First Baptist Dallas Pastor: Romney Member Of Cult, Not A Christian

WASHINGTON (AP) — The pastor who introduced Texas Gov. Rick Perry at a conservative gathering Friday said rival presidential candidate Mitt Romney is not a Christian and is in a cult because he is a Mormon.

Robert Jeffress, the senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas, made similar remarks about Romney when he ran in the 2008 campaign. Event organizers at the Values Voters Summit selected Jeffress to introduce Perry, but the Perry campaign was consulted about the choice and approved Jeffress to introduce the Texas governor.

Jeffress endorsed Perry at the event and introduced him as “a proven leader, a true conservative, and a committed follower of Christ.”

After his remarks, Jeffress told reporters that Perry’s religion is different from Romney’s.

“Rick Perry’s a Christian. He’s an evangelical Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ,” Jeffress said. “Mitt Romney’s a good moral person, but he’s not a Christian. Mormonism is not Christianity. It has always been considered a cult by the mainstream of Christianity.”

Romney is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose members are commonly called Mormons.

Perry’s campaign said the Texas governor disagrees with Jeffress.

“The governor does not believe Mormonism is a cult,” said spokesman Mark Miner.

Still, the campaign refused to definitively say whether they were accepting his offered endorsement. “The governor is running a campaign of inclusion and looks forward to receiving the endorsement of many people,” Miner said. “People can endorse whoever they like.”

Jeffress had made similar comments about Romney before, during the former Massachusetts governor’s first presidential run in 2008.

“Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Even though he talks about Jesus as his lord and savior, he is not a Christian,” Jeffress said in a 2007 sermon. “Mormonism is not Christianity. Mormonism is a cult. And just because somebody talks about Jesus does not make them a believer.”

In that sermon, Jeffress said he was frustrated that some religious leaders had backed Romney anyway. “What really distresses me is some of my ministerial friends, and even leaders in our convention, say, `Well, he talks about Jesus, we talk about Jesus, what’s the big deal?’ It is a big deal.”

The campaign initially said the decision to have Jeffress introduce Perry had been made strictly by organizers, but a Perry spokesman told The Associated Press Friday night that the campaign had agreed to it.

“It was their suggestion; it was their choice of who introduced us. They asked our campaign what we thought, and we said OK,” Miner said.

Jeffress is a prominent religious leader in Texas. His First Baptish Church has more than 10,000 members. In 2009, Perry recognized Jeffress by name during his speech at a dinner for the Light of Life dinner and gala in Dallas.

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  • Atheist Lawyer

    Mormonism IS a cult. Jesus came to America? Angels presented Joseph Smith with golden tablets? Please! How crazier can one religion sound and not be a cult?

    It’s a cult just like Scientology is a cult. Scientology believes that aliens are lying dormant in us or something weird like that. Same Fruit Loops kind of stuff.

    Christianity, on the other hand is perfectly sane. A virgin giving birth, walking on water, being dead for three days and coming back to life to ascend into heaven. That’s totally believable, don’t you see?

    • JeffB

      A snake told Eve not to eat the fruit. Noah loaded two of every beast onto the Ark. Jonah lived inside the stomach of a whale. Moses parted the Red Sea.

    • There is No God

      Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, God, Jesus, and the tooth fairy all fairy tales.

      • Atheist Lawyer

        So is atheism. I don’t have scientific PROOF there is no God, but I believe that, ergo, that’s a FAITH. A faith is a thing someone believes in without concrete proof. There’s not 100% scientific PROOF either way, so let those imbeciles believe what they want, and we’ll believe what we want. Ours seems more logical, but nobody will know until the end, right? So who EFFING CARES? I’m secure with my atheism, so I don’t cram it down people’s throats, and I’d appreciate it if people of other faiths don’t cram their dogma down mine! I stopped my militant atheism years ago for the aforementioned reasons. CAPISCE??

    • Atheist Lawyer

      On a side note: Who CARES?! I don’t care if the guy believes in Jesus being raised from the dead or if he thinks Hinduism is the answer. Hell, he could be a Satanist for all I care, as long as he does his job in the White House and helps fix the country! What the F–K does religion have to do with the quality of leadership one can offer?

