DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – OK, I’m writing this while admittedly feeling a little nasty, recovering from another back surgery. I do not think you can violate HIPAA laws when you disclose your own illness!

I’m bummed about Rangers Game Two getting canceled. Nothing helps you pass the time like sports. Totally mindless pursuit.

It was a great Game One. The more sports we watch, the less intelligent and more obese we become as a country.  I’m absolutely convinced of it.  Oh well, gives me something to do tomorrow at 3:19 p.m.

So let’s get started…

1) Do we really have to start with Tony Romo?  Really?  I guess we do. I got so bored during the week having his turnovers bisected and dissected. But please watch our Cowboys Gameday Show this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. as I will be live from New England doing the same thing again!

I’m trying to figure out how the criticism of Romo has become so vitriolic. I guess that is just the way the American public has been conditioned. Sad.

He is a good kid, have met his parents, both nice people, and I am sure they are proud of their son. And they should be.  It’s hard to celebrate a Ben Roethlisberger and vilify a guy like Romo.

But again, you are revered for winning football games, not for being a good person. Trust me, I understand that. You would love to have Romo as your brother, your son, your friend; you just don’t want him (right now) as your quarterback.

Interestingly enough, I talked to a few people I respect about the game (and there are very few, I might add.  And the older I get, and the more I listen to other people, the fewer there are. Sorry.)  and most had this as a .500 football team, maybe 9-7.  A couple of bounces go your way and you were looking at 10-6.  Those same bounces go the other way….

So four weeks in, and a bunch of injuries later, they are .500.  Makes sense. But I think they can be better than that. If they get healthy, they can go on a 4-5 game run. I believe that.

And I know the Packers are everyone’s darlings, and for good reason. They’re the defending Super Bowl Champions and are probably the best team in football right now, with a QB that can be discussed in the same conversation with Tom Brady. But in 2008, they went 6-10 with Aaron Rodgers, losing 7 games by 4 points or less. Sound familiar?

Back to Romo. He is a remarkable talent, really is. His record as a starter is right at the top. He wins on the road. He throws touchdowns. He makes offensive lines look better than they are because he gets the ball out of his hand so quickly. Don’t discount any of that. People have no idea of how special he is, even the ones that get paid to know better. And don’t listen to the national media. They really don’t have a clue. I told you I am not feeling great, OK? Painkillers and too much TV.

While it is true that you don’t need to die to be able to cover a funeral, the problem with today’s media is that they want to tell you how the dead guy feels, and what was running through his mind as he took his last breath. They probably have a graphic to chart it.

And as for the people who continually want to point out that there was a reason Romo wasn’t drafted, those same “experts” drafted JaMarcus Russell number one in the entire draft in 2007. Detroit should thank the Raiders: Forced them to draft Calvin Johnson at number two. And remember, it will be sixth rounder Tom Brady throwing to undrafted Wes Welker this Sunday.

And when you fret about how the Cowboys could possibly beat the Patriots, who have now won 19 straight regular season games at home and have scored 30 or more in 13 straight (NFL record is 14, but hey, “there are ways to win all of these things, Brad Sham!”).

So back to Romo. Most likely anyone who is reading this knows that I have been Romo’s strongest advocate. People mistake that for friendship. Not true. Never had a beer with the guy, never been to dinner, never played golf together. Now that I think of it, why not Tony?  But he may have a fatal flaw; he plays every snap like he is behind.

So I am here with a few answers to keep the lynch posse from forming for at least another week.

*** Bill Parcells said you have to “keep a short leash on this guy.” He meant it figuratively, but what if Jason Garrett attached an actual shock collar on Romo? Think about it. When he goes to make that throw like he did against Detroit at the end of the game, Garrett just shoots about 10,000 watts through the collar and immobilizes him. Maybe add a Taser gun to his arsenal. So Garrett can come to each game with a play sheet, challenge flag and stun gun.

*** What about forming a quarterback bullpen of sorts? Call Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels. Did you see what the Rangers staff did in game one vs. Detroit?  Magnificent. So have Romo give you three strong quarters (we will classify that as a “quality start”) and turn it over to a less spectacular but competent back-up (the very definition of the word “journeyman” by the way). Garrett can actually go out and have Romo physically give him the ball, just like they do in baseball.  Nolan?

OK, some quick hitters.

***  Al Davis.  Visionary. Competitive. Didn’t back down from anything or anyone, probably to a fault. I have always believed that leadership is not inclusive, and Al Davis was the epitome of that. And applaud his contributions to football, which rank right up there with the most significant in the history of the game. But don’t lose sight that he was a mean spirited, vindictive man, two very bad human qualities.

*** Denver Broncos. Looks the Tim Tebow era has begun. Be careful what you wish for.  I’ll be shocked if he becomes a winning NFL quarterback.  But good luck to him. Never played for them, but have always loved the Broncos. Elway is my all-time favorite QB (with Troy and Roger a very close second!  Sorry, guys.)

*** Brett Favre.  Really disappointing comments about Aaron Rodgers this past week. Favre played so big on the field, but seems so small off it.

OK, thanks to all who have sent e-mails and texts wishing me well on my recovery.  Just got one from Ron Washington, and all I can say is, I know what I will be watching at 3:19 Monday afternoon!

And special thanks to Mark Cuban for advance of new Magnolia Pictures movie “Blackthorn.”  Won’t give anything out, but it helped pass the midnight hour.

Hope you see me soon on the Mighty 11.