Holder: Iran Aimed To Bomb Saudi Ambassador In D.C.

WASHINGTON D.C. (CBS/AP) Attorney General Eric Holder announced Tuesday a foiled plot by “factions of the Iranian government” to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States.

“The United States is committed to hold Iran accountable for its actions,” Holder told reporters during an afternoon news conference.

Ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir has served as Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States since 2007, according to the embassy’s website.

Attorney General Eric Holder Press Conference

A federal criminal complaint in New York says the two people arrested with conspiracy to kill the U.S. ambassador are also charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction.

Read the complaint

It says the ambassador was in the United States when the death plot was supposed to occur.

The suspects are identified as Manssor Arbabsiar and Gholam Shakuri.

According to a criminal complaint, Arbabsiar is a naturalized U.S. citizen who holds both a U.S. and an Iranian passport.

The case, called Operation Red Coalition, started in May when an Iranian-American from Corpus Christi, Texas, approached a DEA informant wanting a Mexican drug cartel to help with the assassination, a federal law enforcement source told CBS News.

Read more at CBS News.com

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  • Ronald Miller

    How many lies does a person tell before we do not listen anymore? Anything to say something about Iran. And who were they trying to murder? The ambassador of Saudi Arabia? The country that attacked the world trade center? Have another beer George. Now you want to hold an entire country responsible? Maybe justice would have been served for 9/11 after all. I know a government official that threatened me. You think we should bomb the White House? Go back to your ” CFR ” Buddy’s and have another beer. I swear the man in the picture looks like Dole. Theirs a man of integrity.

    • OK...

      What are you rambling about, you nonsensical, functionally illiterate nutcase?

      • Common Sense

        So is the misuse of “Theirs”, Noah Webster. NUT JOB FAIL. By the way – WHY THE F— ARE YOU CALLING EVERYONE “GEORGE”? CUCKOO!!! CUCKOO!!!

      • Gotta Love The Crazies

        So is “your” (incorrect) vs. YOU’RE and your use of “were” (incorrect) vs. WAS in that response. The first sentence doesn’t even really make sense at all. Were you trying to say, “You’re naively thinking, sir.” or “Your thinking is naive, sir.”?Duh, LOSING!

      • Ronald Miller

        Thanks for the reply George, I will keep this post as a memento from you.

      • Ronald Miller

        Your naive thinking sir. “A FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT SOURCE” Told CBS. Please, I thought the functionally illiterate nut case were mostly from Texas anyway. By the way, “nutcase” is functionally illiterate spelling.

      • Chuckie Sheen

        LMAO. Leave the NUT CASE alone. He’s probably unemployed (like 9.1 % of us), divorced, angry, bitter about his station in life, and DRUNK OFF HIS ASS! He’s probably doing a little “drunk dialing” and “drunk posting”. Let him be so he can pass out sooner.

      • OK...

        Hey Ronnie,

        From Merriam-Webster online. As you can see, NUTCASE is one word.
        http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/nutcase Try entering “nut case” and it will redirect back to this entry.

        Well, you didn’t win, but what consolation prize do we have for him today, Don Pardo?

        Me: 1
        You: 0

  • C Bauer

    “The United States is committed to hold Iran accountable for its actions.”

    That’s a laugh. What – parade that dwarfish loon in the Members Only jacket in front of that joke of an assembly, known as the U.N. so he can explain (rant) about why they did what they did? Here’s another perfect opportunity for the U.S. to be made to look weak and have the world laugh at us.

    You know how Reagan would have held Iran accountable? He would have bombed the ever-living s–t out of them. Of course, that’s back when men in powerful roles actually had a set.

    • Ronald Miller

      Please sir, let’s get the facts correct. He was a American/Iranian Sorry, I mean a Iranian/American. THE MAN WAS AMERICAN. Would we bomb Germany if a German/ American did this? CBS, Collective BU..Sh… This is how the dreaded disease of aspergus syndrome started.

      • C Bauer

        Are you talking about ASPERGER Syndrome, you poorly-educated dunce? Hold on. He’s immune because of his citizenship? Oh, I get it. You’re one of those b@ts–t crazy Ron Paul kooks, yes? Tell me I’m wrong.

        By the way, one of the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome is the atypical use of language. I think we only need to look at your initial post at the top of this comment section to confirm the obvious.

        Seek help immediately, Captain Crazy, and if you can’t afford it, there’s the 10th floor at John Peter Smith.

      • Duh

        The difference between IRAN and GERMANY is that we are now allies with Germany, and we have no diplomatic relations with Iran, genius.

  • Common Sense

    I think you meant to raise the question if IRAN should be immune from bombing because of the suspect’s citizenship, but I understood the context nonetheless.

    This kook’s reply to you is nonsense. Iran allegedly plotted the act, ergo, Iran should be held accountable (including military action). We should let Saudi Arabia fly over there and level the place, should they feel like doing so, and if they need our help, great.

    Great smack-down, by the way. LOL. Classic b-slap. 10th floor at JPS – awesome.

  • SoldierOfFortunes

    May be it’s Joe Miller from Alaska or Sarah Palin herself…babbling not making sense…yup that’s the crazy teas of Alaska…pill poppin and bubba focking & all.

    • C Bauer

      Ronald Miller, the most nonsensical asinine comment on here no longer belongs to you. Congrats. Soldier, put down your 32 ounce Crusher can of Milwaukee’s Best Ice. Eleven of them is enough.

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