      • Atheist Lawyer

        Again, who gives a rat’s ass if he or she has religion or not? As long as that person makes decisions that are correct and beneficial. You can make errors in judgment with or without a communication with a “deity”. Clinton was a Christian – great President. Carter was a Christian – rancid President. Bush – idiot and Christian. Barack – idiot and Christian. Kennedy – Christian and a great President. No atheists, yet, but I’m sure we’ll have our mix of winners and losers when the time comes. See?

      • Eric Wilderness

        Because I don’t want a leader who talks to an invisible man?

    • JA

      I will pray for you and your hate.

  • ronlmitch

    Maybe the Reverend Jeffress should spend a little time in the fourteenth chapter of Romans. Let God be the judge!

    • Douglas Beckwith

      god is the judge the bible sayes what it means you dont have 2 b saved for the bible 2 b true it speaks 4 the sinner and saved folk you dont have 2 believe 4 it to come to pass

      • Tom Tucker, Quahog 5 News

        Stop using numbers like that. It bespeaks of your functional illiteracy and overall ignorance.

    • JA

      AMEN! Wow so many haters…..

  • gv986

    But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to the reson for the HOPE that you have .But do this with gentleness and respect.

    • Clay Henderson

      Whats the matter gv986? Jeffress doesn’t allow for you to have an original thought or an original statement either? You assume incorrectly that by taking one or two sentences out of context, from a very heavily edited and grossly mistranslated bunch of several thousand year old writings by who knows who… that everything will be just fine, and we will all fall into lock step like pathetic little sheep? I’d rather burn in Hell for eternity than follow along with idiots who choose to make up their religion by pulling unrelated sentences out of a book as if they were Yellow Pages listings and piece them together to abuse others with. SO, my guess is one of us will burn in your Hell. But the question is, who is better at cutting and pasting, and stringing together a coherent argument from strings of fortune cookie sayings. That will just as surely determine the victor and the scorched!

    • Douglas Beckwith

      yea…………………………………read the bible it will ju dge you hurrah rick perry

      • Clay Henderson

        Uh… you can read? That is not apparent by your illiterate comment above! Good luck getting the helmet off when the short bus gets you to your “Special People Ministry” Sunday School class at First Baptist CULT of Dallas, tomorrow dude.

  • steve

    With the likes of Perry and Jeffress in power in Texas, it’s no wonder God has sent a crippling drought to punish the stupid voters of the state. This guy, Jeffress has a lot of b_lls talking about someone else being a cult member.

    • Lazarusbrands


    • JA


  • Douglas Beckwith

    wow what a rightous man, jesus endured the contradiction or sinners hooray 4 rick perry



    • Jewy Jewenstein

      Thank you, Captain Crackpot. By the way, Jesus saves, but Jews invest wisely.

  • mustang3

    I bet Jeffress is rich on the back of his congregation…Jesus didn’t take money for preaching the gospel. You are ignorant Jeffress.

  • Eric Wilderness

    This is a stroke of campaign genius. Brother Jeffress well timed remarks were just what Governor Perry needed after Herman Cain wiped the floor with him in Florida. Why, Mormons are practically Muslims! Think of all the good Christians who, in their ignorance, might have accidently voted for Romney. Now that we’ve got our hatred of Mormons out in the open, let’s burn some Osmond records and watch the votes roll in for Governor Perry!

  • Beth

    I am offended to be called a member of a cult when I, a member of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints, (Mormon) … am a follower of Christ and have and believe in the same bible these Baptists do. Maybe we should just be happy that we have Presidential candidates that have morals, religious beliefs and a belief in Christ!

    • Beth

      I don’t put down others religion, they have a right to believe in whoever or whatever they wish … instead of attacking another religion maybe it’s time to promote what’s good about your religion.

  • A Mormon

    So who gives this pastor the power to decide who is a “real” Christian?

    • Atheist Lawyer

      He (the pastor) does. Isn’t it obvious?

  • ricklondonsyndication

    Won’t argue the issues of religion as religion and/or specific belief systems (or lack thereof) are not in the job description of the President of the USA. However, I am glad to see the Tea Party demonstrating how “important” this is. I was on the fence as to whom to vote (I’ve voted Demo, Republican and Indie). A US President basically has two job descriptions A. Keep the citizenry safe and B. Balance the budget. The only President to do that in my lifetime (I am 57 years old) has been Bill Clinton. We’ve had other good Presidents who have done “Presidential Things”; that is, knew the job; (and most sound like they are running for Grand Poobah Preacher Of The World); which means they are not going to get elected. If they take a page from President Clinton’s book, they’ll figure out what the mainstream of America wants; that is, what a President is supposed to do in service of us, the people.

