Sense Is An Endangered Species says:

      Amen. God forbid this should happen to any of these nitwits. I’m sure their reactions would be exactly as they had stated on this web site *COUGH*.

  4. gigglemegood says:

    But what you don’t understand is that it should by put down because of the lack of fear to humans

  5. dan the coyote hunter says:

    you idots need to live in the country for awhile i would have sot it even if it was 100 yards away, we use to get paid a bounty just to kill them. they kill pet dogs and pet cats and deserve to die. My town has a coyote calling contest and whoever kills the most wins a big prize. there are hundreds brought in every year

  6. Lisa says:

    I don’t think the mom should have left a three year old outside while she went in and I don’t think the coyote had any interest in the child, it wanted the Cheerios they spilled on the ground. The wildlife are hungry and thirsty and we have taken over their habitat. The family was safe and the man chose to go back out into a neighborhood with a loaded gun—there was no need for that. Keep your small animals on a leash, don’t leave three year olds outside alone even for a minute and dont put trash out on the curb over night. We can lice peacefully with wildlife if we use some common sense.

    1. 2sister says:

      I don’t read that the father went back out into the neighborhood. The coyote was apparently still in his driveway.

    2. sknabe says:

      1. In this case the coyote came at Colton and knocked him down. In doing so Colton was scratched on the hand and head. Since Rabies can be spread by saliva and the fact that the coyote knocked him down, I think it’s safe to say Jarred made a wise choice and protected his family. If he had “shooed” the coyote away Colton would to have to go through rabies testing instead of the coyote.

      2.You don’t mean to tell me you have never gone inside really quick to grab something as you are rushing off to work? I don’t think so… So don’t criticize this hard working mama for getting her child some cheerios. Thank you.

      3. The family was not safe. Since the coyote had came into contact with Colton & he got scratched, there was a threat of rabies.

  7. Sneakpeek says:

    The coyote was not afraid because people feed it. This is a great example of why you should NOT feed wild animals.

    1. Megan says:

      Exactly. People don’t understand that their family cat is lunch for a coyote and leaving cat food out and trash out doesn’t help either.

      1. Common Sense Is An Endangered Species says:

        Neither does LEAVING OUT YOUR CAT! Hey, I have an idea! Let’s all live in Biosphere 4 and completely encapsulate ourselves from the world!

      2. Rose-Colored Lenses says:

        Yeah! We’ve done enough to these animals! Our ability to walk upright, the fact we have opposable thumbs, can communicate verbally, and that we’re at the top of the food chain is a HUGE miscarriage of justice to these poor animals! Let’s all live in a bubble like that person said and leave nature alone to do what it wants! BORN FREE! FREE AS THE WIND BLOWS!

  8. Megan says:

    Let me explain something to those of you who think it was wrong that the father killed the coyote.. ok I understand we are building on their habitat and what not, but do you know what would have happened if the coyote had not been shot? That 3yr old little boy would’ve had to under go a series of rabies shots for post exposure, which I’m sure would be traumatizing. Coyotes are one of the top 5 rabies carriers in Texas. Anytime a human comes into contact with a coyote, rabies shots are pretty much gonna be mandatory. Bottom line is if he hadn’t shot that coyote, odds of catching that exact coyote are slim to none and he would’ve had to get the shots. Feel the same way now do we??

  9. kd says:

    Dan said he lives in the country where they have a coyote calling contest. That was enough to hear, as I quit reading so I could laugh a little more. From, ks (not)

    @Megan. Yep, feel the same way (and what not)

    Done with this conversation.

    1. Word Usage Police says:

      How can you HEAR what you’re reading?

  10. Common Sense Is An Endangered Species says:

    The WILD ANIMAL did not leave. That makes a huge difference, you dolts. Yes, let’s all run into the house, call the police and wait for 10-15 minutes for them to arrive and give the animal a chance to continue to stand its ground, or worse, move on to another child who may be playing in the neighborhood. Idiots.

  11. DDT says:

    I love the comments that are dripping with sarcasm. Biosphere – LOL! Those people questioning this man’s judgment have a serious LACK of judgment.

  12. Atheist Lawyer says:

    KD stated, “It’s not clear that the animal actually harmed the child.”

    Have you not watched the video, you drooling mongoloid?! The boy said, “He scratched me with his claws.” “He was running straight to me and knocked me down.”

    You stupid jackanapes who comment before you watch or read something make mentally handicapped people look like Einstein in comparison! JESUS EFFING CHRIST!

  13. C Bauer says:

    Some of you people are totally brain-dead.

    1) Wild animal
    2) Charged the boy and knocked him over (see video for the child’s account)
    3) Scratched the boy with its claws
    4) The coyote would not leave, even after the father waved his arms and tried to get it to scram.

    How many of you twits who cried for this coyote had a burger this week? How many of you ate chicken? How many of you wear leather? Stupid hypocrites.

    Meat is tasty. Fur is warm. I love animals – THEY’RE DELICIOUS! That’s right, I SAID IT!

    1. C Bauer says:

      I forgot to add: What would YOU have done? Realistically, and not in Greenpeace Fantasyland.

    2. Megan says:

      Your comment just gave me a good laugh. You are so right, I’m sure that all these people harping on the father for killing the coyote are enjoying a nice football BBQ this afternoon with pounds and pounds of slaughtered meat.

    3. Burp! Mmmm... good deer! says:

      There’s plenty of room for all of God’s creatures… right next to the mashed potatoes.

  14. Blog Administrator says:

    This is just the dumbest story I’ve seen in a long time and CBS ought to be ashamed for running it. First, it’s got a million holes in it, and second it just continues to show the rest of the world, that us dumb-ass Texans with few brains are so uneducated we think everything in the world is out to eat our children and we deal with it with a gun. I mean what freaking century is this? We’re not living in a trailer park in the country are we? Or maybe some of you are. Clearly some of you are. Oh, and Megan – not everyone eats meat. Some of us are just a bit more enlightened.

    1. Nheckt says:

      Enlightened just says you are thinking you are above everyone. I think you are a dumazz

  15. Jamie Reed says:

    ok kids exagerate especialy small children. ever see the bill cosby show “kids save the darnedest things”. what probably happened was he was trying to pic up the food he dropped to put it in his unsupervised mouth. he looked up and found a strange mangy looking canine looking at him he fell got scratched. started crying and screaming and when mommy came running out said the big doggy knocked me down. any little kid doing something they are not suposed to do like say put dirty food in their mouth are gonna lie to keep out of trouble it is second nature trust me i was a kid once.

    1. Jamie Reed says:

      “kids say the darndest things”
      my bad for the typo

  16. Anna. says:

    What about the other kid? Did they just leave him/her in the car?

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