ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) –  The winning color in North Texas this weekend won’t be crimson, burnt orange or Ranger red. Economic experts say green will rule over all.

The huge sports weekend may put close to $40 million into the economy, a number that will climb the longer the Rangers go in the playoffs, experts say.

Tigers fan Tim Savoie was one of those people making it happen.

He flew down Friday and bought tickets not just for the baseball game, but also for the Red River Rivalry.

“It’s just been awesome,” he said outside his Arlington hotel. “I’ve been living the dream, dude. To be completely honest I’ve just been, living.”

People living the sports dream just at the football game are estimated to put more than $34 million dollars into the economy, city planners say.

Last year Arlington estimated baseball playoff games pumped in $1.25 million per game.

A study in St. Louis this year put playoff profits at closer to $5 million.

Jobs and sale expert Martin Birnbach said the money lasts

“It can sustain long term jobs,” he said. “It may not add them, but the profits help sustain those jobs.”

It’s the ripple effect he said that has a lasting effect, even though the events are just for one or two days.

Fans have to travel to the venues. Food has to be delivered and prepared. Trucks have to be maintained and fueled.

That can get an economy by in the short term, and the publicity spawns more opportunities.

“What we have to do in North Texas is not only attract new companies to bring new jobs into this area, but we have to sustain the growth we already had,” Birnbach said. “Sports really help to do that. No questions about it.”

Visitors to the Texas State Fair are estimated to bring more than $300 million in economic impact during the event’s 24 day run.

Country music star Taylor Swift also added to the big weekend.

Her show at Cowboys stadium is one of the top three profitable concerts in the entire nation, bringing in close to $2 million per performance.