  • Mike

    Whenever Rick Perry isn’t putting his foot in his mouth, he has someone else doing it for him.

  • steve

    The media are a bunch of incompetent stooges. It is no secret that the vast majority of the Baptist population hold that no one can know God without coming through a relationship with Christ. These beliefs are based on 2,000 year old eye witness accounts that have never been refuted. Any religion that does not accurately reflect the truth found in the New Testament scriptures must be refuted by any responsible Christian believer. It is not optional. Get over it and give the Christian believers the same freedom you so lavishly bestow on the followers of false religions.

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  • Robby Rush

    I am a Christian and a Baptist from Texas. I am also an ex-Witch. I support what Pastor Robert Jeffress of FBC Dallas stated about Mitt Romney. Mormonism -is- a cult by biblical standards (Galatians 1:6-9). Mormonism claims that Jesus Christ and Lucifer (Satan) are brothers and that polygamy is a viable course for human affairs. I have Mormon relatives and they consider ALL churches not LDS/RLDS as ‘cults’. Has anyone considered what Mormons think of all faiths not their own? I think not. Anyone can visit my Baptist church as a non-Christian (or anything else) any time they like… from beginning of a service to the end of a service. But try to enter a Mormon temple at anytime without being a Mormon and all you will see is the backside of a door as you will NOT be allowed in! My father’s brother is a Mormon. When his son died in an accident, my father & mother traveled to attend his funeral. They had to stay on the steps of the Mormon temple because they were not Mormons! And if any Mormon shows up at your door and tells you that non-Mormons will have the opportunity to become good Mormons in the afterlife, ask them to read you aloud to you from their “Book of Mormon”, Alma 34:34-35. Even they will be surprised! – Robby Rush, OS

    • Brian Church

      You show your lack of understanding of the Mormon faith in virtually everything you say above. Mormons do not hold funerals in Temples, so your statement about being rejected at the doors is false. On every Mormon church in the world, on the sign in the front are the words: “visitors Welcome.” Visitors can come to church services anytime they wish. As far as the temple goes, there are many members of the Mormon church who are not allowed into the temple (once it is dedicated). Temple attendance is reserved for those who have made certain commitments and are keeping those higher standards, and the church encourages all members to strive for that opportunity. Temples are open to everyone to tour before they have been dedicated. Its not that mysterious, really! Somebody has been drinking the Pastor Jeffress Kool-Aid. Mormonism is not a cult, by any stretch, and your do yourself and your representation of Baptists a disservice by making these ridiculous claims. I know numerous Baptist out west and know that they don’t hold your same views about Mormons. Sometimes, those in the “Bible Belt,” are so caught up in what their preachers are spouting that they get a VERY false sense of who we are as Mormons. Mormons do not believe all other religions are “cults,” stop making ridiculous, unfounded statements. By the way, it looks as though Pastor Jeffress has broken the law by endorsing presidential candidates. He should definitely lose his non-profit status. I think this is a perfect example of “Theological Karma,” or maybe even worse.

    • Dog Snoopie Snoop

      You, sir, are a liar. I suggest you reread the verses in Alma as the Spirit of the Lord has witdrawn from you. The Book of Mormon and the Bible are gospel. Ergo by “biblical standards” you are preaching false doctrine about which Paul warned you. I recommend you repent or at least have the decency to allow others to “worship how, where & what they may.” That’s a quote from the Articles of Faith written by Joseph Smith.

  • American

    With that said, how many people have you helped “Atheist Lawyer” for free to overcome obstacles in their lives & NEVER received any financial enumeration?

    You make a living off of other’s pain, suffering, and/or loss. Wow! What a job…

    • Atheist Lawyer

      You have no knowledge of the different types of law practiced, do you, genius? Not all of it is divorce law, personal injury, etc. By the way, I do a great deal of pro bono work every year. You ASSumptive moron.

      • Judge Not

        Agreed. “American” is an ignoramus. See, AMERICAN, in this country we need lawyers to MAKE THE LAWS that protect us, and to represent those who need a voice in court so they won’t be convicted of something they didn’t do. Lawyers are needed to mediate large business deals, etc. etc. etc.

      • Common Sense

        They’re needed to convict criminals and protect the citizens, to protect people’s works of art, writing, music, etc.

        Get it, moron?

  • Lazarusbrands

    Ex-witch… current MORON!

  • Bob K

    Reliigion is just another word ffor Cult.

  • ricklondonsyndication

    Did it ever occur to any of you that the word “cult” is simply the root word for “culture”? And that every religion to one degree or another considers another religion “a cult” to a certain degree due to philosophical differences. The newer “cults” such as Scientology & Mormonism are no stranger (to most) than a man living in a whale, a virgin birth, parting the ocean, etc etc etc. They are just newer, and more fun to label. We label cults other than our own in order to separate ourselves, make ours seem a bit less cultish, and therefore make it easier to demonize the other. Really, in the babycrib in the maternity ward do we turn to the infant to our left or right and ask what cult in which they believe? Of course not. We’ve usually not learned much prejudice nor bigotry until we are at least 3-5 years old.

  • Geria Wright

    We are entitled to our own opinions, but not the facts. The name calling does not mitigate the purpose of this dialogue…is mormonism a cult and will this hurt Perry’s camgpaign or hurt it? First, Mormonism historically they were a cult however,like the Catholic church, they are in a “reformation process.” Mainstream Mormonism has disavowed many of its traditional practices adhered to by thier fundamentalist brethren. Secondly, I beilieve this will hurt Perry. Finally, to all the Atheists, Christians, Pagans, Gays, etc.. ROCK ON…that is why we live in the great country in which we can keep voicing our thoughts and not be persecuted, at least for now!!!!

  • Jedediah

    Baptists are nothing but heretics. The Roman Catholic church is the only true church, we all know that.

    • altha

      Is the Roman Catholic the one’s that have sex with little boys? but it’s the only true church. sick people

  • JJ

    I’m sorry, I just have to respond to Robby Rush… Mormons don’t hold funerals in temples, so you have your information wrong. Anyone who wishes can attend an LDS church on Sunday for sacrament meeting and sunday school. Temples, however, are only for worthy members of the church. They are sacred and would not be so if just anyone was allowed to enter. Do your research before you accuse, and have respect for other religions. Everyone has a right to worship as they choose.

  • christimarie

    “We claim the aprivilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the bdictates of our own cconscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them dworship how, where, or what they may.” This is one of our Articles of Faith. Yes, we do believe in letting people worship how they want, where they want, and what they want. No, Mormons are not a cult. Yes, we are Christian because our church is called The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. It’s sad that people feel this way about us when we were driven out of the United States because of persecution. When our members were travelling across the plains to Utah (which was open territory at the time) the United States Army asked us to help fight the Mexican Army. Of course, we helped, but no one remembers that. No one talks about how many Mormons are in the Armed Forces today and that we fully support our nation. No one talks about how mormons are the BIGGEST donators to the Boy Scouts of America. No, everyone is just quick to judge. NO, we donot allow polygamy or put up with it. People are excommunicated from our religion if found that they are practing it. NO the RLDS church is not the same as the LDS church. Robby has not spent enough time with his family to know this. We keep getting pushed down and judged and mocked just for the way that we believe. We do not put Atheists down, or Baptists, or Scientologists, or any other religion. This is the wonderful thing about freedom. If you do not want Romney in office, then look at his Presidential policies and see if he himself is going to be a good President. If you feel he is not, then guess what, you don’t have to vote for him! We all have our own faith. FAITH, yes I said it. We don’t know the meaning of FAITH. For those of you who keep bringing up our Temples. Yes, we have Temples. Just as Jesus did when he was on Earth. Just as alot of people in the Bible did. We believe the the Temple is the next to holiest place other than being beside God or Jesus. We would like to keep it that way and be able to practice our faith. That is why if even a member of the Mormon church feels they are not worthy, then they do not enter. If any of you would like more info on Mormons, then please visit a church building on Sundays or go to If you still have questions, then please give us a break. We do not go around putting down what any of you believe. I will be praying for all of you on this panel.

    • Robby Rush, OS

      Dear ChristMarie:

      Spent time with my family? Uh… you have >no< idea how much (if any for that matter) that I spend with my family. That was an open mouth, insert foot moment.

      Like I said in a follow-up post, "Mormonism is a non-prophet organization."

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